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  1. 1 x CAB Animal Transport Box High quality box ideal for transporting dogs and other animals. This light weight box was used by myself for transporting working gun dogs. The box is manufactured from 6mm polyproplene and the interior is smooth making it easy to clean while the exterior has an attractive leather grain finish. It has two opening doors that can be padlocked if required. The dimensions are 27" high 40"wide and 37" deep. It fits a good few dogs in it!! £250 Collection Only 1 x Aluminium Dog box Dog box used for transporting gun dogs in the back
  2. Hi Dan, with my dogs I always started buy putting their food bowls down with a bit of a bang, then clapping while they were eating their food increasingly louder. I then moved on to a cap gun from a distance while they were eating moving closer and closer. I always did it while they were eating so they associated the noise with something good. Im no expert but this has always worked for me. Paul.
  3. Anyone fancy transporting this to Kettering for me??
  4. Thanks for all the responces. Gives me a lot to have a look at.
  5. Thanks for the ideas so far guys but I'm looking for something that will light up objects (dogs) at a 100 yards or so. I dont mind paying a good few £'s for the right torch. I once went shooting with Ceaser off here and he had an amazing torch, small but really powerful.............................
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a torch for me and my missus mainly for dog walking. I want something super bright but not too big, possibly rechargeable too? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul. The extra "c" in the title was a typo, sorry.
  7. Really, that's strange. He hardly looked at mine when he came a few months ago. I wonder why he would have a problem with a second had one if it was up to the job? Give me a clue then, where should he go for his 1st budget shotgun? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a shotgun cabinet for a friend of mine who is just starting out. We are in Kettering so the closer the better really. Thanks in advance. Paul.
  9. Hi Kongo, thanks for your offer, I'll definitely take you up on that. We're off to Wem camping this weekend then back up north next weekend visiting family and going to a music festival the weekend after that so I'll be in touch. Paul.
  10. Thanks for the kind words folks, now to try and find some permission around here.......
  11. 1st things 1st. I think I found the lay-by. Its a big one in the left as your heading back towards Kettering, crescent shaped?? Really enjoyed the clays, very friendly and welcoming, had a good look round and blew a few cobwebs out of the gun, my Mrs had a go and hit a couple, she was disappointed but wants to try again, she could probably do with as lesson and not by me!! Anyway next thing I'm going to try and do is get some permission around here, there seems to be a lot of wood pigeon around and nobody shooting them.....!?!?!
  12. Cheers for that, setting off shortly. I'm living in Kettering, where EXACTLY is that lay-by....?
  13. Has anyone been? I'm new the area and was thinking about going this evening?I might even take the girlfriend along......,
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