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  1. Any reputable gunsmith should be ok where are you based.
  2. Now I would really welcome a video or two of air rifle decoying it would make a nice change from the usual shotgun stuff.
  3. A cracking day out ,very impressed with that well done .good shooting and field craft.
  4. Exactly, there is a reason why they aren't all made 3 1/2 inch .
  5. Just remember with steel being lighter than lead you get more pellets than the equivalent lead load, so as long as your velocity is fast enough to kill humanly at sensible ranges,your patterns should be more dense.I have never felt that I have needed more than 3inch ever. Having said that nothing wrong with maximising your efficiency with more pellets.
  6. I bought an Affinity one for my fowling ,previously had several sx3s .well made light couldn't ask for a better semi ,I too like some nice wood but the synthetic is a practical tool for the job and would be hard to beat for the money.Also with steel you don't really need the 3 1/2 heavy loads .(in my opinion)
  7. Worth a try ,shame it's not an ejector ,he is a helpful chap to deal with ,I bought a lovely Kirk fowling gun off him years ago.
  8. Happy days! Love the box.
  9. How about some pictures for us to look at please ?
  10. My reasoning being that he is one of the few gunsmiths and dealers left that continues to specialise in side by sides (most of his stock),and being based in Scotland is always interested In quality Scottish makers . You could however be right.
  11. I am pretty sure someone like Graham Mackinly would buy that off you for more than £250 ,lovely little gun ,good luck with the sale.
  12. holloway


    Sickening truely sickening.
  13. Definitely not rice breast that looks nothing like it.
  14. I have in the past contacted Eley regarding there Bismuth shot size descrepencies ,my case involved a few BB shells that I dismantled,they all contained in my opinion smaller than bb shot my concern was as a goose shell the smaller shot could be an ethical issue. There reply was as always from Eley dismissive they stated that all shot was within the parameters of standard Bb measurements . some of the smaller shell sizes seem to have shot of different sizes mixed in .
  15. Sorry can't help with the date but intrigued by the blacking over the stamp marks ,has it been painted as it looks like it is flaking off ?
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