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    But he shot it in the body so it took a few minetes to die, bignole was saying about shooting the fox straight in the head so it would die instantly Plus a dog is a pet a fox is vermin
  2. mi was only asking as my staffy nearly catches rabbits all the time but they make it to their burrows he jets bout 5 foot away then they just dive in
  3. why not sell the phone on ebay and then you get a wedge to go looking for a rifle
  4. pierre


    Looks like you had some cleaning to do aswell
  5. pierre


    surely if you are in a very populated area and you need to kill the fox without any fear of rickosa and it kills the fox out right then you have probaly done the best thing
  6. pierre


    hope you have a good day
  7. ok im fed up of this Whateva people think i belive that they are one of the best dogs around for a family my little niece plays with him all the time and she is only 3 and no1 batters an eyelid
  8. Sorry i did'nt realise that staffys are the only dogs to ever attack anybody not all dogs are good what eva the breed
  9. still a long way from my original posting but every1 has their own point of view even if it is blind
  10. no it was very polite and i know who you mean
  11. looks like you just had bad luck anyway supose like most thigs it a topic like marmite i just wounderd if they would be good in the feild on as mine has nearly caught a few rabbits and they have a bit of terrier in them Sorry to hear that you have had bad experince's with staffys
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    good luck with sgc waiting for my referee to fill out their bit so i can send off for mine Nice to see some pep's from surrey
  13. Thank you my point exactly
  14. Anyway this has come a long way from what my original posting was about
  15. i dont fight with weapons drop the gun and get stuck in if needed
  16. nice one windknot for giving her a go
  17. if you came toward me giving it large he would have you but you walk over calmly then you aint got a problem the dog is doing wot it would do in the wild he feals that he is protecting his pack (family) it is simply in a dogs nature to do this so yes i am proud to own a dog that would protect me or my girlfriend she aint afraid to walk to a black alley with him as she know she is safe!!!
  18. thats down to the owner then my dog is brilliant with other dogs and people unless he thinks that they are a threat to my family or him then they have to watch out
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