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  1. Basc has good info on there website,construction advice and situation placement etc .search Basc duck nest tube,
  2. There is still a gunshop at Heavytree Exeter ,not sure of ownership now though ,nice gun good luck with the sale.
  3. That Black walnut is going to look exceptional when it’s finished ,a lovely idea for a stick and a really worthwhile reason for making it in the first place ,they will treasure that for life brilliant.!
  4. I had one of these good solid workhorse ,mine had 3 inch chambers as well ,thoughtful offer.
  5. You will find that you do not need so much choke with steel as it seems to pattern tighter. Nice to read an honest review sensibly done.
  6. Someone can certainly shoot ! I can’t see a pellet hole in any of the woodcock ,bet it was a cracking day out .
  7. Sorry didn’t update this ,no longer available.
  8. Anyone got first hand knowledge on the situation in this area, I have some friends booked to go goose shooting at start of February, they are getting ridiculously varied reports, from there being no problems at all (this I find hard to believe) to hundreds of Barnies being washed up on every tide .My view would be that there can be little difference between Caerlaverock and Wigtown.
  9. Is anyone in a position to give an accurate picture of the bird flu situation in the Wigtown area ,I imagine myself it is similar to Caerlaverock , The trouble is there seems to be conflicting views from hundreds coming in dead on each tide to there Is no sign of it at all surely these people are in denial ,has anyone got first hand knowledge?
  10. He clearly hasn’t seen the relevant page , it’s all Bascs fault clearly .
  11. I was helping a friend clear his aunties attic after she had died ,he said he had already taken anything of value but I insisted on going up and looking myself. ”what about these stamp albums in the trunk I shouted down “ seen those he replied no good they are all old ones ! Take ‘em if you want them. I did offer him some money I couldn’t just take them ,all commonwealth from way back still got some left but most were sold off spent days going through them hours of fun, no good they are really old ,that makes me smile to this day .
  12. Not as sharp as he used to be since he retired.
  13. It’s on the Basc website and has been for ages I’ve been following from the start ! Why have you posted there is nothing on there website ?
  14. Yes a person has caught it near where I live ,he or she was in close contact with captive birds the human case had no symptoms.
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