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  1. holly

    football streaming

  2. holly

    football streaming

    anyone know of good football streaming sites to watch mainly prem lg ?
  3. holly

    Identification please

    compare with Clitocybe nebularis the clouded agaric
  4. holly

    What Drone

    have a look at the dji spark , phantoms if your wanting new are way above your budget i have both the phantom 4 pro and the spark fly more combo
  5. holly

    wild mushrooms

    i used a few of these in a mixed mushroom risotto there not the tastiest wild mushrooms iv'e also fried in butter and garlic with a splash of double cream added near the end of cooking just make sure when using that there pure white inside when you slice them
  6. holly

    problem uploading a pic

    yes its now working fine cheers andy
  7. holly

    wild mushrooms

    starting to get a few now after the rain oysters , hen of the wood , stump puffballs , porcini its been poor so far this year
  8. holly

    problem uploading a pic

  9. holly

    problem uploading a pic

    tried to start a new post in food and drink and it wont attach the pics just says trouble uploading attachment contact us ? anyone else had problems the file size is well within limits
  10. holly

    Help on mushrooms

    old wives tale
  11. holly

    Help on mushrooms

    lol no spelling cock up
  12. holly

    Help on mushrooms

    before even contemplating eating you need to identify them and be 100% sure you have an edible , the mushrooms in your pics look to be from the genus agarics you just need to figure out which one beware of the yellow stainer (Agaricus xanthodermus) think its the biggest cause of mushroom poisoning in the UK have a look on the first nature website and arm yourself with a good field guide if your planning to search out edible wild mushrooms
  13. holly

    mushrooms porcini

    these are going in my dehydrator for winter use as there clean and maggot free expect to get more over the next couple of weeks if the overnight temps stay constant and above freezing
  14. holly

    mushrooms porcini

    picked a few wild mushrooms this morning (porcini,ceps,penny buns) boletus edulis there about 3 weeks later to show this year probably caused by the dry summer worth the wait though
  15. holly


    any updates on catches ?