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    I'm left handed and have been clay shooting since 1977. I've been a member of the England OT, UT and ABT trap teams since 1991. I'm a current England ABT and Great Britain UT team member.

    I took early retirement in 2004 and have started crow and pigeon shooting to while away a few hours during the week and I'm hooked.
    I'm a member of both CPSA and BASC.

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  1. PhilR

    Pubs Going Down At Alarming Rate.

    There were four pubs in my village, now there's only one. It's a drinking pub, no food. It has live music at least once a fortnight. Local tradesmen call it 'the office' and on a Friday evening you get a fair selection in there plus farmers. If you want a job doing it's far easier to collar one in there than ringing them.
  2. PhilR

    Volvo XC70

    If they weren't M&S they'd have been Waitrose😁😁😁
  3. PhilR

    Volvo XC70

    We've got a 2006 XC70 SE Lux auto, the 185bhp model, which we've owned from new. It's done 191k miles and averages low 30mpg. It's a very comfortable place to be and we've toured around Europe in it. The servicing is done by a Volvo specialist and is reasonably priced. Big expenditure has been a pair of front electronically adjustable shock absorbers, managed to keep the cost down a bit by getting them direct from Monroe. It won't be long before the rears need replacing too. The auto gearbox has been re-valved, think that's what it's called when the change got very clunky. The EGR valve and DPF were replaced when regular Italian tune ups failed to cure the car going into limp home mode. My wife's 3 mile commute did for them. It has M&S tyres tyres on it and I haven't got stuck on grass or light snow. We keep thinking what to replace it with and TBH we conclude better the devil you know. In hindsight I should've got the previous 163bhp run out model. Better fuel economy, more reliable 5 speed auto gearbox and no blasted DPF.
  4. PhilR

    Eye dominance...

    I'm left handed and luckily have a left master eye. The vision from my left eye is worse than the right but prescription glasses balances it out.
  5. Graham Wainwright uses Simon at Doveridge for adjustable stocks.
  6. PhilR

    Stock refinish and tart up

    Very nice job, and well worth doing. I hope you get great pleasure from shooting the gun.
  7. PhilR

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    Many thanks LS, seeds arrived safely this morning. Mrs PhilR is dusting down her propagator kit ready for planting.
  8. PhilR

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    PM inbound LS.
  9. PhilR

    Teague Type Choke Key

    There's someone selling Teague choke keys on Shootclays for £15 plus p&p.
  10. Left handed, dominant left eye and shoot both eyes open .
  11. PhilR

    Discovery 3

    I've had two following on from a D2 TD5. The first was taken back by the LR specialist I bought it from because of an expensive gearbox fault within a couple of weeks of ownership. The next one they replaced it with I had for 3 years and did 40k miles in it. However, it was a money pit and eventually it had to go, the straw that broke the camel's back was brake failure caused by oil seepage into the brake servo, a very common problem. It's a great shame because I thoroughly enjoyed driving it, it was extremely versatile the second row of seats dropped flat making into virtually a van. I've had a tonne of pheasant feed bags in it and it also assisted the house move when the removal company cocked up their van size. I've been a member of breakdown recovery companies for 40 odd years. In all that time I've only ever had to call them out to attend roadside breakdowns for my Discoverys. I now own a Honda CRV and can't fault it.
  12. PhilR

    Aldi Geese tomorrow

    When we lived in MK we used to go to the newly built Aldi on the far side of Buckingham, it was much less busy. I understand Aldi now have a new store at Westcroft too. The Towcester store has been increased in size and the Countrywide building adjacent to it knocked down and made into a huge car park. So a few alternatives for you.
  13. PhilR

    Stove fan

    Having listened to friends who have fans on their woodburners and are smitten by them we took the plunge and got an Aldi one on line. To be honest I don't think it makes a scrap of difference to the temperature elsewhere in the house. Maybe it's the layout of the house and where the stove is positioned. Perhaps see if you can borrow one first to see if it works before spending out on one.
  14. PhilR

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    What happened to your internals, nothing serious I hope.
  15. PhilR

    Cartridge choice

    I thought Cheddite Universal Trap fibre wad 28gm 7.5 (English 7) were pretty good for pigeon decoying, I bought several slabs quite some time ago and the 1000 rate, which I got them at, was well less than £200.