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  1. Does gun buying ever stop?

    I was up to 23 then decided they were not getting the use so I have started to reduce numbers now.I am down to 5 shotguns ,22 lr,4 x 243s,1 x 2506,1 x humane despatch pistol.Will drop to 2 x shotguns,22lr 1 x 243,1 x 2506
  2. Anti Fog spray/wipe

    The stuff sold at the shooting show was called sparklebright it looked like good stuff I bought some but haven't tried it yet
  3. Choke determination.?

    Does it matter.Just shoot it
  4. Gamekeepers 12 bore gun sling for SBS

    What is a gamekeepers sling
  5. Bedlington X Whippet bitch pup wanted.

    And do you want it as a pet because you like the look of them or do you want it as a working dog.If you want a working dog you should be looking for working parents rather than KC registered parents as a lot of KC stuff have no working ability whatsoever
  6. .22 best in my budget?

    The CZ455 was a bit of a con job by CZ it is now a rifle built down to a price rather than to a standard Not the same. Not even close.The main difference between the 452 and 455 is the lack of a opposing locking lug on the bolt in the 455. The 455 has only the bolt handle root to hold the bolt in place where the 452 had an opposing lug as well. This allows CZ to skip some expensive machining on the bolt handle and the receiver. It's a bit of slight of hand: pointing out the trinkety improvements while ignoring the vast cheapening of the action. Sad.
  7. .22 best in my budget?

    You can't go wrong with a CZ452,better rifle than CZ455.but an Anschutz is a better rifle quality wise
  8. Shot range

    Actually it is not a criminal offence for shot or a bullet to leave your permission it is a civil offence so you can be done for trespass but only if they can prove damage.It is however illegal for an airgun pellet to cross your boundary
  9. .22 LR

    So you have decided that accuracy is secondary then.
  10. Shotgun sling without need for swivels

    I have one here still in the packaging in leather never been used £20 posted send me your email and I will send you a picture
  11. .243 in hants area! With or without mod

    Send me your email and I will send you some pictures
  12. .243 in hants area! With or without mod

    Hi Foxbasher I am having a clear out of my rifles I have a cz550 with Simmons whitetail classic scope £350 not screwcut but can get it done for £50.RWS 89 bare rifle £275 and a Sabatti with rings and adjustable cheekpiece £250 I am in between Devizes and Stonehenge
  13. Had a little chuckle reading this, I picked up a shotgun for the first time when I was about 11 I am now 61.I I first shot rabbits,ducks,woodcock and snipe I didn't shoot my first pheasant until I was gone 30. I have had my current gun a 1965 Beretta 56e over 20 years i have never shot at a clay ground, twice friends have set up a trap once on a farm and once in the wood's both times I have tried it I found it totally boring to be honest.Clay grounds are for getting pups used to gun shot.But good luck if that is your game.I have tried thinking how much rib I see? Not a clue.Bead just checked to see what type it is surprised to see it is a white one.People have asked what lead I gave on a high bird that I have just shot?not a Scooby doo.Where are my feet ? at the other end of my legs. I find if I start thinking about what I am doing my shooting goes to ratsh*t.But I have never been kept awake thinking or worrying about why I had a bad day.But good luck to you all and just enjoy your shooting whatever type you do. And Happy Christmas to you all
  14. Growth plates probably not closed yet I wouldn't be taking one out working till gone 12 months at least
  15. Shortening an O/U

    A 32 inch barrel with true cylinder choke spreads exactly the same as a 15 inch barrel with cylinder choke