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  1. Too many have been brought up with the whole world revolving around them, oh we must move to be closer to the school, we must get a big tough car to drive them too and from school every day, we must be on hand to their every wish and want. Then shock horror the big bad world is out there!
  2. Very well said, the press in general don't want to highlight real news ..
  3. From a mechanic who used to work on land rovers, he said about the F2 as others have said , they used undersized bearings in the diff on early ones, parking brake can cause issues with rust build up, some have issues with oil leaks from rocker cover breather, and he said he would not hesitate owning one, SD4 is 190hp as well!
  4. Thanks for the comments, 7 year warranty , either confidence or needs it.. They are not pretty but most crew cabs are not..
  5. I believe he is one of the best in the industry, I was going to recommend him but you beat me to it....
  6. Think the new ones are as well 2.2ltrs
  7. Anyone got , one of these , been looking at the reports and tests and cannot find anything to be critical about. Looking at buying something like this next year .
  8. Check heavy leads to starter are tight, take black one off battery before doing this so there is no risk of a shorting out, and earth lead , black one from battery is tight at opposite end from battery, hope you get it sorted
  9. lrm1

    Lightforce Lamp

    Bargain price £60
  10. Sold pending pick up Now sold
  11. Tasco scope sold pending payment
  12. That's correct thanks Browning123
  13. Sling and bolt holster sold pending payment. Sold
  14. Mounts are 1" and 25mm and 35mm from base to centre
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