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  1. They have a series of serated ridges facing backwards in their mouths to hold them, I have seen them with ten sometimes
  2. Dont get the chance to photograph snipe very often this is the best I have managed
  3. Damn thats one ugly chick looks like cant use sh@g in title
  4. Tried to post some more photos but Photobucket says I have to pay for third part hosting. not going to do that, any other ways of posting on pigeon watch ?
  5. No special places or lochs. they are so difficult to photograph in the wild, In 17 days I saw 8 otters managed to get photographic chances three times and only one did I have some reasonable light. Once you see the otter in the loch you have to work out which way it is travelling then try and get in front of it, try and get into a position to get the shots. Thats when the fun starts, Otters dive for 15 to 20 seconds so you have to move when they are down. That involves running across seaweed covered boulders with 15 grands worth of camera and lens, this coupled with my athletic, muscle bound
  6. `These were taken around the sea lochs
  7. Difficult to photograph but totally addictive, 12 days and had three encounters,
  8. lovely composition and background
  9. Have just returned from Mull where I went for a couple of weeks primarily to photo the Otters and Fish eagles so will post a few of my results, it rained every day but one, and if it wasn't raining cloud base was black and about 500 feet, everybody else was getting a heat wave !!
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