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  1. This thread is making me laugh ,basically there is little change in the way the new license works from the old one ,we can all read it ourselves but some here are happy to have ago at David Basc for his accurate answer. So if a court case comes up they can say "but Basc said it would be ok its all there fault " come on READ the license yourselves dont be so lazy. If a Jackdaw flies over and you kill it when you didnt have to then the choice is yours surely. Out Pheasant shooting on a quiet drive when a Pigeon flies over without thinking we kill it and the sad unfortunate bird ends up in the bag, legal or not its your choice you cant expect Basc or anyone else to tell you if its right or wrong, in my opinion it would be killing for fun the same as the Pheasants.Dont get me wrong i have done exactly this but what good has killing that one Pigeon done ? pest control ,?crop protection ?you would be hard pressed to say either in a court . Basc and the other shooting orgaisations have worked hard and successfully over the last few months they cant send people out to stand with us when we shoot we should all be able to read and understand what is written ourselves as responsible adults with shotguns i would hope so anyway.
  2. Go carefully ,my partner was given an old whiskey several years ago luckily with a wee nip already gone ,we couldnt find it anywere for less than £600 a bottle ,with the nip gone we had to drink the rest .Then we were told that the rest 4 bottles had been given away as Christmas tips to the refuse men .
  3. 1/3 of housing in the North West built before 1970 contains some lead plumbing, when someone starts to worry about this i will worry about lead shot.!
  4. Hi there if i am the first ,i will take them paypal ok?

    1. Its all just common sense isnt it ? good article.
    2. I absolutely love both of those ! who ever gets the mallard will treasure it for life.
    3. If i had an apprentice to give it to i would have !
    4. A little while ago one of the young lads that works in one of my customers yards was asking me if i had any old rasps he could have.I always have plenty knocking about so gave him a few.A month later he turns up with this knife for me as a thankyou ,made out of one of the rasps .I was impressed with his knife and his attitude.
    5. Same piece of cedar i used for the duck head .
    6. Not everyones cup of tea i know but as a change from pheasants and ducks on the top of sticks tried something completely different !
    7. Looking back at the pictures you could be right, Auctioned last night for £50 and a big thankyou to Old Farrier for the winning bid.
    8. Thanks for that ,and also thanks to the mods who have allowed this thread to carry on until now as it does really break forum rules so i am told. I think it will be deleated soon after the sale so thankyou for everyones interest, hopefully i will get the chance to post the final result.
    9. The nice thing about this is that the police would have then spoken to the complainee and advised them that they had investigated the complaint and were happy that no further action was appropriate ,as no offence was being committed .
    10. Stand added as requested by old farrier also date of auction corrected to 5th April and not 4th as previously stated.Thankyou for the bids much appreciated .
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