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  1. Can't be bothered with the rest of this drivel
  2. Also of concern with regard to Brexit as a number of our protected species are European protected and not UK so government could decide not to have them on the protected list to enable their continued building on green belt land against the wishes of the populace.
  3. YIFI torrents and Vuse downloader are your best friends
  4. 955i

    Xmas guilt!

    So here we are again at the time of year to think of friends and family, enjoy the company of our loved ones and forget the stress and turmoil of our lives the rest of the year. Oh no, apparently every 30 seconds we are being told to feel guilty that Mnoko lives 5 miles from water (move closer), Mnad lives in a war zone (sorry dude) and Henry the dog has no owner. Fair enough, think about others but why are we inundated with this at Xmas and how is £3.00 a month the magic number to save them all unless the ads are all organised by De La Soul? Why are they so determined to make us feel bad at the one time of year most people are trying to forget how **** things are?
  5. 955i

    Eric Bristow

    We are not in the public eye and our opinions have no effect any further than the thread they appear in on here. Being a public figure and having such opinions is a completely different matter. I have a lot of respect for you comments in the main, but on this occasion I think you are wrong.
  6. 955i

    Eric Bristow

    At throwing small sticks at a large plate!
  7. 955i

    Angry Man.

    ***** or foreign (EDIT sorry, murderous muslim extremist) is my guess Why is foreign allowed but not p.i.k.e.y How scared are the admin on here? Not meant to talk about religion etc (heaven forbid we should chat about issues that affect us) but islam is not banned allowing threads to start about it, but when it is about the caravan living thieves it gets blocked. Had enough of the namby pamby on here forbidding my right to free speech. 10 seconds to 'right on' person reporting, 30 seconds to post removal OK, I was wrong, my apologies, sure a mod will be along soon to sort it out. ****, just realised I am an angry man! Oh the irony
  8. Wow, see your point but did you have a number of exclamation points you had to use before they took them off you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 955i

    F 1 Outcome ??

    Is it corrupt to have team orders? I've watched bike races where one team mate has let another through to maximise points and a championship win So that is three F1 instances in one post, which bike one were you thinking of?
  10. 955i

    F 1 Outcome ??

    So basically race for us, potentially risk your life for us, but don't win unless we tell you to? Why do people watch this pointless corrupt sport?
  11. 955i

    Fidel Castro

    Don't forget shell shocked or just plain overwhelmed soldiers being shot for treason for deserting their posts. Veterans with issues being ignored, heroes on the streets. England has always looked after its own, but they have always been the ones behind the lines!!
  12. 955i

    F 1 Outcome ??

    I reckon one of the cars will come off the track due to some dust on the metal bit on the left and overly heavy use of the throttle trigger. Due to the amount of time taken getting under the sofa to retrieve the aforementioned car the race will be lost
  13. How wrong you are (no offence intended). These people and politicians are elected and employed to serve the people fairly and without prejudice ensuring freedom and justice for all. Both have consistently for many years failed to do so. Unable to change it? I call that apathy from the sheeple.
  14. Why?? Since when has the 'system' shown any common sense or regard for the people of this country?
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