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  1. lister1

    2 jackets

    Excellent, sold. Pm me your PayPal.
  2. lister1

    2 jackets

    Hi Dogger, do you know the chest size of the jack Pyke?
  3. My previous marsh gun was blued barrels with a wooden stock. I used to wax the wood the night before and the a good oily rag over the barrels before I went. Then on return dry cloth over the whole gun then oily rad over the barrels before storage. Never had an issue with rust but I was careful not to lay my gun on the we grass. A good gun slip without a woolly inside is a must. The fluffy inners hold water and will rust the gun before you get back to your car. A good tip is to lay you gun on top of the slip and not on the ground or use your stick to prop the barrels up off the ground.
  4. I’ve heard very similar about a local company. Paying £2k hello, paying for training and paying an hourly rate at £16/hr.
  5. If it’s old, could it be in oz or grains?
  6. I think I often call them cherry plums but I believe they are the result of the root stock suckers growing from what was probably a cultivated plum tree. I’m not sure what stocks they use when budding plum trees but I would say they are something similar to a wild/natural plum. They often grow where once stood an orchard.
  7. Look on the engine cowling, there should be three rows of numbers stamped in. That will be in the engine numbers. It’s usually just stamped in the tin work. Look on the link, shows typical locations. https://www.lawnmowerpros.com/diy/index.php/how-to-find-briggs-and-stratton-model-number/
  8. I’ll probably wait until the nights are a bit warmer.
  9. I used to fish Pentney, it’s now owned by the same people as Willowcroft. They have so many rules now, I’m not if it’s the best place to take a young child. Willowcroft is about 5 miles down the toad and would be ideal. But I’m not sure they really want youngsters there. I’ll have to call in and ask the question. Woodlakes I have fished many times but not for a few years, I believe they have stopped night fishing in most of the lakes. Except the old championship lake. I might have to give them a call.
  10. My little girls is 6 yrs and is keen to go camping, she also likes going fish. I thought it might be good to combine the two. I’ve spent many weekends night fishing for carp with my brother, so I have plenty of gear. I’m looking for recommendations for a site near to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Carp/ tench / typical mixed carp water fishing. Perhaps with reasonable facilities ie a toilet. I’m not worried about catching a record carp, I’d rather be in with a decent chance of catching something.
  11. I will be joining the club! I’m gong to grow some different verities in my conservatory. I’ve been looking at some plugs to pot on
  12. Rear wiring loom, lights and fuel gauge sender unit that I haven’t fitted yet. Stack of receipts for the parts I’ve bought.
  13. Thanks Manish. I honestly wish I had time to finish it. I really only want to sell it so it goes to the right person who’ll get it done.
  14. I know they are great to work on. I’ve done a couple now, series 3 light weight, series 2a.
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