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  1. thanks guys pigeon master, no i dont make a living from photos, its just a hobbie. i like taking picture of animals mostly in the wild, the field craft i have learned from shooting has enabled me to get close to the animals. thats a good idea about the brochures, it was taken at the otter nature park near my house. do you know the website or some way i could contact them? jake
  2. how class was the liverpool goal keeper? fantastic!
  3. i took this one a while ago i thought i would show you it anyway
  4. since ive took the picture of that badger ive been out with the digital camera. ive been out today after my exam and went down the reserviour right next to me and saw some swans and geese. the geese are normall but i never see swans up here. jake
  5. look for there **** on the top of rocks they do it there to mark there teritory. the footprints can often be mistaken for rats or animals such as that. a cage trap with a big bit of fish in will catch them. if the fish is frozen defost it in a bucket with a drop of water in and put the fish in the trap and poor the water around the place, this will leave the scent of the fish every where. if you put bits of fish down they tend to go with the bits and not bother with the fish in the trap. tie your trap down incase the river rises and carries the trap away. good luck jake
  6. thanks na they wont come up im the only one who goes up there. hardley any one evens knows there are badgers there. i use a fujifilm finepix 4900 zoom (what i says on the side of it). i dont have any lenses or nothing like that. i honestly got that close, that picture was taken with no zoom on. they just dont seem bothered, aslong as you go quietly and stay resonably hidden they just carry on as normall. it maybe because im the only one who goes up there. jake
  7. i was out walking the dog through our fields and i spotted some badgers playing near this set. i allways knew there was a badger set there and have only seen badgers when ive been lamping. it was a suprise to me to see them in broad day light, i got up really close. there looked to be a adult and two babies playing. i went home and put the dog back and collected my camera. when i went up there the babbies were gone but the adult was still there. got really close and got some craking pics. nice to see them but i`ll be locking up my chickens tonight! jake
  8. looks like a wonderfull place to live where is it? jake
  9. have a look in www.fieldandforces.co.uk they normally have quite alot of army things there at good prices.
  10. i see your point but babies have to eat aswell. as ive said befor these rabbits are from my farm. id rather have undammaged crops that 15 or so more rabbits to shoot next year! jake
  11. try the back of shooting magazines there allways full of guns in the free adverts part. jake
  12. smart gun you have there mate. how many decoys do you set out because i only have 4 and i think it may be not enough. jake ps i mostly do roost shooting so it doesnt matter i was just wondering
  13. cooke103


    it is probably different at different places but where i work we`re going to go shooting the rookeries next week. cant wait great for loosening up my new gun. jake
  14. cooke103


    thanks sorry i thought it was a lanber sporter. all the lanbers look the same to me. i went out with it today and shot 2 pigeons (wich is good for me when roost shooting) so i am really pleased with it. thanks jake
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