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  1. I’ve got an ns200 hardly been used
  2. Must be about 7 years old I would think. I would be surprised if I used it 6 times. mall boxed with instructions etc. will include red and green screen filters. im a bit out of touch price wise. Gotta be worth £150 plus postage.
  3. daz2202


    Did you still want a ns200. ive owned mine for about 6 years. Used it maybe 6 times. It’s all boxed with instructions.
  4. daz2202

    PARD 007/008

    message just sent
  5. daz2202

    new 50p

    If this was facebook I would be pressing LIKE LIKE LIKE
  6. Mr Teal, Ive not had a PM as yet
  7. I will start the order book off then. yes please Mr Teal I will have a lamb and a half if thats ok. It can be packed together but can it be labelled as 3 halves or whatever so I can share it out correctly. My Staff will appreciate this one as a gift. How do you want paying. let me know
  8. I sell boilers for a living. Just about every make and model available in the UK. Loads of pro’s and cons. Worcester. Good all rounder. Bit heavy on price as you are paying for the brand name. And there massive advertising campaign. Vaillant. Again good all rounder but not as good as they used to be. So really living off the old name. Gloworm. ‘Can of ronseal’ does everything it says on the tin. Nothing fancy. But just works. Good back up service. Intergas. Almost certainly the best quality boiler to look at and work on. Very well engineered. Very sensible prices as they are quite new to the UK domestic market. Not the greatest back up. But blimin reliable and very quiet. Typical Dutch engineering. Baxi. Alpha. Ideal. Vokera. Ferolli. I would sooner pick one of the above.
  9. Would you be open to offers on the pike rod. Pm me if you are
  10. No probs, Don't ask ... and all that.
  11. daz2202

    Archer NV

    Mr Terrier, You have my number, if you want give me a call, and I will talk you through getting it set up. It could be as simple as you are putting the archer front glass too close or too far from your scope view finder. once you get it set up you will enjoy it. daz
  12. Have Pm'd you a couple of times, Could you let me know / confirm as someone has asked for 2nd shout on this thanks Darren
  13. Yes i still have got it. I will Pm you. Sorry I have not been on all weekend. (Been shooting )
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