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  1. Thanks for watching! Self filming can be frustrating Duffryn...
  2. Thanks. I am Polish and grew up with this hunting tradition, this is what my father showed me and what we did on all driven hunts. I just continue the tradition.
  3. Yes it was a reloaded ammo, maybe not enough powder lol Thanks for watching
  4. It is not slowed down just unusual conditions I guess to see the bullet go. It was a .308 and 180gr bullet at about 100m.
  5. Finally had some frost and went out after hinds before the end of the season (15th Jan here in Poland for hinds and does) Bumped on two different groups and eventually got one hind that looked to be not in the best shape. Hope you enjoy it.
  6. It makes sense in a scenery like that especially for red deer. These branches allow you to move a bit without being noticed although that doe knew from the start where to look and that something was up
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