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  1. One off the feeder 1442 or is that 1447 since Walker added a photo but no tally ( the point of this thread!) mods?
  2. fister

    Mrs. webber R I P

    My deepest condolences to you and your family
  3. fister

    9.3 x 74r

    Heavy thumper for Boar that is a popular calibre in Europe although perhaps a little less so than its smaller 62mm cased brother which is quite common. A bit loopy in the trajectory for hill deer range game but not out of the question.
  4. fister

    Sako or tikka

    Id have the Tikka
  5. Three off the feeder 1426
  6. fister

    Leica Geovid 8X56 HD-R (Typ 502)

    That’s the HD-B, these are the HD-R’s dougy. Range only
  7. fister

    Tikka T1x MTR.

    My first rifle was a P94 and I sold it when times were hard. I bought another years later (after I became a gun tester and RFD), and remembered being disappointed in how well I had remembered it (rosse tinted glasses). It's a good rifle, but dated now and realistically, no more intrinsically accurate than other rimfires. many rifles get a reputation for accuracy because they have good triggers which complement bad shooting and the P94 had a good trigger but it's not an Anschutz. The T1x is very similar trigger wise but comes in at a far more palatable price and with a ten round flush fit magazine in 22lr, is a rabbit shooters dream (if they have any rabbits left on their patch these days :-/).
  8. fister

    Tikka T1x MTR.

    You wont be disappointed
  9. two more shot off the garden feeder 1370
  10. fister

    Hunting pellets

    I’m loving the JSB heavies, hard hitting and very accurate in my gun.
  11. fister

    Tier One 30mm High Scope Mounts

    I will take them, please pm me the payment details
  12. fister

    Netflix series 'meat eater'

    20 pages of in-depth reviews in Rifle Shooter this month, written by me with BALANCED opinion and negatives published as well.