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  1. Taking advantage of an easy meal. Although can't see it would be an effective addition to a decoy pattern 😂
  2. Most likely a sparrowhawk. They often pluck out primaries on bigger prey to stop them escaping. Also with juvenile sparrowhawks recently fledging this may have been a first attempt at a kill for one of this years fledglings.
  3. As titled, please PM Thanks
  4. It's only the suction mounted bar for sale there, without the lamp or handle. Thanks though
  5. They say they have them in stock, but haven't got any once you try ordering. Thanks anyway
  6. Cheers, but unfortunately I've already ordered one from there. But two days later I received an email saying they haven't any in stock and are discontinued. So was hoping I could manage to find one elsewhere as I already have the suction roof bar and lamp. Not much use without the handle though 😂
  7. I have the lamp itself ready to attach, I just require the t shaped handle.
  8. As titled, I'm looking for a deben tracer handle for a roof mounted lamp. Thanks
  9. For sale I have: 1 x Brand new Optima plus flush fitting chokes in Full - £15 each including P+P 2 x Brand new Optima plus flush fitting chokes in Cylinder - £15 each including P + P 1 x Optima HP flush fitting choke in Cylinder, may have fired 10 cartridges, so as new. £15 including P + P PM if interested, thanks.
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