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  1. Purchased this Megger 1721 MFT tester a couple of months ago but have only used it half a dozen times but I prefer my Kewtech KT64 so this is up for sale at a bargain price of £700
  2. Yes he’s had two trips to hospital as the first time he went the hand surgeon wasn’t available, he’s self employed too as a kitchen and bathroom fitter so it’s gonna impact his work for a while
  3. Wiggum


    I’m a sparky and don’t charge less than £160 for an EICR but hate doing them so not too bothered if I lose out. Recently had a guy ask for prices to do EICR’s on 4 apartments (3 x 2 bed and 1 x 1 bed) and said the last guy charged him £200 to do all 4 and it didn’t take him a full day to do them 🤔 also some of the properties are disgusting with the tenants having no respect for the house as they don’t own them, fault finding can be a nightmare also when they’re in a state, I’m lucky I’m absolutely stacked with work and don’t need to advertise as I work with 3 or 4 builders that keep me busy with new builds and extensions
  4. My mate recently purchased a new clay trap for use on their shoot and as he unboxed it at home the arm released cutting his forearm quite badly, apparently there should have been a cable tie securing the arm that was either broken or missing. Quite a nasty injury and luckily it didn’t hit him in the head or face.
  5. Wiggum


    We’ve taken our kids a couple of times and stopped in the hotel on the park which gets you early access to the park before the general public, we’ve always taken them on a Friday when the kids have an school inset day so it’s not so busy. The kids go on all of the popular rides on the Friday then pick up anything else they want to do on the Saturday before leaving on the Saturday afternoon.
  6. Has anyone got a Walther Rotex varmint RM8 ultra compact that they no longer need/want and are looking to sell, preferably around the Derby/Nottingham area thanks
  7. I’d say it’s legitimate as by the looks of things he bought it last year
  8. Thanks Tightchoke will do 👍🏻
  9. I fancy getting some extended chokes for my Bettinsoli 20g x trail, does anyone know what chokes fit the x trail and can recommend a choke manufacturer possibly ported chokes thanks
  10. I have for sale my 2020 Shotkam purchased new September last year to try and help my dads shooting however he’s decided to give up his guns so it’s no longer required. It’s only been used 3-4 times and comes with everything from new and also an additional 12g SxS barrel mount in addition to the Semi auto/O/U quick mount. Im looking for £475 posted or can be collected from the Derby area if you wish
  11. I’ve just done some work for someone who’s had air source fitted, it cost him £20k for the installation and gets a rebate every 3 months from the government. He’s not happy at all as it’s costing him over £200 a month in electricity where as before it was about £70 electricity and £60 oil per month in the winter. He only has the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and again in the evening.
  12. I’m on the lookout for a 20g Shotkam mount if anyone has one they no longer use thanks 👍🏻
  13. That’s a good call I bought the gun from him so he may be able to help 👍🏻 Just taken another look and there’s a loose screw inside the action ? Surely the trigger guard won’t be secured from inside out ?
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