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  1. geordieh

    Beretta recoil pad

    I have for sale an unused 18mm Beretta recoil pad for a game gun 687 £18 posted
  2. geordieh

    Sierra bullet display

    I have for sale a Sierra bullet advertisement display board 58 X 42cm£100 posted Attachments 20181217_162147.jpg Attachments
  3. geordieh

    Nosier bullet display board

    #1 I have for sale a Nosler bullet advertisement display board 56cm X32cm from mid 70s I believe £120 posted Attachments II have 20181217_162418.jpg
  4. geordieh

    Annual Booster

    Not all vaccines require annual booster the manufacturer of some state every 3 years but it is a money making scam that some vets use to their advantage and rip you off every year
  5. geordieh

    Meopta 7x50 scope

    Reduced to £160 posted
  6. geordieh

    Bullet display boaerds

    £100 nosler board £80 Sierra board
  7. Unused cammo neoprene bootfoot chest waders and jacket size 7 boot 40/42 chest and short size about 5'8" tall so if you are short and chunky these are hard to find £130 posred Cammo chestwaders and jacket Attached Thumbnails
  8. geordieh

    Wildfowling labrador

    Health tested sire and dam and kc registered?
  9. geordieh


    Full length
  10. geordieh

    Bullet display boaerds

    Hi A Bolt i am still trying to find out a value have you any idea and when they were made, the Sierra one was made 1977/1980 First sold in 1977 for $30.00 Sold from 1977 – 1980Product Description: This attractively designed Bullet Board provides a rich wood-tone background for Sierra’s complete line of precision bullets. An ideal decoration for either office or den, the Bullet Board also doubles as a convenient reference source by showing bullet caliber, diameter, grain weight and design. The board features the two latest additions to the Sierra line the .45 Long Colt (240 gr.) and the .375 Big Game Hunting Bullet (300 gr.). The board is a handy reference source giving the caliber, diameter, grain weight and design of each of the 84 precision-made Sierra bullets. Approximately 22″ wide X 15″.
  11. geordieh

    Bullet display boaerds

    Bullet display boards Attached Thumbnails
  12. geordieh


    RCBS Reloading dies 308 Attached Thumbnails
  13. Simmons Whitetail classic 6.5-20 x50 Attached Thumbnails
  14. geordieh

    Meopta 7x50 scope

    Simmons Whitetail classic 6.5-20 x50 I am selling my Simmons Whitetail classic 6.5-20 x 50 Phillipines model in good condition.GOOD SCOPE FOR THE MONEY £120 POSTED Attached Thumbnails
  15. geordieh

    Meopta 7x50 scope

    Meopta Artemis 2000 7 x 50 Attached Thumbnails