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    I'm left handed and have been clay shooting since 1977. I've been a member of the England OT, UT and ABT trap teams since 1991. I'm a current England ABT and Great Britain UT team member.

    I took early retirement in 2004 and have started crow and pigeon shooting to while away a few hours during the week and I'm hooked.
    I'm a member of both CPSA and BASC.

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  1. PhilR

    Dt11 forend

    Try Sporting Targets at Riseley they have a fair selection of Beretta wood in stock.
  2. For sale is my Perazzi Trigger Set. It was used as a spare for my MX8 trap gun. It's non selective and non adjustable trigger blade. It comes compete with a protective ABS hard case. I'm only selling as my Perazzi has been sold and I'm now happily using a DT10. They are rarely available secondhand (new price is £1243) and is priced at £675 and will include postage within the UK. Can send photo by email. Please PM me if interested.
  3. Always wear a watch, feels odd not to have it on my wrist.
  4. Our dog eats raw food and it comes in frozen packs, which need to be defrosted before he eats his meals. When we go away we need to take the frozen food with us. Recently we went to Slovenia where we stayed in a self catering apartment for a week. It was a 2.5 day drive there and the same back. We transported the frozen dog food packs in a 24 litre cooler box from Halfords along with several ice packs. Prior to setting off I turned on the cooler box overnight. I put a thermometer inside which read 21C the following morning the reading was 5C. We loaded the box up and set off with the box connected to a 12v socket in the car. On the two overnight stops we took the box into the hotel room and ran it from the main electricity supply. On arrival it Slovenia the food was still frozen and we bunged it in the freezer compartment in the fridge. It works well for us and I'd recommend one. A friend has a VW T5 conversion and after flattening his battery using his cooler box had a leisure battery installed. It's wired up to charge when the engine is running, same as a caravan, and runs his cooler box from that now.
  5. Several of my Italian shooting pals have them. Their Mercs come and go but the little Fiats seem to stay, used as a runabout by all the family.
  6. It's a yes from me too, but might need a little fettling from a gunsmith on either barrels to action or the barrel lug and forend ironwork . Stocks on 682X were monte carlo and designed for the slightly stepped rib. If you put the 686 flat rib barrels onto the 682X action you may find the stock is too high.
  7. I've seen you do it too😊😊😊
  8. I think the CPSA insurance will cover you. However, it would be sensible to enquire of the CPSA's insurers to make sure.
  9. PhilR


    I was happy with Windows 3.1 it gave me all I needed with simple Word and Excel😊😊😊
  10. That's a pity I was hoping for a lie in after the night before😄
  11. Seeing as the old are being blamed for voting out I'll put my tuppence in, I'm 68 in a couple of months and voted leave. Back in 1973 when I was young and wet behind the ears, we only got the vote at 21 then, I voted to join the Common Market because we were led to believe it was for trading purposes and seemed to be the sensible thing to do. It has somewhat changed over the years and got to the stage this country, in my opinion, is haemorrhaging money to prop up an ailing, self serving behemoth. On a personal level leaving the EU is going to be a ball ache, I shoot competitively in Europe quite a few times a year and the European Firearms Pass is a godsend for getting guns abroad. We take our dog with us and the Pet Passport is an absolute boon too. Going back to the pre EFP and PP days is going to make my life more difficult, but for the greater good I think we should be out on a hard Brexit, ignoring the May plan. Failing that stay in and have a modicum of control over our destiny. Two things I never normally do is discuss politics or religion so this is the only post I'll make.
  12. FITAV the Italian shooting federation go into schools with their top shooters to explain about clay target shooting and encourage the kids to have a go. All the larger shooting companies provide support to FITAV so hence the Perazzi caps I guess.
  13. Doesn't Farage's stroll from the North finish in London on Friday?
  14. Another vote for Justin. Excellent workmanship.
  15. PhilR

    Miroku ID help

    A shame the engraving on the action isn't clearer. The stock has dropped points and is nicely figured it is at least an SW grade, only one higher and that's HSW. Very nicely made with chopper lump barrels. If it's a very early one it will have leaf main springs, later ones had coil. If it is unmolested then £650 is a very good price, they're few and far between in good nick.
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