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  1. Good content but i cannot do with the side to side motion of the camera, try and move your eyes only, video should be more watchable. Just trying to be helpful.
  2. I should send it back, if its playing up after a few months what's it going to be like just before the guarantee runs out. send it back now.
  3. peck

    Fishing Chair

    I am looking for an adjustable fishing chair with mud feet, the seating height must be adjustable to at least 45cm and it must be foldable. Anyone got one?
  4. http://teesvalleytargetsports.doomby.com/ Have you tried removing the "info" bit from the email address supplied. info@teesvalleytargetsports.co.uk
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-60395241 How the hell do you make provision for this type of demonstration. Why should he be expected to resign when he has tried his best to stop the demo. Its like the corona virus, who in the world would have contingency plans for something as big as that. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  6. peck


    This is as close as i can find but just need elastic around the head instead of that flouncy head band.
  7. peck


    thats exactly what i want it for.
  8. peck


    All i looking for is a bog standard piece of green transparent plastic that forms a peak above the eyes with a piece of nicker elastic to go around head. The sort of thing you used to see on old fashioned films worn by bank tellers or croupiers.
  9. peck


    Close but still a bit flouncy. Thanks for the link.
  10. peck


    All it is is a piece of green translucent plastic that has a piece of elastic on that goes around the head. Anyone help? nothing flouncy.
  11. peck


    I am looking for a visor for when i go fishing. What i want is one that you used to se the croupiers and bank tellers wearing in the old time movies. I have found plenty of the flouncy type but cannot find what i want. All it is is a piece of green translucent plastic that has a piece of elastic on that goes around the head. Anyone help?
  12. peck

    BBC news

    I said the same to my wife "and this is the main headline on the evening news"
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