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  1. Christian Sutton

    DIY red

    That sounds about right (70kg) for the age and time of year.. Over the years ive seen some very over exaggerated guesstimates from the self proclaimed semi pro`s believe me. Staggies in there second year like yours vary quite a lot in larder weight, anything from and between 60kg-87kg.
  2. Christian Sutton

    DIY red

    I can't give you a definitive answer to your question Moorman. There's too many factors that play a part in a Deers physical condition. But what I will say is that there at peak weight approximately September time. Those other 5 will stay in that proximity (If left undisturbed) until the back part of the summer. Then they'll move off in search of hinds for the rut. Hopefully returning back with others onto your ground approximately November/December time.
  3. Christian Sutton

    DIY red

    I could come out with some bullswipe Moorman like many other of the self proclaimed Deerstalking experts. But in reality it's quite simple.. That stag in its first year of being born (May/June time) would of slowly grown antlers covered in velvet. By approximately 6 months of age (November time) they would of started to become visable. Almost like little bobble or bumps. Then depending on food resources, weather and good breeding which would all play a part on how big they would grow the following year. August/September time generally all red stags shed the velvet off there antlers and then move into hard antler stage. Your stag at this point would be 15/16 month old. Add another 4 months to its age which brings you to January this year. Hope this explains my prediction.. Don't let foxhunterboy tell you any different lol..
  4. Christian Sutton

    DIY red

    Good result on the 20 month old staggie Moorman. I can appreciate your efforts on the extraction, been there myself many many times before over the last 15 years.. Welcome to the big stuff
  5. Christian Sutton

    Northants Trip

    It would cause too much jealousy and attract too much attention Foxboy.. You`ll understand when you eventually grow up lol.. But anyway come clean to uncle V I mean uncle Christian? Did that Muntys diaphragm and Rumen manage to stay intact
  6. Christian Sutton

    Northants Trip

    Well done foxboy, good central mass shot on the munty
  7. Christian Sutton

    Hinds in near darkness

    Just for foxhunterboy the second from the left is a yearling staggie. Only I know how confused you get when you get all excited and your glasses steam up lol..😁
  8. Christian Sutton

    Large Bag Of Firewood

    It sure is a bargain Mel. Just like that Blaser Leather bolt sheath I collected from you Our Mel sure does know how look after his customers. Hello Dougy I cant make Saturday im going to be busy on the Hinds. Would next Sunday afternoon be convenient for you?
  9. Christian Sutton

    Mtm Rmc-5 Gunsmiths Maintenance Centre

    Surplus to requirement one mint conditioned as new MTM maintenance centre. looking for quick sale £40 posted. https://ibb.co/krqc0q
  10. Christian Sutton

    Large Bag Of Firewood

    Weather`s starting to change guy`s so you`d best top up that log store for the burner. I can deliver to all of the WS post codes and some WV one`s too. £45 per bag of all seasoned logs.
  11. Christian Sutton

    One lowland stag to remember...

    Nice multi pointer Shootboy .. Not many guys have access to medal class beasts like that.. Do they foxy, lol..
  12. Christian Sutton

    Bag of Seasoned Firewood

    Sent you a private message Doug
  13. Christian Sutton

    Bag of Seasoned Firewood

    Just as were in the middle of a reasonably hot summer my thoughts have already turned to this forth coming winter. So i have a couple of surplus bags of seasoned firewood for sale, collection or maybe delivery depending on location. There located in the South Staffs area and are priced at a working mans rate@£45 per bag
  14. Christian Sutton

    Muntjac Buck

    Obviously you knew where to place the camera Doughy to get a swift result like that. Good reconnaissance work
  15. Christian Sutton

    Antler Pieces for sale