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    I'm left handed and have been clay shooting since 1977. I've been a member of the England OT, UT and ABT trap teams since 1991. I'm a current England ABT and Great Britain UT team member.

    I took early retirement in 2004 and have started crow and pigeon shooting to while away a few hours during the week and I'm hooked.
    I'm a member of both CPSA and BASC.

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  1. Just a brief update. The Toolstation parts fitted the bill perfectly. My pal loaned me his core drill as he was working elsewhere, and gave me instructions on how to do the job. I used a gizmo to check there wasn't any hidden pipes etc and I managed to drill the hole without drama and without turning the air blue. Wifey and dog now happy the a/c is working well and just waiting for the hot weather to return.
  2. PhilR

    Pubs now open

    My wife, I and the dog popped into our village pub after watching the F1 practice on TV on Saturday evening. It wasn't as busy as I had expected it to be as they've quite a large garden, tables in it and in the bar had been socially distanced apart. There were a couple of regulars who were a bit the worse for wear but in general everybody was behaving. The manager said he was closing at 10pm after discussion with the police and called last orders at 9.15 as he wanted everyone out and the pub shut at 10 so it could be cleaned etc. The manager said it'd been busy as expected at the lunchtime opening but there hadn't been any issues with excess drinking. He was very relieved to be open and get through the day without too many problems. Edit: Also had to sign in and leave phone number. Bought drinks at the bar, only one person being served at a time, floor marked out at 2 metre intervals for anyone waiting. Didn't see any table service but there really weren't enough people in the pub or garden to warrant it. Payment by contactless credit card.
  3. Thank you for your replies guys. I've been directed to the Tool Station catalogue where they have a reduction connector with a 125mm ID which will fit over the wall plate spigot and the other end is 100mm ID to connect to 100mm duct pipe. Collect tomorrow and hopefully it'll be sorted without any more stress. I mean it's only a hole to drill in the wall, what could possibly go wrong.........
  4. I bought a portable a/c unit last week with the savings made not shooting every weekend. It was a godsend for us and the dog to keep the temperature down in our south facing lounge for the couple of days it was roasting. We just used the supplied flexi hose and stuck it out of the French doors and pulled the curtain across it. It was a bit of a faff and as the unit comes with a wall adaptor plate to provide through the wall ventilation I thought I'd give it a go. This is where I have the problem. The unit instructions specify 125mm ducting so I bought a 125mm vent kit with duct pipe and both internal and external vents. Had a mate on standby with his core drill to make the necessary hole. When I tried to fit the wall adaptor plate to the duct pipe I couldn't as they're both the same 125 OD. I then bought a 125 to 125 connector thinking that would either fit inside or over the pipe and spigot on the adaptor plate. It doesn't it's the same diameter. The blasted thing got very close to being kicked into touch. The internal diameter of the spigot on the adaptor plate is 120mm. I can't find a vent kit of this size. They're 150mm, 125mm or 100mm measurements and although there are step up or down convertors 120mm doesn't figure anywhere. Luckily I don't have a hole in the wall yet. Can anyone please advise how I can marry up the wall adaptor plate spigot to a piece of ducting so I can install the a/c which will give me some peace and quiet from SWMBO.
  5. Morrisons in our local town has petrol at 99.9ppl, the diesel is 104.9ppl. I suspect both Tescos and Sainsburys are very similar but they are not on my route. A Shell garage almost opposite Morrisons has been price matching or just one 1ppl more expensive for months. Yesterday their petrol was 99.9ppl and their diesel was 114.9ppl. Needless to say the forecourt was empty and Morrisons was very busy.
  6. Affected residents make their complaints to the Local Authority and they then take on the case, they have rather deeper pockets than individual or collective residents. My shooting ground owner friend was involved in a protracted legal case that was heard in front of a high court judge, both parties represented by QCs and noise expert witnesses. The cost to my friend was enormous and he had to remortgage his house to foot the bills. In an ideal world you'd think the national governing body could provide some sort of insurance to indemnify affiliated shooting grounds but I should imagine the premiums would be astronomical given the huge costs involved for cases that do go all the way to court. More annoying is that shooting grounds that have been in existence for many decades happily complying with the LA planning consents can be challenged and closed by someone new to the area purchasing a property nearby. Conveyancing solicitors do searches in the surrounding area of the property being purchased and surely they would discover the location of the shooting ground. Failure to do so would, I assume, leave them open to some sort of penalty by the purchaser.
  7. Nobody seems to have though about the overhead costs that shooting grounds have, be it a small Sunday strawbaler or a CPSA Premier Plus venue, before they've even thrown a clay target, they'll all be different and include such items as rent, rates, bank charges, insurance, staff costs, building fabric maintenance plus equipment expenditure and associated maintenance. Then there's the actual buying power they have for purchasing clays and cartridges and that's down to what cash they have in the bank and what storage facilities they have onsite. We know none of this, but they do and they also know what they need to charge to keep themselves financially viable. Be thankful there's shooting grounds to attend. I know of one shooting ground that opened it's door last Sunday, in compliance with CPSA guidance and their LA planning consent, that evening their local village Facebook community page was full of complaints about noise after having peace and quiet for nigh on nine weeks. If it gets nasty and goes to court would you begrudge the owner putting up his costs to defray his legal bills. Just a thought.
  8. Heart attack and died following day. l've known Kev since he was a junior shooter, very sad and a great shock to all of us who knew him well. RIP Kev.
  9. PhilR

    Killing Eve

    They do a bit, but we only dipped in and out of the series when they were first shown so lost some continuity. Watching them again, we remember bits of some episodes and not others.
  10. PhilR

    Killing Eve

    We're working our way through the Spooks series, up to the fourth now.
  11. Time Expedition does me for daily wear. Press the winder button and it illuminates the face, handy at night.
  12. PhilR

    Captain Tom

    £10.2 million now plus £2.5 million odd extra in gift aid.
  13. PhilR

    Captain Tom

    Almost £9 million now, absolutely amazing.
  14. PhilR


    We've had Gem in my village local as a guest ale, pretty reasonable pint when its kept well. The price was £3.10 or £2.70 during happy hour.
  15. PhilR

    Cb base ariel

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