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  1. I got one for wildfowling and love it so simple and practical (and cheap)
  2. I live in Altbergs tough and very comfortable.
  3. If I remember in the early days there were some very poor commercial loads available sadly this has tainted some people’s opinion of steel shot for life it seems and done a lot of harm. I believe both Eley and Lyalvale we’re guilty of producing some awful first attempts,I remember having my card marked by some of our more experienced club members on what to avoid.Because they were rubbish I presume they sold badly ,better loads were produced and now the standards are very good I would say.(just need the commercial bio degradable )necessity being the mother of invention it will happen.
  4. holloway

    Duck guns

    I have had a couple of these but the 101 waterfowl always seemed to handle better .prices seem to have come down lately real quality for under £500 if you can find one that’s not been worked too hard .
  5. All stuff that needs doing ,education of the ignorant is never wasted well done.
  6. Just a word of warning I sent an old 10 bore off for reproofing once via a gunsmith, it came back stamped 2 5/8 inch when I knew it was 2 7/8 as I had already taken a chamber cast .Not sure where the mistake was made but proof house agreed it was wrong and restamped it correctly.
  7. Pretty sure John has the ballistic product one for £9 at shotgun reloading .co.uk
  8. Basc are still providing insurance with their membership were did you hear they weren’t?
  9. What sort of power were they designed for as new? Compared with todays springers.
  10. Like hens teeth anyone got one lurking in the cabinet?
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