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  1. On the one of the pics u can see both my guns but when the last pics was taken the autos had been put away
  2. We have nearly finnished cutting all our rape now (only 109 acres left) but it has p****d it down so we wont be cutting for a couple of days. But on the field we cut yesterday there must have been 300+ birds going on to it
  3. Could well be rape, a couple of farms near me have started to drill theirs already.
  4. It depends on wether he is harvesting or not. Try not to get him if something has broken down or something like that lol Either first thing in the morning or lunch time will probably be better. And yes I have noticed an increase in ferals recently too
  5. I have often thought about using 2 magnets but have never had the chance to try it yet. I was going to last week but we struggled to get one in the ground because it was so dry but I know many people who have used 2 with great success. the decoys should not make any difference to drawing the birds in
  6. the only trouble I had was an aching shoulder for a couple of days but I cured that by using my auto this time and had no problems
  7. the main reason is because it is game land and my boss does not really allow anyone to shoot the land because of trouble with shooter annoying the locals so he only allows the game shooters to shoot the land unless we are desperate to protect the crops and then he lets me organise a couple of days shooting for other guns and I might join them if I am not working.
  8. for both days the total amount of shots fired was around 950 for over 700 kills ( it might have been more with the light load but it is not far off) the pigeons decoyed better with the dead birds out in the pattern until it got to the stage where there was too many out and the birds struggled to decoy.
  9. Cheers mate, yeah we had a great time but both of our shoulders payed for it after, thats why on the second day both me and dad used autos most of the day
  10. We ended the day with 431 pigeons and 3 doves Dad shot 230 pigeons and I shot 201 + 3 doves After we had put the main birds in the truck we went for a drive round the field to collect the rest and pick up another 213 birds Dad collecting a bag of 90 birds 2 tray loads of birds
  11. It was way too hot really Day 2 Shooting over the same field but on harvested rape This time we went straight to the field to find it had been harvested and only a small handfull of birds were on the field so we went for a drive round the farm to look over the other swathed fields to find not many birds about so we went back to the first field and watched the flight lines and noticed a good line building up near the farm track. So we parked the truck up against the hedge under the flightline and put the net over the truck again and set up 2 hide (1 at the front of the truck which was mine and 1 at the back of the truck which was dads). The wind today was very unpredictable and it kept moving so it was not easy to set up a proper pattern but I put out 2 groups or plastic decoys about 30 yards out with a 20 yard gap between the 2 groups and in the middle we set up an electric flapper just to put some movement into the pattern. It was about 20 minutes before the first bird came in but it was a great decoying bird but I missed it but after this the birds slowly started to come back to the field but I dont think they wanted to feed on it because alot seemed to fly over next doors on to their standing wheat but the decoys brought them close enough to get some great shooting. Quite often the wind changed so it was in our faces again which pushed the flightline behind us over the track and a small pea field where we dropped alot of birds but we could not collect them because the farmer had started to cut the field. But one of the guys carting grain did pick a few up for his tea. The birds kept coming until around 7pm where it was like someone had turned a tap off, there was not a bird to be seen anywhere. We packed up all the birds we could which totaled 171 birds My 2 guns I was using on the day
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