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  1. You do not say WHY haulms should not composted, is it because they are poisonous or that they do not break down or is there another reason..
  2. Glad to hear that you got away with only bruising but looking at the foto could the shoe be classed as having failed. The actual toe cap has popped out of the side of the shoe, should that have really happened? I would say contact Dickies to show them the foto so that they can liaise with the manufacturer.
  3. peck

    What is it?

    Gerbera https://www.gardengatemagazine.com/articles/how-to/start-seeds/how-to-grow-better-gerbera-daisies/
  4. Honeybrook Members 8 posts Report post Posted October 28, 2013 Hi, We are looking for FROZEN STEEL SHOT WOOD PIGEONS. We pay .50p per pigeon and collect from all over the UK on a fortnightly basis with the exception of Scotland which is once a month. The pigeons must be shot using steel and then should have the wings and feet cut off before being frozen. The minimum we could collect is 50 at a time but we have no upper limit and we take them all year round. Please feel free to give Guy or Dave a call on 01386 830089 to discuss or arrange a collection. We will try to get back on here as much as possible to try and answer any questions but if we have not got back to you please just give us a call. We also take rifle shot Rabbits and Hares we pay £1 each for Rabbits and £2.00 Hares.
  5. peck

    Poultry slaughter

    I seem to remember mink farmers use some sort of carbon monoxide poisoning, I think they use a petrol engine with the exhaust going into a box in which they put the mink. Have a look here. https://www.hsi.org/news-media/fur_farming_eu/ Sounds like its going to have to be gassing of some sort.
  6. peck

    Poultry slaughter

    Why would you not want to bleed the bird. Most methods of humane slaughter consist of the bird first being stunned then bled to death with a cut to the throat.
  7. Could it be that the "ethnic minority" are more inclined to live in extended families? with more people living together than white people.
  8. You can buy an awful lot of lead with the money you will spend on collecting your fired stuff
  9. peck

    Chicken advice

    Several years ago i had the same idea, all went well for a couple of months and then i started to notice they had been scratching around as they do but all of a sudden the garden started to look like a bomb had hit it, they were scratching everywhere with everything slowly being destroyed. My advice is, build them a large run that can be moved around so that when the ground becomes bare you can move it to give them fresh ground. You can then use the ground they have just been on for growing veg as it will be nicely fertilised.
  10. peck

    Trump's hair

    I suppose really, does anyone give a toss.
  11. peck

    Trump's hair

    Did anyone see Trump s address on tv last night? Am i behind times or has Donald changed his hair colour? The last i seem to remember he was strawberry blonde, now he is grey on top with brown greying temples.
  12. peck

    nest boxes

    Robins nest in the bbq with 4 young and sparrows in the nest box that's been up for 3 years without any previous occupants.
  13. peck


    I have a Kity bandsaw, works a treat . You can come across them on ebay for less than the price you stated. They may be quite old but are really good.
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