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  1. No sika in that beasts blood line I can assure you of that. 😉
  2. Two bottom left available and two out of the middle left. 👍
  3. Top three y shapes are now sold. Hodge look at the tape measure in the picture for rough guidelines, thanks.
  4. Antler forks for sale at £5.50 each. Other pieces are good for large dog chews. Very thick with plenty of heavy bone. £5.50 each plus second class postage.
  5. Here we have a ready to go opinel no8 stainless antler project. An opportunity to make your one off custom hunting knife. One antler piece of your choice and one opinel knife. £18 + post
  6. Knife now sold to Dogger. Thanks chap.👍
  7. Knife still available @ £20 plus £3.10 second class postage..
  8. One Bear Grylls Gerber folding sheath knife for sale. Never used and still In unopened packaging. £20 Plus postage.
  9. There a bit on the small side for chews.. Just my opinion.
  10. I will message you privately 👍
  11. I have a number of antler points for sale which would be ideal for craft projects. Make super whistles ,toggles or key rings. £1 each plus postage. https://i.ibb.co/ssKKNCX/20200817-121128.jpg
  12. I think i should of brought a bigger Opinel.. https://ibb.co/sgjPJ0z https://ibb.co/sgjPJ0z
  13. Just the thing to keep the kids occupied whilst there off school. I have two used catapults for sale and two lots of un opened Barnett sling shot ammunition . £15 for the four items. The stag antler key rings are £1.50 each. https://ibb.co/ZYC7RMD
  14. Swiss army type knife now sold... Antler chews still available at the moment 👍
  15. He must have an excellent reconnaissance guide doggy
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