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  1. Not having much success finding someone to put another ridge tile on the roof.
  2. I didn’t think it was dear to be honest, I just think that gun selling is hard work at the moment.Good luck with it.
  3. Nobody is disputing that lead will always outperform steel but loaded correctly steel has its advantages and is effective, Alliant steel is not an old lead powder if you study any basic reloading manual you will see that the pressures produced by some of the old lead magnum powders is far too high there is no way you can increase the speed without causing dangerously high pressures the laws of physics can’t change just because you call it a steel powder. If you check through all reloading data you will see that specialist steel powders consistently have the highest speeds with the lowest and safest pressures .Having said all of that I have used blue dot and Hs6 to good effect but with them the pressures start to creep up.
  4. Unless I have missed it ,nobody has mentioned the fact that an efficient steel load is launched at a greater speed than lead ,this is what evens out the pellet size variables hence the new powders specially designed to maintain high speed with low pressure the old powders were fine for lead but not perfect for steel .The launch speed difference mostly evens out the performance ,tweak pellet size a little and you can’t tell the difference.
  5. So the legal expense cover wasn’t needed ? Quite a good reason to stick with Basc I would say .
  6. They are just a medium for selling it’s just ads.
  7. If you are going down the route of repriming old cartridges I can let you have some primers to get you started also some unprimed new hulls free of charge .
  8. I really like that ,how long have you been carving? What sort of wood is it ?
  9. Are you saying that Basc stepped in and sorted the problem or that the legal insurance was needed to sort the problem ,did it go to court ?
  10. You will struggle to convince the game shooting dinosaurs on this forum Tony ,steel can be better than lead proven by wildfowlers all over the country ,shells have now evolved out of all recognition to what they sold us years ago .
  11. Never heard that one ,sent to the proof house it will pass or fail simple as that ,no way of pre testing for suitability as far as I know ,but happy to be enlightened, sounds like another of these gun shops that know nothing about guns.
  12. Trouble is there are so many different things to consider one pellet may still have the penetration at a certain distance but perhaps by then the pattern has failed.Then of course what about going up a few sizes for maximum range bb or ones increase charge weight to one and half oz game shooters don’t but it would have been standard on the foreshore. Then of course the human factor and ability of the individual shooter. some of the old books byGreener ,Gough Thomas etc have done the subject extensively.
  13. If not loading many just get new primed hulls no resizing needed so much easier.
  14. The essentials are scales ,and a rto machine or roller for a drill ,Blue dot powder or long shot, good powders ,John at shotgun reloading south Brent will have all you need ,and reloading data. For fowling you will probably be ok without a loader .
  15. Not really ,just a personal opinion, many are happy to blast away at out of range quarry, killing a few ,crippling a few more and missing most you will never change them ,if they are happy it’s up to them. Good to hear a positive review on the Eley eco steel.
  16. Shooting live quarry at extreme range in my opinion is unethical if the target was a clay fine live quarry no . why do you think there are wardens checking on long range shooting (cowboys) on the wardened wild fowling areas Caerlaverock Wigtown etc.. Because they want to see shooting continue there that’s why. I have counted the shots at Ladyhall 38 shots for 1 pricked goose that planed down miles out on the sand. My opinion of course and many will disagree they are of course entitled to.
  17. Extreme bird shooting finished with steel , excellent ! all good then.
  18. There is a chance that as with a local murderer who was locked up for 18 years and then released ,who then breached his release terms by stalking another woman ,he was recalled to prison but only for 28 days or so . So it could be temporary especially if no offence has been committed.sadly.
  19. Yes my mistake I think your right ,I really hope it helps him recover from his ordeal !
  20. Whats to gain ? A five figure payout ?
  21. That sounds all very depressing Dave what’s the outlook for the rest of the seasons fowling ? Bleak ?
  22. How deeply embarrassed he must feel, there seems to be double standards at play here. I sincerely hope that the media channels give this little revelation as much coverage as they have his own racist experience in the interest of fairness.But I somewhat doubt it.
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