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  1. Hi just wandering if anyone could give me a rough idea of how much a 2004 honda foreman 450 is worth? just a rough idea would help quite tidy road reg..
  2. No we didnt, its on a block of 50acres about a mile away, left the stubbles over winter and dad only noticed when he was spraying the feild of
  3. But how much trouble could we get in if we did take it down?
  4. Well we rang planning enforcement this afternoon then seemed quite excited and are ment to be haveing a look tomorrow, the surveyors are going to set the boundary out aswell, land registery and documents from when we bought the land and defras maps for the farm payments are apparantly enough it seems pretty simple though it runs straight. The chap seems a bit cheesed of that were not just letting him have it, but his wife has rang my dad and appologised and said she told her husband not to build it there. So hopefully it will all be sorted. We think its time to put a nice chain link fence up around there house aswell incase they do it again.
  5. I understand about the permison/size/materials but, sureley they cant just build it on our land?
  6. Hi just a quick question. Our neighbour has started building a shed/garage around 30/40ft long oak frame, red brick walls. Problem is its now sticking out about 3/4 on to our feild? We went and asked the neighbour what they were doing and they just said sorry didnt think it would hurt and would we sell the land? We rang up the local planning office, no permision had been granted. We have also rang up the local surveyors and they are happy to come set out the feild boundary ( we have land registry documents aswell as the legal papers when we bought the land and defras maps they send us every year todo with the farm payments ) Now were stuck, we dont no whats the next step to take? We dont want to sell the land. Any ideas chaps?
  7. Hi you have probably seen on the news Joanna has gone missing. She is a relative on my dads side of the family and they are seriously worried now. If any one has any info please get in contact with the police. Thanks http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/dec/23/family-fear-joanna-yeates-abducted
  8. I was just thinking, everyone must have there own opinion on what makes a good days shooting. Mine would be a walked up days pheasant shooting watching my dog work whats yours?
  9. Have a look on guns on pegs, Jobs: Vermin Control Man ( unpaid) Im looking for a reliable vermin control man for a 3,600 acre shoot. This is an unpaid position but help with fuel and vehicle will be provided. The shoot is located in north derbyshire. Please get in touch for more details. Thats what the advert says.
  10. Yeah black cars look so nice when there clean, or when its raining! Although at the minute its annoying me looking at the water marks and dirt
  11. Fishleigh

    Car cleaning

    what products do you use to clean your car? my vw is black and i want to no how to keep it clean for longer, is there any particular wax for a black car i could use?
  12. Hi selling my golf so i can afford to go on holiday with some mates. Its a 130bhp model, 5 door in black, mot till april 2011, tax for 6months. Its done nearly 78000 miles it has fsh, mainly VW. The car is really tidy and it took me ages to find a mk4 in this condition. its registerd in 2004, on a 53 plate. everything is standard, it drives really well it has the 6 speed gearbox, and ive been getting around 48mpg. Any test welcome, its hpi clear but your welcome to check. Id like £5900 for it, but i am open to offers around that figure, just have a look on ebay or piston heads to see how much these cars fetch. PM for any info and Pictures
  13. 16hour days since thursday, first cut almost done!
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