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  1. The gun will be in the bivvi with you..And easy enough to attach the gun to you as we did in the army.Nothing in law to stop you sleeping in a tent with your gun
  2. Size would help
  3. I wonder if they sell pards in the various electronic markets in Shanghai, or Hong Kong and what would they cost over there.As I have a mate who goes out there quite regularly.Or even direct from Pard and pick up in China
  4. geordieh

    face masks

    Hi Mel and Lin. Could I have two please I am vulnerable as I have cardio myopathy,high blood pressure and diabetes I cannot isolate as my wife has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and is half way through six weeks of radio therapy and chemo and I have to drive her to Bath hospital every day a round trip of 45 miles.Life is **** at times but people like you and other friends restore my faith in human nature.
  5. I just use a piece of electricians insulating tape wrapped around my leg just above the ankle and elastic garters at the top of them. They do not move all day
  6. geordieh


    Sorry no it is single trigger side by side
  7. geordieh


    Have a Zabali 10 bore SxS 2 sets of 32 in barrels 1 x 1/2and 1/2 chokes and 1 x full and full.With single trigger. £650
  8. geordieh


    Can you send some pictures to normanhume@btinternet.com please
  9. I bought 6 off eBay 99p each 5 or 6 years ago 1 died after a couple of years other 5 still going strong.I have 4 Panasonic ones which came out of an old laptop battery they must be 10 years old at least.
  10. geordieh

    Head torch

    Got a couple of these use them daily for walking the dogs,with zoom will do over 100 metres or nice wide flood easily worth the money https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rechargeable-Tactical-120000LM-T6-LED-Headlamp-18650-Headlight-Head-Torch-Light/401885299136?hash=item5d923b01c0:m:mcVRAxF3EeCj7APBRaBvOQA
  11. 20 mm Beretta rubber recoil pad for Beretta 687 sporter.Never been on a gun.£13 posted Just measured it and it is 136mm long X 45mm wide X 20mm thick.The screw holes are 80mm apart and it is black.
  12. Reminds me of a bird I once went out with.Horrible.But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Perhaps try Specsavers
  13. Some quite nice stuff on eBay coming out of China for not a lot of money
  14. The hot hands ones give off plenty of heat and last 6-8 hours
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