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  1. Just checked prices on similar rods and reels on eBay and have reduced the prices
  2. I have a few bits of carp fishing gear that I no long use need so it’s up for sale. 2 x 12ft Fox Warrior elite 3.25lb tc rods, nice rods back in the days and still plenty of life left in them £25 each or £40 pair 3 x Fox eos 10000 baitrunner type reels again in excellent condition £25 each £60 for all 3 (SOLD) Ideally I’d prefer collection but could get a cost for delivery. Im in Derby but will be travelling to and from West Bromwich for work for the next two weeks so could potentially meet up on route if required thanks
  3. I got made redundant about 18 months ago after 24 years at the same company due to a restructure. There were 12 of us all area managers and they made our role redundant and created 6 regional managers roles that we could all apply for which also came with a salary increase and improved car perks, the only problem was they couldn’t tell us how much extra salary we’d get and the car perk wouldn’t apply until your existing car was due for renewal. I took my chance and left set up self employed back on the tools as an electrician and haven’t looked back. I just wish I’d done it 10 years ago less stressful, more money and it’s hard graft at times but I’m much happier.
  4. Don’t they hunt foxes with Golden eagles in Mongolia, and I’m sure I’ve recently viewed a video of eagles taking mountain goat kids off the slopes of the mountain so they’re more than capable of taking a lamb.
  5. Does anyone know how to age a Baikal SxS ? It’s says made in the USSR on it so I assume it was made before it’s break up.
  6. Wiggum

    Lesson learned

    I’m like that with mine forever telling her to treat herself and buy something she likes but she won’t I think she’s faulty and I may have to return her or trade her in for a newer model. I’ve already said I’m using my rebate money to book us a holiday and she’s still not happy 🙄
  7. Wiggum

    Lesson learned

    Think it’s the whole “why do you need another one when I’ve already got a semi auto and a SxS in the cabinet but won’t find out until she starts talking to me again 🤣. I’d always promised myself a O/U when I could afford one as I sold a Browning Cynergy about 8 years ago to buy a baby travel system when our little boy was due and wouldn’t have bought it if it meant me getting into dept or not paying the mortgage etc. Also I got £300 off the ticket price 👍🏻
  8. Wiggum

    Lesson learned

    Lol it does have its benefits 😂
  9. Wiggum

    Lesson learned

    I came home from work on Tuesday and the wife handed me a receipt and asked “what’s that for” well it turned out it was the receipt for the new beretta 690 black I’d purchased just before Christmas and had smuggled it into my cabinet whilst she was at work. She wouldn’t have been any wiser to my recent purchase but I’d accidentally left the receipt on the dining room table and she had found it whilst organising my work expenses receipts . 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve now had the silent treatment since Tuesday and I’m actually quite enjoying it 🤣. So my lesson I’ve learnt is to leave the receipts in my gun safe where she can’t find them and to cover my tracks better in the future.
  10. I’ve got a beretta A400 Xplor light which will happily cycle 21grm loads, it also has a kick off recoil reducer in the stock so is very soft to shoot
  11. Wiggum

    Artificial grass

    It’s about 25 sq meters, we went for a tri-colour 35mm pile grass that was about £20 sq mtr but we got it cheaper on a promotion from artificial grass for less.
  12. Wiggum

    Artificial grass

    I’ve just done my back garden due to the grass being very patchy as it didn’t get much sunlight due to a tree and the fences. Also it means the kids can play outside all year in good weather without getting covered in mud. I did it all myself and it probably cost me £800ish and a couple of weeks. The most important part is making sure the base below the grass is done correctly, I took out about 4.5 ton of soil and turf and put back in about 3.5 ton of stone and sand making sure it was well compacted.
  13. Thanks I will take a look 👍🏻
  14. Thanks for the replies, I've been looking at the Drimaster eco heat as it heats the air so you shouldn’t get a cold draught in winter.
  15. We suffer from condensation on the windows during the winter and I’m redecorating the window reveals every 6 months to stop the mould so I’m considering installing a PIV system, the house has had cavity wall insulation installed and the wife insists on drying the washing on the radiators which doesn’t help. Has anyone had any experience good or bad with PIV ? Any comments will be appreciated
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