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    ferreting, lurchers, shooting
  1. looks a good day mate, cracking action shots .
  2. good report and nice mixed bag , well done .
  3. never tried it but im led to believe rabbits dont bolt from smoke and just sit it out.
  4. aye the 1st quote i got was from big award winning local company, not much change from £20 k :blink: ! 2nd quote was from a small 2 man band and they were in the region of £14k !
  5. whats the law regarding drinking once youve parked up for the night ?
  6. as in title , doe's anybody work in landscape gardening / monoblocking business or has had work done recently? basically im looking to get my back door,driveway and front garden done, the work would be roughly 200 square metre's of burnt ochre monoblocking, ( prob bit less ) to do the drive way, back patio and path at front,with associated kerbing and borders, plus 2 monoblock drain covers and 4 downpipe traps, and 3 steps at the back re-covered and 2 at the front recovered, also looking for 24 square metres of artificial lawn, also a 2 metre by 7 metre concrete dog run base with drainage, an aco drain for the front of the garage, and a brick planter 600mm wide and 12.5 metes long and 500mm high, with concrete block at the back and facing brick at the front plus coping stone at the top, also a couple of tonnes of gravel for the planter and area at the front with geotextile membrane underneath, the area to be worked is currently got red chip's, concrete, tarmac and slabbed area's all needing removed, any rough price guides would be greatly appreciated, going to start getting more quotes, ive had 2 alreadty and was way more than i was expecting. . .
  7. had well devolped kits when gutting last week, then bolted 5 sqeekers yesterday
  8. jigga

    Morning Goose

    good show tam, could eat them the now ! what brand is your smoker ?
  9. cheers, aye numbers are way down our way, replys by pm
  10. mate is looking for the hire of a rabbit pen for the training of his 13 month old springer, ideally in central scotland, but other areas considered, willing to pay, cheers
  11. so is it an actual offence to consume alcohol and be in charge of a shotgun/firearm ?
  12. mashed tatties n mashed tumshie, tho i do like a bit of haggis pakora aswell
  13. good haul mate, nice to see the woodcock in the bag, hopefully be flushing some on saturday
  14. also a good shop in stewarton, ayrshire called pro-shooting supplies, worth a look aswell
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