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  1. Am i correct in thinking its drivers who have passed their test you are talking about?. Once people have passed their test its a case of YIPPEE LETS GO.
  2. If Mo Farah can get one why cant Hamilton?
  3. BJ. DT. It dont take much working out.
  4. You are not by any chance a fan of DT are you, if so that would explain it all.
  5. Try watching Norm Abram. Lots of ideas as to finishing projects. https://www.newyankee.com/watch/ Look for episodes where he uses pine, watch from about 23 minutes for finishing.
  6. I personally thought it was vey respectful. Enjoyed the way they did it. Just waiting to see what happens at the cenotaph.
  7. Not a criticism but more of an observation, you need to relax more, you seem to be poking the gun.
  8. What do the council do with the antlers do you know, or is the park ranger nabbing them for himself. It may be worth carrying this a bit further, ask the head ranger or his boss to see what happens to them.
  9. Sounds obvious but have you tried changing the batteries?
  10. Not sure if this has been shown on here but here's a link if you are interested in taking part in research into a Coronavirus. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/research/coronavirus-vaccine-research/
  11. We are talking about your brother is that correct?
  12. peck

    Valve Rubber

    Nothing like valve rubber. not what i waant.
  13. peck

    Valve Rubber

    Thanks, just ordered some.
  14. peck

    Valve Rubber

    It needs to be approx .2mm inside diameter and .5 outside diameter . Thats about twice the diameter of a biro ink tube, Thanks for the reply.
  15. peck

    Valve Rubber

    Thanks for the offer but its "valve rubber" that i want. Old fashioned innertube valves used to use valve rubber, thats what i want. Thanks.
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