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  1. I have for sale my 2020 Shotkam purchased new September last year to try and help my dads shooting however he’s decided to give up his guns so it’s no longer required. It’s only been used 3-4 times and comes with everything from new and also an additional 12g SxS barrel mount in addition to the Semi auto/O/U quick mount. Im looking for £475 posted or can be collected from the Derby area if you wish
  2. I’ve just done some work for someone who’s had air source fitted, it cost him £20k for the installation and gets a rebate every 3 months from the government. He’s not happy at all as it’s costing him over £200 a month in electricity where as before it was about £70 electricity and £60 oil per month in the winter. He only has the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and again in the evening.
  3. I’m on the lookout for a 20g Shotkam mount if anyone has one they no longer use thanks 👍🏻
  4. That’s a good call I bought the gun from him so he may be able to help 👍🏻 Just taken another look and there’s a loose screw inside the action ? Surely the trigger guard won’t be secured from inside out ?
  5. That’s a good call I bought the gun from him so he may be able to help 👍🏻
  6. Hi Everyone, I’ve been out clay shooting today with Baikal SxS and the rear trigger guard screw has fallen out at some point. Does anyone know where I may be able to get a replacement?
  7. Thanks Guys 👍🏻 Ive got an auto electrician coming to take a look on Wednesday so will pass on the above which should hopefully keep the bill down.
  8. I’m looking for some advice from anyone who’s any good with vehicles as I’m useless to be honest. I have a 64 plate 2.2 Ford Ranger and I noticed that I had a drivers side headlight out so assumed it was the lamp. I purchased a replacement and went to change the lamp but also found the lamp base was burnt out also sourced a new one and replaced that. This still didn’t solve the problem so I’m now wondering if the headlights have individual fuses ? They both work on full beam but the drivers side doesn’t work on dipped ? Any ideas anyone 🤔
  9. Electric down flow heater will help and as already been mentioned additional insulation
  10. I’m just watching midnight sky and it ain’t the best 🤨. Mosul was good and also like kajaki which is about a group of British soldiers suck in a mine field In Afghanistan. The Mandolorian series on Disney has been great and I’m looking forward to series 3 of Cobra Kai starting on Netflix on Friday 👍🏻
  11. This is going up in my front garden this year It’s terrible that you can no longer have nice things without scrotes stealing them 🤬
  12. Wiggum

    Twin shotgun slip

    Thanks shall take a look 👍🏻
  13. I’m looking for a twin shotgun slip for my SBS and 20g if anyone had one that they no longer need. I know beretta did a green one but cant find one for sale anywhere. thanks
  14. I was working in a friends rental and his tenants had two large staffy type dogs and also several young puppies, they also had a young child around 18 months old who had been left alone with one of the dogs and a puppy and was processing to drag the puppy across the carpet by the scruff of its neck, I dread to think what could of happened if the child had unintentionally hurt the puppy and the dog had gone for them. Scary to think the damage the dog could have done before the “parents” had managed to intervene!
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