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  1. Same piece of cedar i used for the duck head .
  2. Not everyones cup of tea i know but as a change from pheasants and ducks on the top of sticks tried something completely different !
  3. Looking back at the pictures you could be right, Auctioned last night for £50 and a big thankyou to Old Farrier for the winning bid.
  4. Thanks for that ,and also thanks to the mods who have allowed this thread to carry on until now as it does really break forum rules so i am told. I think it will be deleated soon after the sale so thankyou for everyones interest, hopefully i will get the chance to post the final result.
  5. The nice thing about this is that the police would have then spoken to the complainee and advised them that they had investigated the complaint and were happy that no further action was appropriate ,as no offence was being committed .
  6. Stand added as requested by old farrier also date of auction corrected to 5th April and not 4th as previously stated.Thankyou for the bids much appreciated .
  7. Much appreciated thankyou. If any one else wants to make a commision bid can they private message me please as i dont want to be in breach of any forum rules.(perhaps if a mod reads this they could let me know if its ok ?)
  8. Yes i can sort a display stand ,
  9. To be honest we always have 2 people bidding the same chap always wins so not much scope for a big sale ,the money will go to the Devon wildfowlers land purchase fund.Thats why i thought i would post it on here it would be good to have a wider bidding platform .Also thanks for the positive feedback.Dont forget i will post free of charge to the UK.
  10. As i said at the start this has been made for our club auction someone always buys them usually between £20 and £40 ,if anyone would like to make a commision bid send me a message i will pass it to the auctioneer on the night April 4th,i am happy to cover postage myself.sorry if i have bored anyone with this . Think maybe a Pinkfoot next year !
  11. Pleased i sorted the eyes a shame i had to paint over glass but needs be ,i will probably give it a coat of varnish as a decorative decoy i will not worry about the shine.
  12. This is my favorite bit now painting ,i use acrylics in quite thin washes so as not to gum up the texturing that i have tried to add for feathers.Trying to get a bluey green sheen in with the black but not sure i am getting what i want ,it will take several coats also the bill needs some more work. Just about there now never totally happy with the end product .
  13. Had to do something about the eyes before i went any further ! so have changed shade of yellow and reduced pupil size i always think they look a bit mental not an ideal solution but the best i could do in the circumstance.
  14. A little happier now we have got the head finished and fixed on ,i use a brass screw with the head chopped of and some epoxy resin with sawdust mixed in to fill any gaps .Happy with body shape now nice and dumpy tail relief carved and decoy tested in a tank if water ,it was front heavy so have added lead shot to the tail end which levelled it up nicely.By now i have the keel fixed on another piece of Cedar used for that .The eyes are now making me wonder if the whole thing is going to look wrong ,only a small detail but to me if the eyes aren't right its a failure.wood has now had a coat if sealer .
  15. Although this will probably never be used i like to test it in water to make sure it floats as a decoy should ,the other criteria that is important to me is that it should be tactile and try if possible to show the particular breeds own individual style and posture.Still not fixed the head on yet but thinking maybe turned to one side and a resting posture.A diving duck so tail down on the water ,starting to carve wing position and get a little definition going but i am going to have to come up with an idea for the eyes.
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