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  1. It needs bleaching and properly mounting to bring it to its full visual potential.
  2. Ok rob message me your details again please 👍
  3. A twelve point Red stag full head for sale. Exceptionally well coloured and detailed pearling. Should make a bronze if presented and measured by the cic trophy commission. Ideal for a shooting room, hunting cabin or a must for any man cave. For sale £120 https://i.ibb.co/xhvHp6d/20191030-103932.jpg https://ibb.co/xHz2Pt7
  4. Antler forks ideal for that stick making project you have planned £5.50 each plus second class postage. https://i.ibb.co/xhvHp6d/20191030-103932.jpg
  5. A stag to remember then Archie. I just hope your drag was all down hill..
  6. You sure can Lindz . Its always nice to deal with returning customers. Message me your address again please and ill get them posted off tomorrow for you.
  7. Large antler pet chews £4.50 each plus second class postage. https://i.ibb.co/7Kjbftc/20190826-153008.jpg https://ibb.co/qp7xSYG
  8. Here we have some early season antler chews. Still in velvet so not quite so hard wearing on the dogs teeth. Full of nutrition and a compliment to any dogs working condition. £4.50 each plus postage..
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