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  1. Yes Brookie... Antlers sold to Brookie sold sold sold.....
  2. Two large antler chews. Lots of bone mass £5 each plus postage
  3. One Sprayway Hooded fleece, size Large as new. Make an excellent layering system or wear on it`s own. For sale £20 plus second class postage.. https://i.ibb.co/Q9NMFY4/20190217-094450.jpg
  4. One pair of new unused pine green Seeland Eton shooting gloves. In large for sale £20
  5. Numbers ,2,3 are still available. Thanks.
  6. Can you all send me a private message with your details please along with the antler numbers so i can get them posted off. 👍
  7. Number 4 is taken Geoff however I do have an identical piece if you`d like that.
  8. I have a few antler pet chews available. Numbers 1,6,7 are £4 each. Numbers 2,4,5,8 are £3.50 each and Number 3 at £3 https://i.ibb.co/FKTTXz3/20200104-133714.jpg https://ibb.co/47rr2pt
  9. It needs bleaching and properly mounting to bring it to its full visual potential.
  10. Ok rob message me your details again please 👍
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