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  1. fister

    Daystate Genus

    Im glad my own thought on this have been reinforced😂
  2. fister

    Daystate Genus

    I’m not surprised to hear this
  3. fister

    Daystate Genus

    They are launching another one early next year as a 40th Birthday limited edition of 200 units. Yet another DS to get your mits on! They had a gathering at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and showed us a video of it but didnt actually bring the gun itself. They did bring 40 or so other rifles spanning the company’s history, including the VERY FIRST prototype from back in the late 70’s!
  4. fister

    What Drone

    Be caurious of the long term firmware updates as they wont fly without then and have regularly attached further flight restrictions on range and flightpath capability. Guess what, due to fears of terrorist and inapripriate usage by morons and criminals. Sound familiar? I have had a few of them and two very expensive ones that I have now sold as the added flight limitations prevented repeat filming of planned projects that had very wide open spaces and long range as serious factors.
  5. fister


  6. fister

    West Yorkshire Police timescales

    My last variation took 6 months😏 by the time it came, the work opportunity it was concerning had passed for the season so good luck with yours
  7. One off the feeder with HW97K 1962
  8. fister


    Just to clarify a little, i got 9 pairs of trousers and 11 jackets sent to me over the last few months and averaging it all out, size for size with EVERYTHING ordered in Large or 52, harkila trousers are always on the smaller size, Browning about average and Ridgeline a bit bigger. Harkila Jackets are a generous size with browning and Ridgeline more standard. Go to a shop and try them on
  9. fister


    The jackets and shirts are generally correct, the t-shirts and trousers are one size small generally In my opinion. Having said that, I just received several sets of kit and the Pro-hunter Move trousers in size 52 were definately one size smaller than the Elk hunter ones in a 52 that were correct. So i got 54 Pro hunters and stayed 52 for the elk
  10. fister

    Whats App

    Welcome to the world of everything getting stored and stored and stored and stored again. You can’t seem to get rid of phone numbers without them getting backed up somewhere and somehow, reappearing when you need them to and suddenly unable to find stuff when you do. I have a few people on my phone with more than 5/6 identical saved profiles because i have communicated with them via multiple media devices or networks. I just gave up trying to sort them as a waste of time. Phones are annoying hobbies in themselves if you are so motivated, no longer simple tools.
  11. fister

    Webley & Scott En4cer review

    It got an objective review, cast your own overall opinion from the facts
  12. fister

    Webley & Scott En4cer review

    Well, for all those who say no honest review is ever published in a magazine, I challenge you to read the review of the En4cer in the December 2018 edition of Shooting Sports Magazine and tell me that is all glowing praise on paper. Yes, that's my review and I will stand by every word.
  13. fister

    Price hike

    Have any of you lot ever been in a business to make a living? Have you thought that as demand increases, new stock has to be bought at new prices as old stock at old prices sells out. Have you considered large quantities are bought each time because of shipping costs and actually remaining profitable and that those tens of thousands of cartridges have been sitting for months awaiting purchase. No, just moan moan moan. Well go into business yourself and see how you get on in a difficult trade overwhelmed by legislation
  14. fister

    50 cal Ban

    I met Ronnie a few years ago. Wealthy chap now😂
  15. fister


    I’d ask an expert