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  1. Wiggum

    Beating stick

    Thanks for the kind offer stimo22, I’ve managed to get hold of some Hazel shafts which should do the job 👍🏻
  2. Wiggum

    Beating stick

    That’s what we already use I just fancied something abit more refined 😂, were a small friendly shoot so I’ve no worries with someone stealing it That’s the kind of thing but I wouldn’t know blackthorn from willow 😂
  3. Wiggum

    Beating stick

    I’m looking for a suitable stick to use on this years shoots. Not sure what the best wood would be but would like it to be quite durable and also not too fancy as it’ll probably get some abuse. Thanks in advance
  4. Paco Raban invictus Aqua is my scent of choice at the moment 👍🏻
  5. Wiggum

    Streaming sites

    Thanks for the suggestions guys 👍🏻
  6. Wiggum

    Streaming sites

    Does anyone have any suggestions for reliable streaming sites for movies, used to use CartoonHD but it doesn’t want play anymore ?
  7. My cousin has acquired an L&R LE36 The ultimate weapon cleaning system that he’s looking to sell, Used by law enforcement for cleaning hand guns and long guns so may be of interest to someone. I’ve found the same model new on amazon for $9,500 + $1500 delivery. Ultrasonic cleaning has become the accepted method of weapon cleaning among law enforcement professionals. We offer an extensive line of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Solutions custom-suited to the law enforcement industry’s specific needs. Our products clean and lubricate tactical firearms, handguns, revolvers, long guns and more simultaneously—streamlining the entire cleaning process.Our Law Enforcement (LE) Cleaning Systems feature:• Stainless steel construction• High-reliability transducers• Digital timer with memory cycle• Thermostatically controlled heaterLE36 Top-of-the-line ultrasonic law enforcement cleaning system with anti-drip lip. Anti-splash dampers. Length of tank 36" for handguns and long arms I took a few more photos if you’d like any please pm me your email address and I’ll send them on He’s asking £500 ovno, and he’s based in the derby area.
  8. It’s still in the same place where I found it, didn’t think it was any of my business to ask my customer about it.
  9. Yes that was the other end of the stock standing up, Willing to bet it’s not on a licence
  10. I never touched it that’s exactly how I found it !!!
  11. I was doing a small job today installing a supply to an outbuilding and in the process I had to move a shelf to gain access and found this sitting on the side ?
  12. Due to an upgrade I have my Peugeot expert van for sale, It has duel sliding side doors and can be supplied with roof bars and interior racking if required. It has some age related wear and tear marks and a small dent in the O/S side door (done before I owned it) It’s had the clutch and gearbox replaced in Dec 2017 and more recently had the alternator, Oil cooler and the o/s drive shaft replaced so is currently mechanically sound. 11 months mot left with an advisory for a lower wishbone gator. The air con needs to be fixed but other than that everything else functions as it should. I’m after a quick sale so am prepared to listen to sensible offers. located in Derby £1200 ovno
  13. I would love too keep it but I need the cash to sort out a new truck for work unfortunately
  14. Last price reduction before it goes to the dealers £1950 if anyone’s interested
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