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  1. I still have two sealed boxes of 129g Hornady Interlocks for sale in 6.5 calibre. At a drastically reduced price for a quick sale £25 per box
  2. Of course koner send me a private message with your details please.. Only two left available now..
  3. I have several more antler pet chews available. Suitable for small to medium size dogs £4 each + postage.
  4. Both lots now sold. Strimmer has brought the right pile. Any offers on the two large antlers? Swap or Deal?
  5. The left pile in the picture has now been sold to old boggy.
  6. I have two packs of antler points both containing 12 pieces. Ranging in size from 3 inch to 7 inch, ideal for a variety of craft projects. £7 each plus second class postage.
  7. All Sold now in the picture thanks.. I have a set (two) of twelve point antlers for sale if anyone's interested? Would of probably made medal status if they were attached to the skull.👍
  8. Nice chunky antler chews approximately 6 inch in length with good bone diameter. £5 each plus second class postage.
  9. Yes tharsus. Send me your details in a private message please.
  10. Of course Huntly. Could you send me a message with your details please.👍
  11. Several antler forks for sale, ideal for that stick making project that you've alway fancied doing. £5.50 each plus post.
  12. My apologies Neil i over looked your message. I do have other antler chews so please message me for details, thanks 👍
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