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  1. Yeah, you're not factoring in costs. Also assuming each competition / draw is a sell out. Need to know those before you can work out profit.
  2. Interlinked, not necessarily hard-wired.
  3. Thanks for the deep insights.
  4. Has anybody here invested in whisky?
  5. Can't you simply right-mouse-click on the file and select "Send To" then "Mail Recipient". That should trigger your default email app. Windows 10 comes with a Mail app, but you may have another installed - Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
  6. As you already have an ethernet wall point in your office, you might consider swapping the face place for something like this.....TP-Link EAP115-WALL 300 m Bit/s PoE WLAN Access Point - White: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories It acts as a wireless access point, and maintains the option of a wired connection. Faster models are available from the same manufacturer at a higher cost. The access point would need to be configured by someone - you need to decide what security to use, what you want to call the wireless network etc. You'd need to have the existing cable unpatched then
  7. Piebob

    HEADS UP!!

    ...or not Does Amazon Spray Boxes With Chemicals Dangerous to Pets? (snopes.com)
  8. One of the farmers with fields next to me is very conservation-minded, with some lovely hedgerows and various sizes of set aside areas and wild dens. I see greys every year, and last year they chose to nest next to my fence between the grass and the (never-used) drive. So we had regular visitors last year. Photo taken looking through the patio door.
  9. Buggeration! I hadn't picked up on that Dave. Similar words on the BASC website in the Scotland Coronavirus section. "Shooting is no longer exempt from socialising restrictions in Tier 4 areas. This means that shooting activities may only take place with up to a maximum of 6 people from no more than 2 households."
  10. If you are not too precious about going second hand, or maybe the odd scuff, then take a look at the offerings here Refurbished Desktop PCs and Laptops from Stone Refurb
  11. No worries AVB. I was at a shoot at the weekend in my council area (so allowed travel) but there were a couple of beaters there (paid work = allowed travel) from another council area who ended up shooting, which wouldn't be allowed travel. Fortunately, they brought their guns with them.
  12. Not in Scotland it ain't - it's law.
  13. Piebob

    Laptop Help

    If you're not too precious about getting new, then consider a refurb unit. I've used these guys in the past https://www.stonerefurb.co.uk/ Pretty much all the stuff looks good - these are mostly corporate-type devices so pretty robust. Pay attention to the grade of condition. Again, if you are not too precious you can select one that has a few more scuffs and scratches and get a better performance of PC for the price. Try to make sure you get an SSD (Solid State Drive).
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