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  1. It may depend on your type of gun what will you be using ?
  2. Just been checking out the wild justice website and reading there Blog section, it seems they are not above paying their solicitor to ask Natural England for an apology for calling them disingenuous !!
  3. Its a Super x2 magnum with walnut stock and fore end lovely gun but for a long walk and lots of mud i always use my plastic sx3.
  4. just that i had the same problem with rolled turnover home loads i had to trim the cases by a few millimetres then no problem.I expect its a different problem as i am no expert.
  5. I have a 3inch sx2 and a 3 1/2 inch sx3 the sx3 is my preferred gun but it does struggle with some 1 1/8 loads where the sx2 will cycle most shells.As i never shoot 3 1/2 inch shells i thought of swapping the action springs around . When i took both the guns apart i noticed that the action spring tube on the sx2 is shorter than the sx3 so i thought the best thing to do would be to swap the whole lot tube and spring around .I cant see any reason why this shouldnt work anyone got any thoughts on this.
  6. Are the 3 1/2 inch shells reloads ?
  7. holloway


    Go on ebay and find a pair of Swift Saratogas in good condition top quality Jap vintage optics.
  8. Well it looks ok but for how long ?
  9. Thanks for the info on chrome content i sent it off to Dan Bromley and they had a couple of attempts but in the end sent them back.They had however removed the pitting back to clean steel so thats a job i dont have to do.l was. Very imressed with Dans service and he wouldn't take any money not even for the postage .
  10. I have had several sxs over the years but none for a while .i think i became interested in this Skb 200E when someone on this forum mentioned how well made they were. Jap built fixed choke 1/4 and 1/2 with 2 3/4 inch chambers .It has chrome lined tubes and a single trigger a 28 inch barrell with selector button in front of the trigger . I did fire it once last season killing a Canada goose with my only shot using a clever mirage steel shell.I found it in the last but one Holts sealed bid auction i think i paid £130 For it and a Lincoln o/u which i quickly gave away .The condition appeared very lightly used but sadly the outside of the tubes were badly pitted i reckoned they would tidy up ok so sent them off for reblacking and was very surprised when they came back as being the first set of barrels in 40 years that would just not change colour.So i decided to give them a coat of Duracoat as a cheap option not ideal i know but i have been meaning to try the stuff for a while .i will post a picture when they are done.
  11. holloway

    lost springer

    Someone will be frantic somewhere.Well done for catching her.
  12. That all makes sense ,i did replace both the pins whilst i tried to figure it out i will try to compress the spring ,many thanks for that.
  13. I have just been given this air rifle and thought i would see if i could renew the mainspring .The question is how do i get the trigger unit out to gain access to the spring ? i have removed the 2 pins holding everything in place at the back of the cylinder and still cant see how it comes out .Do i need to take the trigger unit apart ?. Any help welcome .
  14. That is a bargain !! an exact copy of that one was sold at auction probably 2 years back (maybe the same one ) for 5k, quality always sells .
  15. This thread is making me laugh ,basically there is little change in the way the new license works from the old one ,we can all read it ourselves but some here are happy to have ago at David Basc for his accurate answer. So if a court case comes up they can say "but Basc said it would be ok its all there fault " come on READ the license yourselves dont be so lazy. If a Jackdaw flies over and you kill it when you didnt have to then the choice is yours surely. Out Pheasant shooting on a quiet drive when a Pigeon flies over without thinking we kill it and the sad unfortunate bird ends up in the bag, legal or not its your choice you cant expect Basc or anyone else to tell you if its right or wrong, in my opinion it would be killing for fun the same as the Pheasants.Dont get me wrong i have done exactly this but what good has killing that one Pigeon done ? pest control ,?crop protection ?you would be hard pressed to say either in a court . Basc and the other shooting orgaisations have worked hard and successfully over the last few months they cant send people out to stand with us when we shoot we should all be able to read and understand what is written ourselves as responsible adults with shotguns i would hope so anyway.
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