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    devizes wiltshire
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    Game shooting, wildfowling, vermin control with rifle shotgun and terrier, fishing both fly and sea, stalking(deer) lamping

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    1. geordieh

      Jack Russell pup

      Jack Russell Pup Attached Thumbnails
    2. geordieh

      Small trailer

      Yes, no or just plain **** off i will accept happily, but ignorance i will not accept.You have been on here every day and not a word.
    3. geordieh

      Small trailer

      Still waiting for a telephone number to arrange pick up of this trailer
    4. geordieh

      Small trailer

      Can you pm me your number please
    5. geordieh

      Small trailer

      Could you send me some pictures please normanhume@btinternet.com please have sent my mobile no by pm for pics too.Will take it please subject to pictures
    6. geordieh

      "Top Notch" scopes

      I would look at the Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20 x 50 made in the Philipines
    7. geordieh

      Which head torch to buy

      So what does "Buy British" mean then
    8. geordieh

      Which head torch to buy

      What makes you think Cluson kit is not made in China and Europe they even state this on their site
    9. geordieh

      Ifor Williams P7 Trailer

      Could you send some pictures to normanhume@btinternet.com please
    10. geordieh

      Books for countryfolk.

      Can I have tales of a rat hunting man please can pay by PayPal if that is ok
    11. geordieh

      223 Brass

      Hi I have for sale the following140 once fired PPU privi 223 cases34 winchester once fired 223 cases£33 posted
    12. geordieh

      Privi 308 brass

      308 Privi brass
    13. geordieh

      Privi 308 Ammunition

      Sold subject to pickup next week
    14. geordieh

      Privi 308 Ammunition

      Hi they may be sold waiting to hear if they can come and pick up.It is a two hour drive for you.