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  1. I think you will find that if you are a Basc member and contact them they will answer your questions.
  2. If you have a look through the forum this has all been disscussed over the last 6 months or so endlessly.
  3. Bromley and son would be a good choice first class work not over priced and you could send yourself .(they are on facebook)
  4. Pretty sure John with have some look up shotgun reloading website.
  5. yes i know not at all fashionable on this forum.!! but it works for me.
  6. Think you’re right can’t do much else. Thanks for that looks like Chambers have most of the stuff I need.
  7. Not had much to do with air rifles since i was a kid but i do remember lusting after the Fwd sport ,so on a whim i thought that i had a bargain with this one ,i didnt really look at the pictures or ask the owner any questions ,so this is what turned up unseen.First thing i noticed was the stock its all sound but what a mess the checkering is now , anyway i cant make it any worse really can i ?The blueing needs re doing and it looks like it has had a hard life. It won,t always cock and the safety doesn,t work ,the trigger feels sort of loose and floppy although it will tighten up a bit with the screw adjustment, any ideas on what the problem might be ,the two springs in the unit look a bit tired ? I have taken it all apart ready to find some new bits for the internals spring ,seals etc ,not really interested in changing anything just thinking of putting it back to how it was can i still get original parts ? Any advice really welcome .
  8. Sorry I lost you, just speak to any wildfowler who has been using steel for years ,you can reduce the shot load fire lighter loads faster ,they don’t have to be mega fast ,in my experience the faster the cartridge the worse the patterns,I loaded some 1700 FPS shells thinking they would be the bees knees the recoil was awful and the patterns dire so never bothered against.Avoid heavy loads at all times it’s not necessary with steel.
  9. Yes of course agreed as you point out the bigger picture is the toxicity of lead full stop, my post targets my own personal concerns over lead shot used by shotguns.and ensuring I don’t add to it myself ,ingestion of bullets by birds was obviously a little tongue in cheek.
  10. Sorry mate what I am saying is I have no experience so can’t comment on firearms I just think that many panic and get very negative .For me a more positive attitude works better we have travelled to space and back surely lead shot /bullets should be solvable,I have resolved any issues I had with it all anyway.
  11. I am sure that inside 5 years wads will become available as will shop bought cartridges, as for larger shot use and more recoil and worse patterns simply nonsense it can be soft on the shoulder lower recoil and better patterning especially with smaller shot . Good point
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