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  1. I want to send you a message, can you delete some please, thankyou!

  2. so... which of us are going to be next to email the whitehouse?
  3. Just thought id share something my local rfd told me a couple of weeks ago. Apparantly the application booklet is being shortened down to a single a4 page, anyone else heard anything, or seen the new forms? He told me the cops original idea of making the applications very complicated to reduce firearms numbers has backfired, and has left them snowed under with mountains of paperwork and criticism from every direction :blink:
  4. what about this then? exchange the banjo and the trumpet for a shotgun and the accordion for cartridge bag and bobs your uncle!! :blink: :hmm:
  5. IM CONFUSED! When she later walked out of the cell after a police doctor visited her she recalled being "lifted up under the arms like a doll by Sgt Andrews and thrown headfirst back into the cell". is this when she got injured? cos i thought she hadnt been in a cell before he threw her into one? :blink:
  6. always had vermin and sporting purpose for all my guns, but NI's slightly different :blink:
  7. NEVER!! and no its not me (anyway my sister is english), its mexicans who are into the inbreeding (aka southerners) not us northern boys...
  8. john youd be safer trying to get an inland pond or a river in your state
  9. so how easy do you find it to fit the crutches in john? and do you store them grip up or grip down? :good:
  10. Ozzy Fudd


    i thought kelly was found with his throat slashed? and all he did was rat that iraq had no wmd's and that blair and co were fabricating reasons for the war?
  11. stagger them, one up, one down, etc, and dont forget by turning them sideways you can squeeze a few more in
  12. aye mate i was going to, but it started off at "were definitely leavin at 6" and ended up finally gettin out at 3, still havnt heard from 2 of the others who were supposed to be going as well ah well, fingers crossed for next saturday. got a week booked off end of october so plenty of time to practice before then
  13. Ozzy Fudd


    now thats just daft we all know it was the illuminati and the learned elders of zion...
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