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  1. Used wax body warmer in Large. Brown in colour, two way zip, 4 pockets. No rips and zips are 100% for sale £5 +postage
  2. One Mora gut hook in used condition very sharp hook excellent for all Deer species, Rabbit and Hare for sale £5 +postage Marksman Lock Knife with incorporated cork screw, nice for the collectors £4+ postage One lucky Antler Key Ring, super colour nice size and must have accessory for any 4x4 owner £4+postage
  3. One Sprayway green hooded fleece in large as new. Just the thing to look cool in, for this coming hot summer. Now at a revised price £25
  4. Stag bar Antler chews cheapest on the Net. Very few left so be decisive and act quick before someone else does.. For sale £3.50 each plus postage
  5. Just look at the superb colouring and graining on this clonking dispatch Priest. Be the envy of all your shooting partner`s on the game scene with this eco friendly piece. Very good weight and bone mass and it would be a shame to turn it into a dog chew. For Sale £9
  6. Of course Paul message me your details and I`ll get them posted to you ALL SOLD SOLD SOLD
  7. Small dog antler chews for sale. Smallest one at the bottom £3.50 all the other`s £4 plus postage.
  8. Of course Nobby send me your details again please. NUMBER 1&3 ARE NOW SOLD. All of the 10 points sold now.. Only Number 2 the Coronet now available
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