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  1. Is that what they call skelp ? It looks different to the usual Damascus or just a different Damascus process ?
  2. No better smell than freshly baked bread when you walk in the house ,your family are very lucky !
  3. New ATA money no comparison is there .I was talking to a dealer the other day and he told me 20 years ago he could sell as many of the old classic Winchesters as he could get his hands on but now there are fewer people left who remember how good they were ,people would rather have a 12 month guarantee still it's there loss .My favourite is the 5500 in the same spec as your 6500 basically a game version absolutely superb gun ,I have had both versions with the 28 inch barrels and they just weren't the same.
  4. Best handling sporter ever most sought after spec 30 inch m/c nice adjustable trigger .And I bet you didn't have to remor tgage the house either , a million times better than most of the cheap Turkish junk we se today .A man of good taste .
  5. holloway


    The Royal college guidance to vets is that unlike the first lockdown when it was emergencies only they can now work on routine stuff if covid restrictions are in place (which they should be by now)
  6. But how can that be steel isn't any good is it ? surely you need at east 2 oz of treble bb and reduce your range to 12 yards or the shot will just bounce of ,inhumane rubbish . But seriously great morning and super picture a lot of us down here getting jealous !,
  7. holloway


    Sadly I think they have all gone.
  8. How about a real classic Fwb 127 sport like this one.
  9. Had some lime wood left from another project so came up with these two for a bit of a change.
  10. holloway


    Where did you hear that ? I can't find anything on it.
  11. I can recommend a Winchester lightweight game 3 inch chamber handle like a dream ,a lot for sale on gun trader I have had several they are super reliable just look for a lightly used original one with multi chokes ,I had one steel proof tested years ago when steel first came out never bothered with the next few I bought. A nice super grade would have nice wood and engraving . Made for the job don't listen to all the rubbish about getting spares I never had a problem in 30 years.
  12. I have used both pet plan and Tesco in the past both have paid without question when required , I think it's a case of trawling through and working out what level of cover is required.The more cover you want the more you will pay and the more you claim the more the premium will go up the next year.If you want to pay less then the excess will be more it's all a balancing act really.
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