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  1. Was thinking the T20 as illuminator. Ben
  2. Going to have a go at building this although for first I'm going to use an old sony camcorder I have with night shot mode. Would this camera be ok? http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/Bullet-Camera-650TVL-Starlight-3D%252dDNR-Sense%252dup-x512-0.001-Lux-OSD.html?setCurrencyId=2 Ben
  3. Well done fella. New total - 17237 Now get cracking and add some to the 2014 post
  4. Who's going to be the first to add to the total? Ben
  5. Happy new year guys. Let's keep this tradition going by recording this years bag as well. Ben 2014 Total so far - 0
  6. If anyone needs any help with DIY or has any computer problems that's what I have to trade Ben
  7. Looking for anyone that needs some help with this sort of shooting in west Norfolk, Watton, Dereham, Thetford, Norwich areas. Have shot plenty of rabbits with father-in-law with his 10/22 but I'd like the opportunity with some land to get my own FAC and a .17 hmr Cheers Ben
  8. You can buy it online from acf-50.co.uk just click the buy online link but there postage is high £7 for next day delivery. You can also search for stockists to see if there is one local to you or one I found local to me that ships for cheaper is http://www.jaws-motorcycles.co.uk/acf.htm 1 can £16.28 including p&p Ben
  9. Ok but I created the topic just before midnight yesterday and it just needed pinning Ben
  10. 2012 Total: 18432 Lets hope 2013 gives us even more fantastic sport. Ben
  11. Lol nope now packed up and having a cuppa. Ben
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