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  1. Altberg Defender boots

    Altberg Defender boots, worn for about an hour around the house/garden trying to convince myself they fitted but don't. I'm a size 11 and these are an 11 medium width but are a bit tight so I would say they'd fit a size 10 or 10.5 with maybe room for a thicker sock. £65 posted. paypal preferred.
  2. Tikka T3 Wooden Stock

    Tikka T3 wooden stock, excellent condition. £75 posted. paypal preferred.
  3. Altberg Defender boots

    Something like that ! lol
  4. Altberg Defender boots

    They don't actually pinch anywhere, just they fit like a glove and I'm just used to have toe wiggle room and would like the option of wearing thicker socks if needs be. with postage each way and paying to have them altered cant see it would be worth it even if they do it. I'll get another pair but at least I have a better idea of size now.
  5. Altberg Defender boots

    As new Altberg Defender boots, size 11-M in brown. I'm a size 11 and tried to convince myself these fitted so wore them around the house and garden for a couple of hours but feel they're just a little tight so likely fit someone who takes an 11 with a narrower foot or more likely a 10 or 10.5 shoe size. Very highly rated boot and excellent value. £65 posted, prefer paypal.
  6. 20g or 28g English SxS

    Maybe try a time machine to take you back to 1937 !
  7. 20g or 28g English SxS

    Thanks, looking for an nice English 20g sxs for a friend in the States so will pass it on. I think something better known like Webley & Scott or Westley Richards would be of more interest. Reading a Game and Gun magazine recently from 1937 and these makers in top grades were £120 then although guess that was a lot of money 80 years ago.
  8. 20g or 28g English SxS

    Looking for something like a Webley and Scot, good clean condition, i.e. no cracked woodwork, clean bores. Dont have a particular budget, just thought I'd see if there's anything tempting out there.
  9. 20g or 28g English SxS

    20g or 28g English made SxS wanted.
  10. Tikka T3 Wooden Stock

    Tikka T3 wooden stock, excellent condition. £75 posted.
  11. barbary doves

    Someone on gumtree in Kilmarnock selling young Barbary's. There's seems a lot more Diamond doves available than Barbary's, wouldn't they do the job ?
  12. Tikka T3 Wooden Stock

    Tikka T3 wooden stock, excellent condition. £80 inc p&p.
  13. shotgun for 15yr old daughter

    There's no gun safer than a broken shotgun.
  14. shotgun for 15yr old daughter

    Sorry if this is off topic but maybe if it saves some's life I'll take the stick. Does anyone else think semi auto's aren't the safest for a youngster to start shooting with ? The only accidental shotgun related death I've heard of in recent years is a youngster with a semi auto.
  15. Wading boots

    Sorted now, thanks !