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    Wanted Air Rifle

    Thanks im still looking
  2. karlm

    Wanted Air Rifle

    Hi all a friend of mine has some land that we can use to shoot on so i am after a Air Rifle Does anyone have anythign half decent for around the £150-200 mark thanks
  3. Thats fair enough i probly will sell on ebay anyway now But do you really think i will miss a bill i have had lots of phones and never even made a late payment One thing i will not mess around with i always pay bills on time as i dont want bad credit
  4. I can sell the handset when i like as long as i pay my contract it does not matter As for the phone yes you would have to be on 02 and also if you dont have a data plan with them it would be best to turn of 3g and any other data to stop yourself getting a huge bill
  5. ok thanks all i will prob put it on ebay then just thought i would try a straight swap first
  6. Ah ok mate I couldnt give you the phone and contract becaause i cant pay 45 pound a month and give you the 350 quid phone too lol
  7. O rite sorry mate its a contract phone but i will be keeping the sim card and contract and putting it in another phone You will get the phone sim free with box and Accessories
  8. Its on contract mate does it make a Diffrence?
  9. Hi all bit of a strange one But i have an Iphone 3g 8gb and im looking to swap for a Decent springer or PCP Air rifle Anyone interested? I am also a member on other Airgun forums cheers karl
  10. Hi all thought i would say hi I am wanting to do some Air Rifle shooting my friend owns some land so i am looking to but a Rifle soon cant wait Im from the south west
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