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  1. All mail now answered
  2. Sadly i hardly ever used it a real waste, so time for a clearout .
  3. Do you come up towards bournemouth at all? would like the gun.

    1. modern winchester date of manufactor

      What model ? type o/u semi side by side ? lots of chaps on here will be able to help with this i suspect .
    2. Casterating working dogs

      This +1
    3. Game bag

      Hi there i picked up one of these at a car boot a few months back ,very well made and i thought it was a Brady until i found the label.Cant see why it wouldnt last .
    4. SX3 barrel

      Sportsmans gun centre has a 28 inch one for £125 Exeter way
    5. Basc dual subs

      This is a subject that has begun to irritate me ,as both of the clubs that i belong to insist that you join Basc through the club. So why then is the duplicate membership money not automatically returned ? if you dont ask for it back you dont get it back this is wrong . I contacted them about 3 weeks ago no answer annd no refund so far .Tried again today using the membership hotline will see what happens .There must be hundreds who forget to contact them so the money stays with them .
    6. Stock refinish and tart up

      Why would you leave the wood as it was when you can do that to it ,nice job .
    7. Cartridges

      what caliber are they ?
    8. Solway greylag goose caller

      ok sorry my mistake
    9. Solway greylag goose caller

      Solway calls Greylag just listed on ebay £62 at the moment.
    10. Coast to Coast

      Just remember the quiet flights probably wouldnt make the dvd , takes a good few hours worth to fill the dvd up with action.Maybe gives a slightly false view on everyday wildfowling.After all who would sit through 3 or 4 blank flights.
    11. Nobel Glasgow No.80 powder

      Very good powder ,i think i saw on another thread that Harkom has the Nobel 80 pamphlet it has the data on it i think .If you ask him he may be able to help you out.