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  1. Hi WelshAndy, Manchester area.
  2. Ifor williams p7e trailer with or without cage sides. PM me if anyone is selling one.
  3. hi foxy bingo no they left the trailer think they put quad in a van
  4. To all pigeon watch members, Could I ask you to keep your eyes open for my honda trx 420es 2007 quad that got stolen from my backyard in the early hours of the 12th of November. It was stolen from Shaw area near Oldham, in Greater Manchester. A distinguishing mark is a cut with an angle grinder approximately 4 inches by a quarter on the back left hand side fender, just in front of the rack (see picture). And fitted with over-sized tyres.
  5. sean bit more information if you would please for me and my mate
  6. Due to the number of people interested, it will take me a little time to filter through the applicants. I will get back to all the interested people as soon as possible.
  7. DIY Rough shooting syndicate near middlewich in cheshire needs 3 new members. 10 days pheasant shooting, number of pheasants depends on number of members. Duck shooting whenever you like in season. Plus pigeon, crow, and rabbit shooting all year. Must be willing to get involved with feeding and maintenance. Guns ideally with dogs. £450 per gun per year. Must have insurance. pm for more information.
  8. Just like to thank Caeser for the days pigeon shooting. Great day out. A true gent.
  9. shotput

    reloading 223

    Hi, 223 reloading gear wanted. Job lot if possible.
  10. shotput

    Tikka rifle.

    Wanted Tikka 223 T3 varmint. Full setup. Cash waiting.
  11. Nice box but to big for car
  12. Hi Just joined. This is my first posting. I live in the oldham area, and I like pigeon and rough shooting. Thought Id say hello and happy new year.
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