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  1. peck

    Flu Jab 2021

    Senior moment, i thought it was forr the corona virus jab.
  2. peck

    Flu Jab 2021

    Funny how you make assumptions about people, i assumed tightchoke to be in his mid 40s, seems like he is just a youngster if he has only just received his invite for the jab.
  3. peck

    Fuel situation.

    Same here, went @12-00 took me 10 minutes queuing to fill up, went past same garage 3 hours later no que.
  4. The thing with modern technology is that the youngsters grow up with it where as we have to learn it all in one go and its very confusing.
  5. Try some paraffin, bit smelly but works.
  6. Among the greatest singers, writers and performers of the 20th century and now going to be in the 21st century. Long live ABBA.
  7. Anyone any idea what this may be, its approx one inch long and the antenna are approx 3/4 inch wide.
  8. If you dont get fixed up let me know. I know someone who has a couple available. North Shropshire area.
  9. Sorry for the delay in replying. He sold the van 3 years ago.
  10. I may be able to help, leave it with me for a couple of days.
  11. peck


    As i said i was hoping someone on here may have the correct kit to do it.
  12. peck


    Thanks for the replies but its someone with a machine that presses the back on the watch that i want, as i said the jewellers tried to do it but could not manage it. I would imagine that they would have a press but were afraid to damage it.
  13. peck


    Thanks Ditchman but i am afraid it may introduce moisture into the movement through condensation.
  14. peck


    I have a Sekonda stainless steel cased watch that is water resistant to 50 metres i had taken the back off to try and fit a new battery myself, when i tried to put the back back on a found it would not go on so i took it to the jewellers who could not do it either. Is there anyone on here who could fit me a new battery and replace the back.
  15. I see Simone Biles has withdrawn from 2 more Olympic events. Why the hell did she put her self foreword to compete in the Olympics if she is so mentally mixed up. She has not only denied other competitors the chance to compete but she has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars going to the Olympics I personally think its disgusting that she has now withdrawn from i think its 3 events, she should be banned from trying for the next Olympics and any sponsorship money she has received should be returned.
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