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  1. And the worst thing about it is I bought that to replace a Schrade old timer....also residing in said woodland 🙄
  2. After losing my Buck 110 that I've had for donkeys years last night in the woods,I'm on the lookout for something similar. Thanks.
  3. Pigskin slip pics as promised. The slip is empty in the photo.
  4. Hi mate. I've got a pigskin slip gathering dust. Very high quality. If you want pics Pm . Thanks.
  5. An unworn Carhartt canvas duck Chore coat in a 42" Large. Been in the back of the wardrobe a few years, decided to have a clear out. Looking for £85 posted.
  6. mirokoman

    Semi auto

    Well , I was passing the Sportsman in Newport and popped in to take a look at a 26" barrelled 391 12 bore ,they had in cammo. Walked out of there with a 28" 20 bore A400 Lite that looks unfired for a third off retail 🤔
  7. mirokoman

    Semi auto

    Thanks for all you're offers gents , I'm sorted now thanks 👍
  8. mirokoman

    Semi auto

    Looking for a nice quality semi ( not Turkish ) with a 24 or 26" barrel. Up to around £800. Thanks.
  9. I'm looking for anything with the Curtis's and Harvey trade marking's on , if anyone has anything knocking around get in touch. Thanks.
  10. Hi, whereabouts in South Wales mate ? Thanks.
  11. All yours mate 👍
  12. mirokoman

    Long Net

    Been given this long Net, not something I have a use for but shame to chuck it out. So it's free to anyone prepared to pay the postage , a tenner should cover it.
  13. A mate has just taken one off his .222 I'll find out what he wants for it. He's in Abergavenny.
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