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  1. I have started shooting clays at Cluny clays in fife so distance 30 yds, skeet choke came with the gun colour red + the ones you said . thanks for your help Jen
  2. what colour chokes are correct for my beretta 682 gold e with extended chokes cheers, Jen. ( new gun0 sorry should have said for clays + later pigeons thanks Jen
  3. HI Chaps i have a springer dog ,very well bred Sire Moonreed flush out of a nice working bitch. Fromthe day i collected him he was quite nervy , but i followed the usuall training rules i had done with my 1st springer dog ben . At 15 month hes like a rocket when he comes out of the kennel and is so boisterous not noisey but charges around ihave tried calming him i sit with him play with him keep him happy.i know every spaniel is diferent but this boy is testing. i generaly follow David Lissets way of training. Question is having him castrated likely to calm him down or will he calm down when hes older, IMe not to keen on the first idea. I have allways thought if i dont like it he wont . aany sujetions welcome
  4. HI Matt i have the Dave Lisset 4 set video it gives you5 hours of training in it dave very rarley raises his voice and his springers are a joy to watch .Ialso highly reccomend it £100 the set cheers and good luck jen shoter
  5. HI Chap have gundogs thinking of ferrets know a lad has a fairly new double decker hutch what do i do next ? how many ?males females coulor my dogs are steady so not worried about them just be vigilant first few weeks cheers jen shooter
  6. Hi CAB well i thought you were talking about my lab BLUE hes 11.5 months old kennled all day ,dark when i get home ,so training in the evening is a problem so if you have a garden stay there .blue went backwald just the same i thought i was doing things wrong i had read all the good books writen by the best trainers yes ime a newby trainer.there is a 4 film video presented by Mr David Lisett he is the gundog trainner for Buccleuch dundogs buy it now , no ime not on commision. Unlike spaniels lab training starts a bit later so take your time with him keep him close and let him run off that energy. there are a lot of guys on here who know more then i do but they will tell you hes still a pup take your time best of luck Jen shooter
  7. Thancks for the replys chaps feed him working crunch and some cooked fish twice a week,could there be somthing in raw meat. i looked on the net and butchers and other people in the sheep trade catch it wil see how it goes over the next week. my vet charged me £24 FOR THE tablets and her time quite fair i thought cheers jen shooter
  8. Hi Chaps my 11 month old lab has a sore just above his lip. this is the second time this has appeard i train him in a fild that has sheep in it in the day time . hes been to the vet and she has given him a coarse of antiobotics . question can a dog contract orf a sheep virus common in sheep and goats it can be transmitted to humans cheers jen shooter
  9. Hi Chaps anybody have trouble with there dogs barkin when they are at work . Ihave 2 kennals one has a 10 month old lab the other with a 6 month old springertheres aset of bars that seperate them, when ime at work they startbarking at any thing ,if itake the springer to work with me the lab starts howling, any ideas the neibours are not happy. cheers jen shooter
  10. Well i have seen this before its quite common in greyhound racing, its called Acidosis its a build up of lactic acid in the mussels, this can be caused by a number of things,if the dog is not at full fitness or maybe carrying an underlying injury the dog may be off its feet for two days if you give the dog electrolites the day before the shoot then it stops the build up of lactic asid if you get a blood sample within 24 hrs you can test for level in the blood you can buy anti tyeuptablets on the net. cheers jen shooter hope he s better soon.
  11. RIght chaps need some help here , i work six days a week leave home 7 45 return home 5 45 so its dark most of the time when ime home other then sundays. i have three dogs all in training ben 2 years old springer doing realy well blue 10 month old lab and bo 6 moth old springer how do we carry on training in the winter when its dark nighhts. i have a small garden whitch is lit and i can take one dog to work as ime my own boss but i dont want all the work i did in the summer forgotten your advise will be wellcome
  12. jen shooter


    Hi Peejay interested in the spaniel videos if you still have them how much +postage cheers jen shooter
  13. Thancks for the quick reply i feed them all on Chudleys pup junior an d crunch and mackeral on wednesday , no they are not religeous but they love fish and they have great shine on the coat.if slavers are part of labs i can live with that thanks for the advise Jen shooter
  14. Hi Chaps ime new too labs and blue is 7 months old now doing realy well , no problems in any department except beinig a bit to keen on retrieves from the river Tay but hes still a pup . the thing ime not to sure about it when we do our training he starts foaming at the mouth he has no ill effects has a drink on return to the kennels and has a kipp is this ok chaps or should i let the vet have a look . I have 2 springers ben 23 months and bo 5 months sired by Moonreed flush.both very healthy your help please jen shooter
  15. Hi I have a pup dad moonreed flush, great ftc with a bit of badger in him at the moment hes bloody crazy 12 weeks old never stops barking when hes out of the kennel he runs round like a mad thing , but i think he will make it hes bold and full of spirit, hes nearly all white tyipical Rytex and a bit nervy wish me luck. my other springer has an irish ftc x scotish bitch and hes magic you can never tell jen shooter
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