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  1. I have just seen one of these advertised and can't ever recall seeing or hearing of one before ,anyone had one or know anything about them ? Apparently they had a fibre composite barrel.
  2. The manual clearly states shells of 70mm at least ,nothing wrong with the gun I suspect just bin the 67mm and try the right size some guns you can get away with it ,yours doesn't look like it does.
  3. No nor me interested to have that one expanded.maybe a typo should have been loved ?
  4. Size 5 ? What sort of shot are you looking for.
  5. Sorry can't help but I am sharing your experience,taking it slow and trying to not get stressed by it,some great blokes (and ladies ) with lots of experience on the forum so I will watch with interest.Good luck with it.
  6. I was warned not to do it years ago , Something about volume and density difference I loaded my own using a blue dot recipe.
  7. Oh ....ok sorry I will try harder.
  8. He seems to have a problem with it doesn't he. Nothing to do with etiquette it's common sense isn't it ?
  9. Which is your dominant eye ,and are you right or left handed ?
  10. My first springer was a 7 month old free to a good home job,she had a full tail ,very quickly it got damaged the vet took the last 3 inches off ,and we never had any more problems but the healing process after the op is a complete nightmare,the vet suggested that I tried to stop her wagging it until it was fully mended .(no I'm not joking he really did.)
  11. Watch without shooting for a night or two check out were the feathers are at there thickest ,,then try to get into position looking into the fading light to give you the best chance . Good luck ,let us know how it goes ,some of the best shooting you can get.
  12. As steel patterns tighter than lead you may find your full choke more like extra full.That would be my only concern.
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