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  1. Hi all been a long time since I've posted on hear I'm after magazine for 22 bsa super sport 5 can anyone help me out many thanks jamie
  2. GOD DAMMIT I hate checking my comp late!!!!
  3. Ideally would like a press system but would consider most items
  4. As above if you have anything available please let me know many thanks Jamie
  5. edited mis read size sorry!
  6. dam it to late again fair play mungler you hot a good deal there fella
  7. jntree


    hi all im after a chronograph to test some loads on the 204 243 and 30.06 either to buy or borrow based in Oxfordshire but will pay postage or collect if not to far many thanks
  8. i know a man that will be very interested in this I will get him to pm you!
  9. if I didn't have a garage bill to pay I would have this!
  10. don't suppose you get down oxford way at all do you??
  11. don't worrie chap, me and butch work an live on the same estate, we hide our new guns with each other so the wifes don't notice lol!!
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