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  1. Sorry to hear buddy...... sad times
  2. Provisionally gone, just waiting for collection. Thanks all that was interested
  3. Free Dog Kennel and Run... poss ckicken run or any other animal tbh as said free to collector... needs a roof and floor to kennel but all good for someone starting out. Collection Only Borehamwood Hertfordshire. ..... and some free felt B)
  4. Took them down Bournemouth last weekend for a rest
  5. What a cracker, hope it all works out well
  6. Nice one Alex, hope you find great homes for all the pups.......
  7. Hahaha your a joker Mick... do will still get them
  8. You don't want loads of messages from them essex boys wanting there tans....**** :lol:
  9. Best/cheap type is a army issused gas mask bag like this on e8@y >>> 121064029853 there's various types out there including dpm patterns.. hth another in dpm cheap £6 including post >>>> 160985288355
  10. Have a old pillar drill about 6ft tall weighs a ton lol... Will un-cover it tomorrow as haven't used it since we moved a year ago and i'll get you a picture/s, send me your email mate....
  11. Great first post buddy...... This thread is 4 years old! :lol:
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