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  1. Elderkins used to import a lot of 16bore shotguns from Europe and advertise them in shooting times
  2. They average mobile has something like a hundred thousand times the processing capacity of any of the Apollo Space rockets entire capability
  3. Vince Green


    Thats all pest controllers can do, their hands are tied. They haven't got FACs and if they had they wouldn't be allowed to keep their guns in their van all day. They have no legal way of economically disposing of the dead fox so a short drive and goodbye Charlie . This is how much things have changed. I am old enough to remember when the official recommendation was drown them in a rain butt. And we did
  4. Vince Green


    If you are going to trap it just drive it five miles up the road and let it go
  5. same with me going back and forwarg to Cornwall
  6. Why would I want to do that? Life is too short Henry
  7. I disagree with you. Once a person is granted amnesty/ unconditional leave to remain in any EU country they enjoy all the rights of any other EU citizen.
  8. There was someone on Guntrader advertising an air rifle I wanted very much and I know he was advertising several other air rifles. Sent him a couple of messages but never got a reply back
  9. It doesn't make a massive amount of difference because if Italy granted them all assylum immediately, just rubber stamped everybody.. Once its granted they can then legally move to Germany or Sweden under freedom of movement. However, that doesn't apply to Britain any more.
  10. The countries have wised up to this long ago and make sure they are given no documentation that can be used to prove they ever passed through
  11. Point of order Mr chairman we pay them millions of pounds to pay for extra patrols. Nobody said anything about the extra patrols stopping the boats. We were just stupid to think thats what the patrols would be doing.
  12. and when some of them failed to go off they flew technicians out there to recalibrate them.
  13. Its totally portable, you can use it anywhere, it doesn't have to be bolted down.
  14. I used a Wamadet, IMO best press ever made. It took me ages to find one,
  15. If you headed them a lot back in the day there is a fair chance you won't be remembering much at all by now, not even your name
  16. Gordon you mistake the words "THE" court system and "A" court System. In America there are hundreds of courts and hundreds of Judges. Many Judges are unqualified but just locally elected lay people able to perform marriages and witness mortgage applications and passports. Oh yes and they can file papers, as this one has done. Most of them are publicity hungry because they want to get re-elected and keep their name in the public eye. I think Andrew is a grade 1 industrial strength arrogant **** head plonker but a court appearance would be a mega mistake It would be a public crucifiction by the media with absolutely no possibility of the truth ever coming out, What ever the truth may be? He would be mad to step into that media cess pit
  17. They are after dirt on Epstein and his connection with an ex president.( Possibly more than one ex president) Epstein was essencially a pimp, a facilitator (by any other name) to some very influential people but what was he getting in return? He wasn't doing it all for nothing, and did he really hang himself in prison?
  18. She wasn't a child, thats the whole point They other key point is that she and her lawyer were only ever after money, not some form of punishment or retribution against PA. And they have changed their story to say it now happened in Manhatten as well as London
  19. Thats a shame, Morrison's breakfasts used to be really good
  20. Its a world wide problem, very few politicians could run a chip shop on Blackpool front. Lets not forget however that in Britain the benefits system didn't just happen, it was carefully constructed by New Labour. Gordon Brown principally, social engineering at its worst. The aim was to deliberately create a benefits dependent underclass who will always have to vote Labour. You have to say he succeeded.
  21. There is a very thin line between cant work and wont work. For a lot of people they would have to be absolutely barking mad to come off benefits and get a job. Partly because the minimum wage zero hours contract seasonal jobs offer no security Why would you spend 12 hours a day cleaning holiday caravans in Cormwall for less money than you can get sitting on your fanny watching breakfast TV?
  22. My mate Gordon is into boats and he always used to say as soon as there is any sort of economic downturn boats pour onto the market. Luxury items that can be turned into cash are the first to go and spending on luxury goods dries up. One club that I belong to has lost a quarter of its members already, it will be interesting to see how many more fail to renew this coming January.
  23. And the girl involved is probably already signed up for a book deal and sold the film rights. As you say, he is totally stuffed
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