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  1. Ditto ,he even delivered one to me ,I always check his stock before anyone else's.The Aya of his looks good value for a cheapy. That is a very common gun ,lots about with no question marks.
  2. I think the big picture is about reducing pollution ,global warming etc manufacturers and governments signed up for it ,we are led to believe we have bought a product compliant to the long term reduction in emissions and basically it was a planned deception. If you are happy with that fair enough .
  3. Ahh that's were I remember the name from thanks fo the heads up .
  4. Depends which company you use as they all state different percentages the highest I have seen is 70% the vw emissions claim has not finished the court action yet so their cannot be any UK results .VW have lost several cases worldwide including USA and Germany they have had to pay compensation in both cases the U.K. Case against them has little if any difference so one would think the outcome would be the same. I have been looking at it the same as the ppi claims which I reclaimed without the use of a third party if Vw lose the Uk case then you should be able to claim yourself ,but this
  5. Exactly the same set up as me Fwb sport with a Nikko Stirling Tiara scope.
  6. Nobody’s perfect 👌
  7. I have followed Jacks career for what seems most of my life, early seventies at Leeds through his club management to documentaries (Jacks game)and ending with the success of the Irish job. I don't think there was a secret to his success and he was successful in every thing he did,he worked hard and had a great deal of common sense ,his autobiography is a good read and just shows what a normal everyday bloke he was. very rarely is there something worth watching on tv. , Tonight there will be.
  8. Speaking from experience,my old dog was set upon by 2 loose dogs and I could do nothing to stop them at all I may have had a chance with a stick but doubt it,I would usually have had my young son with me but on that day luckily he wasn't. If you don't get the right response from the dog owner get it reported and then at least it's on record ,I have attached a picture she ended up with lots of stitches but probably a lot worse mentally scarred.
  9. The sad thing is the whole camp must know what’s going and are all happy to say nothing.
  10. There's a surprise then ,to much to hope they get proper sentences ,does anyone know what the longest sentence ever given for these old scum is ?
  11. Ok ,looks like our interpretation differs .
  12. More reasonable advice I would have said ,taken in the spirit it was meant by the looks of it .He was looking for advice and got some.
  13. Very true words ,I had been lucky with my dogs always insured and never needed it ,until along came Buddy ,now 9 years old he has had to be stitched up twice couple of hundred each time ,then a thorn removed from his eyeball £600 (tried the old soaked teabag first till I noticed the tiny stub lodged in the pupil).started to show signs of lameness at 7yo vet recommended ct scans (very expensive ) decided it could be managed but not cured so anti inflammatory drugs for life ,sound for a year then a big relapse so scanned again (approx£2800 all in ),So decided to fully retire him and forget shoot
  14. And the Moors regularly raided south west coastal villages and towns in one case capturing a whole village and shipping them off into slavery . It has been forever thus with the human race all over the planet ,sad but true.
  15. Sgreloading in Devon. Very good as well.
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