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  1. fister

    Swazi Tahr XP Smock

  2. fister


    thanks for the PR on my sales:-)
  3. I'm going outside, I might be some time.

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      Dont do it


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    That’s better, now you are catching up Kinda cheating though as that is on a member shooting forum
  5. fister


    The topic was YouTube and actually, you have missed the ones in the sales thread on here
  6. fister


    Yes, that's clearly a YouTube video with kill shots isn't it, I doff my cap to you
  7. fister


    Is that an exploding kill shot?
  8. fister

    Swazi Tahr XP Smock

  9. fister

    Hornady 58gr V-Max

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    You no longer have to pay to ‘buy’ knowledge😉 it’s free ‘on da intanet’ and that speaks highly of it’s value on many occasions. Keep your blinkers on chaps, keep those youtube killshots popular, you will see it bite back at you eventually. I’m not ashamed of what I do, I keep no secrets from people I know and value. I just dont think it’s wise to broadcast all to those who would never before have seen it and now have time and force behind them to join up their voices against us. Look outside your small box and see who is looking in.
  11. fister


    You are too blinkered to bother trying to reason with. It’s not about knowledge, it’s about having constant new material to feed the anyi masses with. How can you be so blind to it, do you even consider videos from an external perspective or just as a shooter? If You film and publicly publish killing stuff, you give them ammunition. You are so unbelievably insular on this matter.
  12. fister


    Agenda and capability are widely separated. Stalin wanted the West Erradicated, he didnt have the capability though. victory by the antis will be rhetoric en masse thought, not actual participation and guess what, they now have the ammo (careless videos) and the tool (social media) with which to win. How can you be so complacent?
  13. fister


    Well I suppose it’s matter of choosing to ignore the blindingly obvious in front of you. Social media is littered withe complaints over kill photos plastered worldwide, seveal reaching mainstream media and drawing attention. Legal it is but think of all the legal things you do that you dont want publicly disected at every opportunity! Some of these incidents have also been fueled by ego competitions with private events being publicised openly purely to attack the reputations of others of whom they are jealous. It’s all right in front of you
  14. fister


    It is broadcast as free ammunition to antis, can you not see how damaging and easily used as propaganda this is?