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  1. These are a poor Honda copy, made in China. They suffer from sticking valves and often need the over head valve pushers adjusting.
  2. Some travellers tried to put some mobile homes down our road, spirit a field into three. You need planning permission for it to be a dwelling. It got refused.
  3. Bayers advocate is vets prescription only.
  4. I had a similar problem earlier in the year. I always used bayers advocate but changed to a cheaper spot on and got fleas. I gave my two mutts a dose of 4fleas tablets from pets at home and a good flea bath. Mine are out side in a run so treating the beds was easy. I've reverted back to bayers advocate and the fleas have gone. they come in the house occasionally so I vacuumed everywhere, moved the sofas etc. Then got some long lasting spray and sprayed around the skirting boards etc. Problem solved.
  5. I use Bayer Advocate. I think you can only get it from a vet. Good stuff. I used frontline for while because it's cheaper but my dogs got fleas. So I'm back to advocate. It does all sorts of worms and fleas.
  6. lister1

    SX3 who uses

    Me. Shot 2 duck with my first 2 shots with it.
  7. I would have been but I'm having problems with my SX3.
  8. lister1

    Sick leave.

    It's the industry I'm in. Some employers do and some don't. We're compensated by the flexibility that we have eg my missus was I'll during pregnancy and couldn't get our eldest to school or pick her up, they don't mind if I'm late or leave early to do the school run.
  9. lister1

    Sick leave.

    It's certainly an interesting subject. My previous employment was full pay for six months for long term sickness. I often heard of people lazing on a beach recovering. Needless to say I'll be at work, I hope I don't infect anyone. There is one chap already putting on a cough. I bet he phones in sick Friday or Monday. He has no kids and lives alone. Just saying.
  10. lister1

    Sick leave.

    Cheers. Hopefully we'll be settled in before the start of the fowling season!
  11. lister1

    Sick leave.

    I certainly understand why they don't pay sick leave. I'm not going to take holidays whilst I feel ill. I'll stick it out and get some work done, it's interesting to hear others opinions. Unfortunately as you say it's the few ruining things for the greater.
  12. lister1

    Sick leave.

    Hello all. At my place of employment we're not paid sick leave. I'm currently sat at my desk felling like I've got flu or a bad virus at least. Now my colleagues are a bit off with me as they don't want to get I'll but as I have bills to pay, especially whilst my better half is on maternity leave so her pay is very much reduced. The question being, do I have a few days off in paid or stick it out at work?
  13. That's what I thought, I've been doing a bit if research. It's not worth spending 30 nuggets to try one.
  14. That's the other option but as usual time is short on supply. If I can get something that works for 30 nuggets, then it's job done.
  15. For cold smoking could you put one of these in, a Pro q frame. I think someone said about them on another thread.
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