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  1. Hi all, I'm going to Pevensey Bay for Xmas this year.... Was hoping to do a bit of fishing from the beach... Any tips etc? Only fished from boats in the past so a beach casting Virgin! Many thanks for any info
  2. Hi all, I'm off to thailand in November and staying in khao lak for 10nights of the trip. I wondered if anyone on here has any experience of sea fishing from there?? Any info would be awesome! Thanks
  3. Hi all.... Got a simmons wtc 1.5-5x20 scope that I would like to swap for a side paralax adjustable scope..... preferably 50mm. Thanks
  4. gazyapp

    Large aquarium

    Hi all.... Looking for a large aquarium... Already have 2 but want a bigger one. 4 or 5ft would be ideal. Close to Warwickshire/Banbury Thanks
  5. Hi all. I'm trying to remove my action from the stock (got another stock for it). The problem is that when I twist the cylinder off, the large valve at the base of the cylinder which usually twists with it won't budge.... Resulting in just the tube coming off! Cant access it with grips so not sure what I can do? Anyone got any ideas?? Cheers
  6. Sorry to the mods if not allowed, please delete/move if required. We are looking for an individual to join our team, tree work and hedge cutting mainly Looking for someone who is happy to work within a small team, polite to customers and has a bit of confidence. Experience in the trade isn't essential as you will Learn the basics at work Based in Stratford upon Avon. Anyone interested drop me a pm.
  7. Hi all.... Looking for a .243 with mod.... Or at least screw cut. £300-£400. Needs to be local to Warwickshire so it can be viewed. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi all. I've have a tank overloaded with endler guppys! I have 10 adults and around 20-30 fry. The fry are aged between 3-6 weeks. Looking to get rid of the lot as I want to use the tank for a breeding project! FREE to a good home/tank Located in Warwickshire Thanks for looking
  9. gazyapp

    Chicken coop

    Hi all, looking for a decent chicken coop to house 4-6 hens. Not wanting one of those cheap Chinese made things. Not bothered if it need a bit of repair. Warwickshire would be ideal. Thanks for looking
  10. gazyapp

    Pump action £300

    Hi all... A friend of mine is after a 3 shot pump action... He's dead set on getting one so I thought I'd put the feelers out on here! It will no doubt be abused so synthetic is probably best. £300 max Please let me know what you may have. Thanks for looking
  11. May be able to put you in touch with a keeper.... Warwickshire area if interested?
  12. Hi all.... Just started keeping a few of these little fellas in their own tank... Trouble is I'm after a few more to make a decent colony. I don't fancy paying the £3 per shrimp so I wondered if anyone on here bred them in the Warwickshire area? Or where I could get some young ones? Thanks for looking
  13. I shoot fiocchi F-blues through my sxs... 28g 7.5s (English 7 I believe) don't find them punchy but that's my opinion.... Dropped plenty of pigeons and crows with them
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