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  1. Wiggum

    Artificial grass

    It’s about 25 sq meters, we went for a tri-colour 35mm pile grass that was about £20 sq mtr but we got it cheaper on a promotion from artificial grass for less.
  2. Wiggum

    Artificial grass

    I’ve just done my back garden due to the grass being very patchy as it didn’t get much sunlight due to a tree and the fences. Also it means the kids can play outside all year in good weather without getting covered in mud. I did it all myself and it probably cost me £800ish and a couple of weeks. The most important part is making sure the base below the grass is done correctly, I took out about 4.5 ton of soil and turf and put back in about 3.5 ton of stone and sand making sure it was well compacted.
  3. Wiggum

    Positive input ventilation

    Thanks I will take a look 👍🏻
  4. Wiggum

    Positive input ventilation

    Thanks for the replies, I've been looking at the Drimaster eco heat as it heats the air so you shouldn’t get a cold draught in winter.
  5. Wiggum

    Positive input ventilation

    We suffer from condensation on the windows during the winter and I’m redecorating the window reveals every 6 months to stop the mould so I’m considering installing a PIV system, the house has had cavity wall insulation installed and the wife insists on drying the washing on the radiators which doesn’t help. Has anyone had any experience good or bad with PIV ? Any comments will be appreciated
  6. Wiggum

    Tradesman rates

    I’m a sparky and normally charge £160 a day £40 Callout including 1st hour then £20 per hour after that a sparky mate living a mile away from me charges £220 a day and has loads of work
  7. Wiggum

    Made me chuckle

    I was flicking through Facebook this morning and came across a post asking for donations for a rescue centre, I spat out my coffee whilst reading it when they had to get some antibiotics for a PIGEON ???. You couldn’t make it up 😂
  8. Wiggum

    Beretta 690 Black / Browning Cynergy

    I had a black ice version around 7 years ago and shot well with it but had to move it on when my son came along and we needed a pram 🙄. The only problem I had with it was the rubber on the stock wearing but I believe they all did.
  9. I’m looking to add a over/under to my collection and I’m set on a beretta 690 black 30” RH or a Browning Cynergy Sporter 28/30” RH ideally around the Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Nottingham area if possible
  10. Wiggum

    Wasp sting

    I was up at the farm helping to get everything ready for the arrival of the poults and unknowingly disturbed a wasp nest in a wood pile, I was non the wiser until I got zapped 3 times on my right led (one in the shin and twice behind my knee). I threw the 5 or 6 pieces of timber on my shoulder up in the air and went running up the yard with several more wasps in hot persuit.
  11. Wiggum


    I had the scalpeless version done about 18 months ago on the NHS, I think the subsequent 3 visits to the hospital to provide a sample was worse than the actual procedure, I (pardon the pun) milked the advice to take it easy and had the missus running around looking after me for a week.
  12. Wiggum

    Fox Warrior Elite 3.25lb tc

    Whoops apologies they are 3.25lb tc
  13. Wiggum

    Fox Warrior Elite 3.25lb tc

    I’ve got two Fox warrior Elite 12ft 3.25lb tc carp rods that are not getting used so are up for sale. They look and perform like a rod with a higher price tags with 50mm butt rings and a decent casting rod. Had them a couple of years I think and they have the odd use mark but nothing major and still have plenty of life left in them. Bargain at £70 the pair. Collection from Derby or I can post for abit extra
  14. Wiggum

    Bee’s and Wasps

    There’s definitely a small wasp nest in the eve’s I managed to catch a look when I was getting the fan out of the loft earlier and I also got buzzed by 3 when I turned on the light
  15. Wiggum

    Bee’s and Wasps

    Does anyone know if bee’s and wasps nest together or in close proximity?. I noticed 3 or 4 bees buzzing around one of our soffits and then saw them entering it where it isn’t tight up to the brickwork. After watching them for a few minutes I also noticed what I first thought was a smaller bee coming and going from a different gap about 8-10” away, however I’m not sure now if they were small bees or indeed wasps. I’m not too bothered by the bees but don’t want wasps in the soffits ?