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    I'm left handed and have been clay shooting since 1977. I've been a member of the England OT, UT and ABT trap teams since 1991. I'm a current England ABT and Great Britain UT team member.

    I took early retirement in 2004 and have started crow and pigeon shooting to while away a few hours during the week and I'm hooked.
    I'm a member of both CPSA and BASC.

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  1. I was in Italy when Hyundai launched the coupe. In the local shopping mall to where I was staying the nearest dealer had placed one in the main concourse with a dust sheet over it and had carefully covered over all the Hyundai badges. Come the unveiling most of the blokes there to see it, including me, were most impressed with the styling and with all the badges covered over were trying to guess which Italian manufacturer it belonged to. So high praise indeed for Hyundai.
  2. New Perazzis come with a large tube of grease and new Berettas come with a bottle of oil. Go figure🙄
  3. Locked in the car unless I'm using it.
  4. My Lab is chipped, always collared on the street and has an ID tag with my name and mobile number. I'd need a blooming big tag to get my address on it too.
  5. Nice looking kit, she's got a like from me. 👍
  6. There used to be a special hospital for tropical diseases in Camden NW1. I think it is now closed but I found this link after Googling it. https://www.uclh.nhs.uk/OurServices/OurHospitals/UCH/htd/Pages/Tropicaldiseaseswalkinclinic.aspx
  7. I live reasonably close to the accident site and RAF base, and have shot on farms in the vicinity, there's more than a few LHD cars floating around the area, one would assume belonging to either employees at the camp or being used by family members.
  8. I'll have these please Das if they haven't gone already.
  9. Price reduced to £600 ono.
  10. The mods have taken delivery of their new PW company cars again 😁😁😁
  11. That's a 682 Gold. The 682 Gold E superseded this one. It has engraving of sorts on the sides of the action and the chequering is a completely different style, plenty of them on Guntrader to see the difference. I recently sold my trap 32" Gold in order to part fund the purchase of a rare DT10 black action trap gun.
  12. The Caravelle has two sliding rear doors and three rows of seats and comes as a 6 or 7 seater. Two individual seats up front. The middle row has two captain's chairs which can rotate 180 degrees, the back row is either a three seater bench which in some versions can convert into a bed or another pair of captain's chairs. The middle and back row are mounted on long floor rails so can be moved backwards or forwards and are also removable. VW also do a minibus version of the transporter van which is either an 8 or 9 seater in three rows. Some have a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engine knocking out either 130 or 174 bhp. There's plenty about with stellar mileages and by the same token some are absolute low mileage money pits.
  13. What I've tried to do when doing my family tree is try and match up individual letters elsewhere on the page, when written by the same hand in different words that are understandable. Then work back on the word I'm struggling with. A lot of my distant family were coal miners in Staffordshire and it helped to know some of the job terminology to track down what they actually did and was mentioned on marriage/death certificates as well as census pages.
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