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  1. Bloody hate poachers ther were some down on my bit the other day. I came frm behind the barns to see 3 guys two with Shotguns and another with a rimfire!! said either wait for the farmer and apologize or ive got ur reg plates and u can explain to the police. I wudnt have confronted them had i not bin wiht two of my mates. They waited for the farmer he was not pleased atall they got **** on.
  2. My Brittany Spaniel - Belle shell b two in January
  3. Ive been shooting Rabbits on my land for a long time now with my Air Arms s200. An ive noticed that when you get round to shooting them try not to go out on a quiet night as theyll hear you coming. Instead just sit and wait for them. Ive noticed if its a nice day the rabbits may be out in the afternoon. Otherwise early morning or evening. Right now im off Rabbit Busting.
  4. Cheers guys :( Ma friend was gonna b cmin down but hes just sold his red tail. I know Falconry is aaaaaaaaaaaaamzing bin lovin it ever since i started 3 years ago. :blink:
  5. Has anyone ever heard of Clay shooting supplies thinking of gettin my .22 calibre from there just wanted to know whether anyones had any experience with them. http://www.shooterssupplies.co.uk/ Any help would be most helpful if oyu know of any other shops i could try that arent too far awat would be awesome Cheers Will
  6. Hey i shot a rabbit the otha day and let it go into Rigor then i froze it went out ths mrnin bout 6 oclok and it wurkd like a charm got 4 easy no prob at all ill try and get the photos up. Im also using it to scare my mum
  7. For chavs or for 17 year olds who cant afford a shotgun............... or to spend over £100 on an organised shoot. It wasnt poaching i have permission to be ther and the farmer lets me shoot what i want.
  8. Hey i have a Brittany Spaniel shes 14 munths and is amazing BUT she will NOT take feather unless its on water shes fine with anything else any reasons y and/or help to try and get her to stop?
  9. Just wondering, I really wana start shooting Deer and stuff and dont know how to start do you have any advice??
  10. Im lovin this never knew there was such as split between shooters. Think watever you want but it tasted nice !
  11. Sorry Find it Hilarious people only think you can shoot Pheasant if your a good shot it dunt matter if youre a good shot with a shotgun. But it was about 10 yds away so was deffo a head Shot so
  12. No mate its my land. I dont have to pay for Niks it was a mates Air rifle Gamo i think mines in for repair at da mo (Air Arms s200) but shud b gettin a . Ma mum cooked it with Bacon and we had Roast Tatoes and watever. Yea a few people have told me about this thing with airrifles and Pheasant dont understand maself.
  13. My lot of lands bludie Full of em mate only seen a couple of signs of Mixy too if u can get down ill ask the farmer if its k :( I live near York if ur close
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