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  1. I’ve upgraded my carp fishing luggage so have my Nash Barrowlogix cube barrow bag for sale. 3 bags that zip and clip together and fold into a cube shape for transport. The bags can then be unzipped and clipped and used/stored separately. One of the smaller bags is insulated to store food or bait. Ive been using the main compartment for my fishing tackle boxes and gear, the insulated bag for food and the other smaller bag for cooking gear. great condition with all the zips in full working order. The only flaw is some rubbing on one of the bag handles where it rubbed on my barrow wheel
  2. I was asked by a customer to install some A/C in their conservatory and found these, they do need venting outside. Can’t comment on there performance though as the customer didn’t like the cost.
  3. Turn the new switch upside down and wire it exactly as it was wired originally, you’ve mixed the two way switching up on the middle switch with the switch on the right.
  4. I have for sale my trakker Armo mk2 Bivvy and Cyprinus overwrap which is brand new and never been out of the bag. The Bivvy is several years old but hasn’t had too much use probably only two or three times a year so still has plenty of life left in it. Also comes with hd ground sheet, tensioning strap for use without the ground sheet. And also the frame tensioning poles and pegs. There’s no holes or tears and it is still waterproof, the overwrap makes it a twin skin Bivvy ideal for use in the winter as it eliminates condensation and makes it warmer. Im looking for £250 collected from th
  5. This is my gun, I’ve just edited the listing with some photos and choke information and model
  6. Microcat hd I was looking at the microcat mk3 but the hd sits higher in the water and the run time on the batteries is far superior to the mk 3
  7. Having recently acquired a new bait boat I’ve now got my Angling technics procat mk1 for sale. It comes with 4 x boat batteries (2 are new and twice the capacity of the 2 original ones) also the chargers for the handset and the boat batteries, there’s also a custom made hopper extension and a carry bag to fit everything in. It has some age related marks but works perfectly and is suited to small to medium sized waters. Im looking for £250 ideally collected from Derby but could post for £10
  8. I’ve already messaged him just waiting a response, I had my Baikel SxS from him 👍🏻
  9. I’m ideally after an O/U for use in the pheasants but thanks for the reply
  10. I’m looking for a 20g Baikal O/U single trigger ejector for myself but also for my lad when he’s older. Ideally Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area or if someone is willing to send a gun via RFD. Thanks
  11. Wiggum

    Fishing bait boat

    PM’d you Matt 👍🏻
  12. Abit of friendly advice, It may help if you list the rod and reel makes/specs as I can’t see someone risking paying £100 for potentially budget end tackle
  13. I had to collect some timber from the local wood yard last weekend and there was a people carrier with 8 sleepers chucked onto their roof bars with two small straps holding them on 🙄. I’d hate to think what would have happened if he needed to stop in a hurry.
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