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  1. i buy direct from prizechoice who make the blocks or bags of frozen raw meat...i say i am a breeder and you get it quite a bit cheaper...you have to spend £50 a time but easy done as the mixer is also additive free and tripe...costs me around 80p a day to feed an english bull terrier...mixture of the meat, mixer, carrots or other veg and a whole egg 2/3 times a week...they never get fat or have dry skin or need to go to vet (touch wood)...i also give them whole chicken wings once a week...great for their teeth...also good marrowbone from butcher...not expensive. www.prizechoice.co.uk they deliver to your door for £3 you can get an even better deal if you spend £100 an order...i share my order with a mate....blocks of meat work out at approx 46p each instead of 80p in shop. best diet for your dog and for avoiding vet bills by far...thats why they tell you its not good for the dogs.
  2. yep...maybe leave out the shell until he is used to it...the sooner you get the pup eating proper food the better....i have noticed a real difference with my english bull terriers, mainly they never get fat (i never feed them titbits) and they are both girls and had the op which usually makes them pile on weight...they are rareful ill and only time i take them to the vet is for their yearly injections...one of them is mainly white and they can suffer from skin conditions due to all the additives in dried or manmade foods but her skin and coat is top notch...if you want more info have a look here barf info or feel free to pm me and i will give you a diet sheet
  3. here, here...nothing wrong in loving your dog and receiving that back in return...and agree that yes they are not human, but also understand that when they do mess with livestock, they are only doing what comes natural to them
  4. blimey....wonder why the dog did that?...probably thought they would get in first
  5. really do sympathise with you...he is a coward of the first order....some people are just trigger happy and don't have the brains to find alternatives to killing...hope you get yourself a fair result in the end
  6. in both instances the dogs were yours and you had a pretty good reason...although it would have been an alternative to find a good home without livestock for the collie who got out at night? the case in question could have been avoided and we all know it
  7. barf diet is best...raw meat with mixer and some veg....whole raw eggs are excellent including shells...you can get the blocks of meat, ie tripe and beef from company called Prizechoice...you can get from any major pet shop...you just defrost the blocks of meat, feed raw with mixer, veg and raw egg ( 2 or 3 a week) with warm water and mix in bowl...puppies need lots of goats milk too...keeps them healthy and never get skin or stomach problems that all the **** dried foods give...chum is not good but up to you
  8. what troubles me about this case is that he does not sound like a very capable shot...he cannot kill something that big with one shot?...shouldnt own any form of gun if you ask me!...and the broken leg...lets be honest here...he sounds like a bully and a coward. And yes i do get emotional and protective about my dogs...they are always loyal and would protect me to the death...so as i previously said...they deserve a bit of respect, no matter what the law says...it's a shame you dont make the most of your dogs Dangerzone, then maybe you would have more respect for what magnificent animals they are...and as for this living in the country ****...got nothing to do with it...could have fired some shots in the air as previously said...or even better fetch some meat and catch dog then take down to police station abd ask to warn owner not to let it happen again...this scumbag is just a cruel coward who wanted to make a statement by breaking the leg, then shooting twice to show just what a big man he is...total loser if you ask me!
  9. he sounds like a trigger-happy cruel scumbag to me...if he did that to one of my dogs I would shove a red hot poker where the sun dont shine! one shot would have the done job...if he really had to shoot at all... but to break legs, then more than one shot is just cruel...dont let him get away with it...probably got a small you-know-what as well! to kill someones dog for a few chickens or sheep is sick...they are just livestock...just food..dogs are a companion and should be given a bit more respect than just to be treated as foxes etc.
  10. These are my two...they are brilliant at finding rabbits, birds etc....just dont expect to get anything back off them!
  11. thats fandabbydozee that is...something to be proud of
  12. that is such a shame and wish you all the best...reckon the gun alone is worth that
  13. sounds like you are enjoying yourself...have yet to use mine yet...lets hope you have a longlasting relationship
  14. take large uncooked bone from butcher...a collar and lead...tempt dog with said bone...then put on collar and lead...tie to tree...when shooting finished...untie dog...job done
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