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  1. The world has only got ten weeks worth of wheat left and Ukraine has not got a crop in the field for next year. Then there will be a global food shortage Germany is preparing for gas rationing. Fuel shortages are predicted for diesel for the rest of the year We are about to start a trade war with the EU Things can only get worse. That's not being pessimistic that's a fact It's only a matter of time before the great unwashed cotton on and start panic buying toilet rolls
  2. We compete against shooters from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada India etc every year in The Queens at Bisley They are not going to come if they can't use their ammunition. The perceived wisdom suggests that faster twist barrels are needed for lead free bullets. How many people are going to shell out a grand for a new barrel if there is no guarantee it will work? These people are not going to compete with second best. Its not in their DNA. They spend a lot of money and time competing. They don't say oh well we are all in the same boat now The serious. 22 shooters use Eley Tenex and a lot of clubs have outdoor ranges still. Is there anything of that standard in the lead free ?
  3. I've got some that I've picked up off the battle field at Verdun years ago. They didn't stick with them for that long but you raise an interesting question. I believe they were cast. But the ammunition required for an infantry soldier doesn't need to be that accurate. Good point though
  4. No I'm not telling you because you will phone him up and start asking him questions. I know what you are like, I've been warned about you in the past
  5. Target shooting is much longer distances. Bisley goes out to 1200 yds although 600 is more popular. To be V bull accurate you really want to be grouping around 4 to 6 inches at 600 yds consistently Barton Road is the same Millpool ranges are 600 yds but the cross winds are a killer because its exposed. That's the other thing, non lead bullets are longer because they are less dense. So crosswinds have more effect People also say that rifles tend to be more fussy about copper bullets and loads have to be worked up A lot of our club shooters are not going to pay double or treble the price for their ammo. That's if they can get it which is also in doubt. The way that copper or zinc bullets are made doesn't lend itself to high volumes of production. And they can't be made on the existing machines being used at present. So will supply meet demand Are the ammo makers going to spend the money on new machines and gear up? Or will they just say the market doesn't justify it?
  6. That's interesting, what sort of distance are you talking about? And what price ?
  7. No but the price of non lead is much higher than lead based ammo and the turnover comes from selling ammo and components to the target shooters who will go out and shoot fifty rounds in a morning on the ranges. Not the deer shooter who may buy one box a year Also the general view is that lead free ammo isn't accurate enough for target shooting when scores matter in a competition The business is hard now, everything is in short supply as it is.
  8. Yes he will. I think he is struggling now so the loss of any more business will tip him over
  9. My friend who is an RFD but also a very clever bloke and very aware of the bigger industry issues says this Lead free centre fire ammo Forget it the market is too small for the manufacturers to be interested and the importers to put up the money because the demand has collapsed. 22 lead free Basically dead in the water. It's rubbish
  10. They would do more for environment by banning plastic wads and cartridges. But as I keep saying to anybody who will listen The environment is NOT the job of the HSE Why are they sticking their noses in when it's none of their business?
  11. Society is as fragile as a soap bubble. Putin doesn't have to send over any missiles. All he has to do is cut off the gas supply and Europe will slowly start to collapse. So will their solidarity
  12. In Hertfordshire at a place called Cupid Green a dairy farmer built a clay layout on his farm. It was all shot over the fields where his cattle grazed and it was let out to different groups and clubs. We rented it one Sunday a month but it got a lot of use over many many years from all the clubs that booked it. The milk marketing board was always aware of the shooting and used to do extra monitoring of the farm's milk for lead They never found an elevated trace of lead in the milk.
  13. You have to wonder whether the importers knew what was coming with the lead ban and just though it wasn't worth the risk of restocking?
  14. It's extremely interesting that these proposals are coming from the Health and Safety executive. Their remit covers health and safety in the workplace. It doesn't cover the Environment or Food Standards. Both of which are separate Agencies. Very strange, what's it to them?
  15. Let's be honest you can't give away a shotgun at the moment. Our local gunshop won't even take them in for free just to get them off your certificate because he says he has no room and nobody is buying.
  16. Lead occurs naturally in the UK and in large amounts. The Romans mined it extensively and there were still at least eight working mines in Cornwall in the 1700s. It's still mined today in the Pennines region. How does this legislation make sense? Where is the great environmental disaster?
  17. More to the point where are you going to be able to buy it from? This will finish off most of the gun shops
  18. "everybody" knows you can make money out of bitcoin. That's the story that keeps getting rammed down people's throats. Adverts in the papers, adverts on the train etc You may wonder why so many people are so very keen to keep pushing the narrative? answer that one and see it for what it really is
  19. I'm told its not bad but about £9 a box at the moment, Hopefully that will come down. Its a much lighter bullet though so prospects for long range accuracy is not good. what firing zinc bullets is going to do to the barrel over time remains to be seen.
  20. I belong to several clubs and the average age is over 50. well over in some instances. More significantly in some ways, all the committee members are getting on. Mostly because there is nobody willing to take over from them
  21. I think Clangerman means rough shooters rather than game shooters. The sort of people who go out to put food on the table
  22. Which is all of them
  23. There was a man on BBC who seemed to know what he was talking about. He explained very well how crypto currencies worked (or rather how they don't work) Its basically flim flam, but as long as enough people still believe the flim flam it works. When they stop believing the flim flam then its in trouble.
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