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  1. Just let you into a little secret .....but keep it to yourself....everyone already knows that lead is toxic that is the point i think .
  2. holloway


    holts have one in the next sealed bid sale
  3. Just been listening to a local gun shop owner complaining that second hand gun sales are slow ,this after i checked out his used stock and was amazed to see a very tired old SKB 200E on his shelf priced at £950 !!! is it me?
  4. Same heads up , they had a gun of mine when they moved premises i wouldnt go back to them(2 months is nothing)
  5. As i dont think anyone has suggested them in this thread how about keeping an eye out for a good condition Winchester 6500 with multi choked 30 inch barrels ?outstanding biild quality and balance.Used by Smoker Smith to great effect.The 5500 is basically the same gun.You can still find some sleepers out there.
  6. i had one and had the chamber changed to 3 ins sold it on again nice gun just didnt suit me.
  7. Hi Jim do you mind if i pick your brains on the sx2 ? as you see i have been in the process of selling one it is fairly unused i have probably shot 80 shells through it and the owner before me probably less.

    Now i never had a jam or problem with it dry cycling or live fireing i used a 70mm 32 gram shell .

    The chap who has just bought it tried it today and said the shells get jammed every time live or dry firing he was using a 32gram 67mm shell, could that be the issue ? i have said i will take it back but asked him to try with at least 70mm shells as i know Winchester state to use 70 to 76mm in this model.He seems like a great chap and was brilliant and easy to deal with so there is no aggro.I spoke with my local gunshop today and they said he should use at least 70mm shells.I dont want to put any of this on the forum in case i offend him and also because i had 2 others waiting to buy it so i dont want people thinking its duff (obviously i wouldnt try to sell it if it was ) what do you think ?

    1. gun prospectively sold ,sorry to the others maybe i should of asked for more but i will stand by the price stated.
    2. They arent that common same build quality as the o/u japanese, an identicle model just went at the Holts sealed bid auction for £400 plus commision it was in nowere near as good condition as that one.
    3. Why dont you look at the SKB in private sales single trigger ejector perfect and good quality.you might be able to get the price down a bit .
    4. Barrell blacker without doubt contact him on facebook and he will tell you how to post very helpful.
    5. But if we are seeing them surely they are lost !
    6. thanks for the replies having a think as what to get next ,only really wanted for fowling and maybe a few pigeons also a pet ,always had springers but wondered if a lab might suit better .Never had a lab and probably easier to go with what i know ,also looked at Clumber cross springer, lab cross springer just thinking aloud really.My present dog (springer ) who i would never part with has been struggling with lameness due to poor confirmation of his elbows leading to unrepairable damage in both..I would like him to go steady and look after himself but .....I am leaning towards pure Lab but i do love a nice stocky Springer.My springer has no issues with even the biggest Canada goose although i have heard that some struggle .Any more thoughts appreciated.
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