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    e cig review

    Go to www.totalywicked.co.uk Been off fags for a year now. :-))
  2. Freight costs have a lot to do with recent price increases also. Plus carriers charge a premium to carry hazardous good , as they line to call them, I'm guessing in the past these charges weren't quite so heavy. But I have to agree, In realty compared to inflation , they are cheeper than they used to be.
  3. Tell me about it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. some may have been trap guns , so stock lowered, chokes reamed and generally re balanced. Some have a slightly higher rib, which personaly i like as it takes your head slightly away from the action.
  5. Ive got a brand new 308 sako sitting in the shop,and a brand new swarovski sitting on the office shelf.. :o Rung up local firearm friday and was told 12 weeks.
  6. I have for sale a nearly new set of Steiner Ranger Pro Binocualrs ( 10 x 42 ) They have a slight mark on the coating of the eye piece lense, doesnt affect the image at all. Otherwise they are mint. With the dust cover , but sadly no case. I was bought a pair of Swarovski binos after i purchased these. Looking for £200.00 plus £7.00 postage. Thanks for looking. Nik.
  7. I would say that if it measures anywhere near 12 mm then yes it will be 1/2 unf , the next size thread is 14 mm i think....
  8. Hi. If you measure the outside diameter of the threaded area that, will give you the size. Then measure between the peeks of the thread, will tell you the pitch. ie.... 14 x 1 mm..... Cheers. Nik...
  9. To be fair... I have a third eye mod on my 243 with a 1/2 inch thread...that could obviously go on my hummer... Dont know how quiet it would be tho.....
  10. Theres a howa ( RWS mod 89) in Diamond shooting services, East Sussex 01435 863295. It comes with ASE Mod, 6x scope and is pillar and galss bedded. £630 would get it i should think. Prob only fired about 300 rounds.
  11. Obviously got a discount on your education as well, judging by the fact i found it really hard to understand what you had written in the first place.
  12. foggy11

    Sako 85

    I have the stainless synthetic 85.. Worked up some home loads....and it will put 3 shots touching all day , every day, if i do my bit.. Thats 90 grains BT noslers... 3-12 x 50 Zeiss Duralyt.... Perfect combo in my mind..
  13. Alex . Which other forum? Would-be quite interesting to read that too. ;-)
  14. I quite fancy that ... Think il be there.......
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