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    I'm left handed and have been clay shooting since 1977. I've been a member of England OT, UT and ABT trap teams since 1991. I'm also a Great Britain UT trap shooting team member.
    I'm lucky enough to have taken early retirement and have started crow and pigeon shooting to while away a few hours during the week and I'm hooked.
    I'm a member of both CPSA and BASC.

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  1. PhilR

    Stove fan

    Having listened to friends who have fans on their woodburners and are smitten by them we took the plunge and got an Aldi one on line. To be honest I don't think it makes a scrap of difference to the temperature elsewhere in the house. Maybe it's the layout of the house and where the stove is positioned. Perhaps see if you can borrow one first to see if it works before spending out on one.
  2. PhilR

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    What happened to your internals, nothing serious I hope.
  3. PhilR

    Cartridge choice

    I thought Cheddite Universal Trap fibre wad 28gm 7.5 (English 7) were pretty good for pigeon decoying, I bought several slabs quite some time ago and the 1000 rate, which I got them at, was well less than £200.
  4. I reckon the editor of Sporting Gun around that time would've been Robin Scott. Might be worth trying to track him down to see what he can recall. Similarly the MD of Dynamit Nobel, which became RUAG, was Geoff Boxall at that time. He's still about and living around the Liskeard area, Deana at RUAG may be able to put you in touch.
  5. PhilR

    Keter Garden Storage

    Got a couple of them from Homebase, think they were about £90 each. I use them as log stores and they stand by the house. They're just over 3 years old and have not had an issue with them.
  6. PhilR

    Sporting Clays and Game - Tightening up ????

    When I owned a Miroku MK38 multi choke sporter I bought some additional Teague after market chokes for it. Now they're marked up with the choke constriction to the standard nominal bore size of barrel Miroku produce. However, when my gunsmith mate and I used the bore micrometer to check the actual choke constriction to my set of barrels we found there was a difference, not much on some but almost a whole choke size difference on others. Quarter was 8 thou (should be 10 thou), Half was 17 thou (should be 20 thou), 5/8 was 21 thou (should be 25 thou), 3/4 was 25 thou (should be 30 thou) and 7/8 was 30 thou (should be 35 thou). We had similar results with a Miroku fitted with Briley chokes. So all may not be what it seems.
  7. PhilR

    3 gun cabinet.

    Whereabouts are you? I'm using my phone and location doesn't show.
  8. PhilR


    I haven't shot DTL seriously for 30 odd years. Nowadays I shoot ABT, UT and OT the targets are quicker and have a greater distance. I use more open fixed chokes my Perazzi is roughly 1/2 and 3/4 and my newly acquired DT10 is around 5/8 and 7/8. Quite a few trap guns, notably Browning and Guerini, are available multichoked so I guess owners are experimenting with more open chokes. I use Fiocchi cartridges with Italian 7.5 shot so 2.4mm or English 7.
  9. PhilR

    Beretta Butt Recoil Pad

    PM'd you.
  10. PhilR

    Beretta Butt Recoil Pad

    If it's 18mm I'll buy it if Cheesefiend doesn't want it. It'll fit my DT10 stock.
  11. PhilR

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Very sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
  12. PhilR

    Clay Shooting Coach or Instructor

    Ed Solomons coaches at Sporting Targets but is probably not employed by them. Might be worth Googling him.
  13. PhilR

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    Many of my father's relations perished in this Staffordshire mining disaster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnie_Pit_Disaster
  14. PhilR

    Holiday reading

    Confessions of an Essex Freight Forwarder would make interesting reading ??????
  15. PhilR

    Brew dog Beer

    Here's another 'doggy' brewery, it's local to me and all fairly decent stuff. http://www.gundogales.co.uk