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  1. holloway

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    Couldnt agree more ,i saw a post on facebook the other week were a fowler was shooting at one of my favorite spots on a Scottish river happy as Larry because they had put 17 in the bag on their first morning (Pinks that is ) ,that was between 3 with the rest of the week to go. It is a spot were you can always bag a goose so no skill required really and i know they werent doing anything illegal i could have filled my boots there many a time but never felt the need to . The post disappeared very quickly from the page ,someone told me the writer had something to do with one of the shooting organisations.The thing is why post it and then remove it ? maybe felt a little embarrassed or certainly didnt feel that proud afterwards did he ?
  2. holloway

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    It would be interesting to hear if we are still seeing the same number of fowlers out especially in the historical hotspots i know there will always be the old diehards but are numbers decreasing ?What have you noticed this season ?
  3. holloway

    Sx3 spring strength

    Thanks for the answers i have been using the gun with 36 gram steel loads for the geese so its not a problem ,just trying to understand why two springs are so different i will leave it as it is .
  4. holloway

    Sx3 spring strength

    Would appreciate some views on my winchester sx3 .I have two springs for it (the long ones that fill the rod in the stock.)The one that came with the gun which was brought second hand is the longer and a lot stronger of the two ,i find that with this one in the gun becomes a little fussy with shells that are under 32g.the other spring is slightly shorter and a lot easier to compress if i fitted this one would lighter shells cycle easier ?It is a 3 1/2 inch chamber gun .I bought the lighter spring on a whim like yiu do as a spare but was surprised how different they were.
  5. holloway

    Miroku 6000 TR-V 12 gauge

    Grade 5 for £800 !!!
  6. holloway

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    I appreciate all cases are different and it sounds like your customer was being dishonest but this gun was purchased in good faith as a gun that works as it should ,it double discharged on the only 2 occasions that he fired it on Tuesday morning ,he was not lying he was not trying to pull a fast one or rent a gun for the day and he was made to feel like a lying scammer by the shop salesman he sat out the rest of the flights with binoculars only.
  7. holloway

    Alliant Steel Powder

    I used this load for the first time on geese last week and it is brilliant thankyou all for posting it .( out of interest does anyone what pressure it runs at )
  8. holloway

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    Gun shop should know that
  9. holloway

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    They shouldnt sell it until it has been tested it HAS to be fired.
  10. holloway

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    I see what you are saying but a dress isnt really a health hazard is it,and if it was the case he certainly would have finished his weeks shooting wouldnt he .I have noticed that this particular shop seems to advertise a lot of customer gun sales sold as seen, this was not the case here luckily.Put another way if you had a gun returned would you not be mightily relieved that someone brought it back and had managed to avoid injury to themselves ? Or would you rather they said nothing to you and started legal proceedings for injuries sustained. Have just checked there sales list and out of 39 guns advertised 23 sold as on the behalf of a customer with no warranty ! asking for aggro in my opinion.
  11. Whilst up in Scotland last week a friend discovered a problem with his shotgun which meant he couldnt use it safely.Not wanting to sit out the rest of the week gunless he decided to seek a cheepy for the rest of the week . A 3 inch Zabala was quickly found in a local gun shop for £180 a bit rough but still tight, the shop owner wouldnt budge on the price even saying it was worth £100 more.The deal was done and the next morning a chance arose to test the gun on a low goose .It is here that the problems started, both barrels discharged at once causing a great deal of discomfort and alarm to the new owner .Half an hour later another chance arrived the result was the same both barrels going off at the same time. Needless to say it was straight back to the shop to see what they had to say about the bargain gun ,not a problem we will send it away and get it looked at he said.My friend wanted to return the gun and get his money back he,d had a nasty shock a very bruised shoulder and cheek bone and to my mind was well within his rights to demand his money back. The dealer seemed reluctant at first suggesting rudely that the buyer had merely been" renting" the gun for the morning flight .Agreeing to return the money only when the safety aspect was layed on even then with poor grace . Do you think that the buyer was within his rights to demand his money back ? or should he have allowed the dealer to send it away for repair ?Either way the attitude was awfull.
  12. holloway

    Winchester 6500 Sporter

    The gun room in Ivybridge to my memory has 2 but they may be 28 inch they are on guntrader.
  13. holloway

    DVDs, mostly wildfowling

    fowl play 1 ,2 and 3 please, you have mail
  14. Dont worry about pictures for me as i have owned just about every one of these old classics but better ones of the action may help to sell it .I post only to try to educate the many who would not look at this twice yet would happily buy a revo ,hatsan ata or some of the other cheap Turkish stuff (other cheap countries guns are available). To make this today it would be well over £1000 probably nearer £2000 30 years old probably never gone wrong and probably never will.All for £475, trouble is with a new ATA you can get 12 months warranty makes you laugh dont it !