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  1. I used to be a taxidermist a few years ago and the best and cheapest ive used was ,diesel "red or white " mixed with bicarbonate soda!!! You just remove all the flesh from the pelt ,nail it so its stretched to a board or table and paint on the diesel,bicarb mixture,leave for a few days (DEPENDS ON THE WEATHER CONDITIONS) till it soaks in ,then paint it again and leave untill the skin is cured right through (cut a small piece from the edge and it should be white all the way through) When it is fully cured you will have to soften the hide to make it pliable "google it" ps when you mix the diesel/bicarb it wants to be like paste ,and it wont smell of diesel when its cured cos the bicarb neutralises it.................
  2. I think this gun is better than your gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzrUPQKbFI0...feature=related
  3. This is just the start of the decline of the likes of E-Bay .Bang will go any bit of money you can make without paying the dreaded vat,Bang will go the family heirloom that you could sell to make up your jobseakers allowence to pay the gas bill ,every thing you buy online will give out your bank account numbers (encrypted ! arnt terrorists accounts ENCRYPTED but whos to blame ? "US" is we are the ones who have let the do-gooders get all these so called good ideas passed by the government and there is only one thing we can do to stop it and that is STICK together and get rid of all the lunatics in this country we call used to call ours,Rant over............................
  4. found on the net !!! had the same issue but found the files in the folder below. C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Temp\ The files seem to be about 5 or 6 exe files named a to F. I use vista so the path may be different for others. its possible the creator of the virus might have put something more dangerous along with this easy found virus. Anyway delete those files and empty bin. no more music. thank you.
  5. I know this is a tad naughty but !!! Take one to the pub with you and when your mate goes to the toilet split the chillie and rub it around the top of his pint ,watch his face when he has a drink ,first you will see him start licking his lips ,then he will ask if your pint TASTES ok then he will start swearing ( like F------ Hell my lips are on fire )lastly he will start drinking like a fish and so it starts all over again......
  6. anyone had an e mail from jurdreda.about new forum rules ? just went to open one and it tried to link me to a canadian healthcare website --------
  7. I used to be a taxidermist a few years ago,dont bother much now (To much paperwork and to many laws etc ) If you get stuck with owt give me a wire always happy to help if i can
  8. As an x taxidermist i have found that if you mix bi carbonate of soda with diesel (yes DIESEL) till you get a smooth paste and paint it on your pegged out skin ,leave for a couple of days and repeat .After another couple of days nick a piece of skin and it should be white in colour.This means that it is done and all you have to do is stretch it to soften it and no it wont smell of diesel cos the bi carb neautralises it .This method will work up to a deer size pelt.
  9. This is an exellent idea for preparing birds.Im sure somebody could manufacture one of these that would fit onto your tow bar or somewhere on your car/truck etc http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SUJ5PIytnIE&...feature=related
  10. To remove and cure a fox tail 1 shoot your fox 2 cut round the tail skin close to its vent 3 get two pieces of stick ,about as thick as your little finger about 6 inches long 4 put the sticks each side of the tail where you cut it,grip the sticks on both ends so that you make sort of a fox tail sandwich and pull upwards keeping the sticks tight together as you pull.The result will be the tail skin will pull of leaving the bone connected to the carcass. 5 Wash the now skinned brush in cold soapy water and let it air dry . 6 Go to the chemist or some BOOTS stores and get yourself a packet of BORAX POWDER (about £2 and will do about 20 brushes). 7 Open up the hole where the bone came from and with a bit of strong wire poke borax down the hole making sure it gets right down to the end. 8 When its full i usually cut a piece of wood so that it plugs the hole in the end tap in a couple of tacks so it wont fall out and thats it ,Hang it up in the shed and leave it for 3 weeks or so take out the wood plug empty out exess borax and put a decent piece of wood in the end to make a smart handle ------Hey Presto you have a profesional looking trophy as good as any taxidermist would sell you (take it from me i used to be one )
  11. Hi do you mind if i copy and saved this vid please as it is very helpfull and i have a few young uns who will be interested in watching it but dont have a pc.??:yes:?
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