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  1. As above very good condition, fits 25mm tube, double clamp and recoil pin. Fits 17mm dovetails. Were fitted to my midland. 243 believe they fit cz rifles also. £30 posted.
  2. Will give them a ring thankyou. Yeh seem to do it with all rounds for some reason. I'm currently using Winchester but the same. Bloody frustrating.
  3. Hi all as above I have a midland gun company. 243 that doesn't feed properly, it has the floor plate feeding system that just seems to either miss the round altogether or jams up soi m looking for a new spring to see if that's the problem. If you have one please let me know. Thankyou.
  4. This is my rifle if you have any questions.
  5. Seemed to have double upped my thread, thankyou for your help guys much appreciated. All sorted now thanks to the man above.
  6. Thankyou that would be great.
  7. Hi all just purchased a midland gun company .243 it’s got original Parker Hale bases on it but dovetail or weaver mounts don’t fit, it seems I need original Parker Hale rahs 3 medium 1inch mounts or change the bases to accept weaver mounts , just wonderd if anyone has one or the other lying around somewhere. Thanks.
  8. Traditional New Hand Made Heavy Duty Chicken Ark. This ark is 3ft long x 3ft wide x 3ft high, this is the recommended size for 7 chickens also has one external nest box which free range regulations advise one nest box for 7 hens. The nest box has hinged drop down front and is secured via a shute bolt, it can also be removed from ark by removing four screws. The floor is made from 12mm ply which sits on 75x50mm bearers so is raised 3 inches off the floor to stop rodents nesting underneath and to make it easier to push around. The framing is 45x45mm so is strong and sturdy and screwed together using 4” screws. The boards used are 15mm high quality tanilised redwood shiplap and nailed to frame with 2” galvanised nails. The ark has a lift off side panel for easy cleaning and a sliding pop hole door, there is wire covered ventilation holes at the the top of each end and also comes with a removable perch. The ark does disassemble. All the wood inside and out has been painted in creocote, this is an oil based product that will preserve the wood and also deters red mite. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Thankyou. £185 Can email more pics as can’t upload any more.
  9. Devonhunter

    243 rifle

    There's a ruger on a airgun bbs for sale.
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