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    Game shooting, wildfowling, vermin control with rifle shotgun and terrier, fishing both fly and sea, stalking(deer) lamping

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  1. geordieh

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    And even less chance of this innocent victim being a lady
  2. geordieh

    Shotgun comb raiser

    Shotgun comb raiser also moves side to side stock broken £40 posted
  3. Coke as in coca cola
  4. geordieh

    scope mounts

    I have a T3 lite and I am using lows on a S+B 8x56
  5. geordieh

    Jack Russell pup

  6. geordieh

    Wide fitting walking boots

    Albert defenders for £65 off ebay
  7. geordieh

    something cheap . single barrel , sbs? any

    I have a Gunmark Harrier deluxe non ejector S x S in good condition £100
  8. geordieh

    Jack Russell pup

    Still for sale 9 weeks old.IInnoculated £300 must go soon
  9. geordieh

    .243 set up wanted

    Rws 89 same scope as Sabatti which has been sent by email
  10. geordieh

    .243 set up wanted

    I have a very good RWS 89 in 243, ZOS 3-9 x50 scope, Screwcut 1/2 inch UNF. £350 And a Sabatti 243 with very nice walnut stock,with ZOS 3-9x50 scope in Leopold rings and bases with adjustable comb and screwing 1/2 inch INC £350
  11. geordieh

    Jack Russell pup

  12. geordieh

    Newbie totally confused by sight mounting

    Sorry mate but this is mind boggling the police have given you a powerful dangerous centrefire rifle and you do not even have the knowledge to fit a scope.I think it is time we started to have some sort of tests before you can have firearms.
  13. geordieh

    various bits and bobs

    Can I have the Hawke qd 1" mediums please £ 15. How do you want paying i have paypal
  14. geordieh


    That would depend on the make of the mounts some makes you may get away with mediums or even lows, other makes you would need highs.
  15. geordieh

    Jack Russell pup

    Reduced to £375