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  1. Halfway through another Pinkfoot at the moment ,trying to use pyrography again just may need some pink acrylic for the bill ,I will put up a picture when it’s finished if it’s not too embarrassing.
  2. I put a wanted ad in a few weeks ago for one ,no replies so bit the bullet and paid our local gunshop £50 ,flaming typical ,that’s exactly what I bought.
  3. holloway

    Anti bac gel

    This from Avon ,I have used it for years .
  4. When they report on these strikes I would like to see the news team clearly state what pay they get and exactly what there working conditions are so that we can form our own judgement,without this information we have no idea if they are hard done by or not.
  5. Thank you,I was thinking of asking Scully if he could paint the crocs for me I would be lost without them.
  6. It is a real wonder to me how anyone can achieve results like that, made in Sheffield and the Gunship really impressive there is no substitute for ability and talent.(probably hard work as well.)
  7. Just for a change ,tried one of the fairer sex ,you mostly only see the drake ,understandable really most would probably favour owning a drake. Limewood again with the colours burnt on .
  8. Having read a lot of the complete tosh on this thread a good job they didn’t consult there membership .
  9. I would imagine that with target shooting probably 100 % of the lead could be contained and retrieved ,and under that guarantee could possibly continue as normal using a common sense approach .
  10. Excuse my ignorance,but what is a midsummer dore ?
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