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  1. Some quite nice stuff on eBay coming out of China for not a lot of money
  2. The hot hands ones give off plenty of heat and last 6-8 hours
  3. If you don't mind me asking what did you pay for it your side of the pond
  4. Picattinny rail and Hawke 2 inch reach forward/back rings just fitted to my mates Tikka T3 with no problems with eye relief.
  5. Hi yes sold.Money received today from nicosettle
  6. 0Stamped on belt KING COBRA HUNTING. Size is large will go from 34" to43" with space to make extra holes
  7. Leather cartridge belt holds 49 x 12 guage cartridges excellent condition £35 posted
  8. 2 x Niggeloh slings sold to Hayburn
  9. 1) Niggeloh black neoprene sling with sling swivels £22 posted 2)Niggeloh black neoprene sling with sling swivels. £22 posted 3)Butler creek black neoprene sling with sling swivels and holds 4 rounds in elastic holders £20 posted 4)Bisley cobra thumbhole quality leather with sling swivels £25 posted 5) RWS heavy leather rifle sling with sling swivels £17 posted
  10. Trouble is they hold their value so well second hand the sell for nearly the same as new
  11. It's totally irrelevant, it doesn't matter what their rifles like.Yours could still hate them.
  12. geordieh

    Clear out

    Cheek rider sold 2 bottle openers sold 1 super sling sold
  13. Just curious but why American cartridges
  14. geordieh

    Clear out

    Gentlemen due to a diabetic incident I was in hospital for a few days everything was posted Friday 28th some items were received Saturday if you didn't get them Saturday you will probably get them monday.Very sorry for being ill I will try not to do it again.
  15. My bitches pedigree and the dog's Attachments 20190623_124747.jpg
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