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  1. I had a friend went to live, in a tree, with a monkey. In Nepal. What sort of a monkey was it I hear you ask? A female monkey of course! As there was nothing "odd" about my friend!
  2. Correct 1922 Anglo Irish Treaty.
  3. Correct. This will be the border in the Irish Sea that the DUP decided that as they'd rejected May's proposed deal they accept as part of Johnson's deal. Turkeys voting for Christmas. Johnson has a majority of near eighty in Parliament. May didn't. So Johnson doesn't need the DUP but he will need the USA if he wants those supposed easy trade deal with America as it isn't Biden who has the power it is reserved to Congress not the President. The "Irish American" lobby "on the Hill" is powerful as is the Jewish lobby and is/was the NRA. The ship of the DUP having any clout over the British Prime Minister sailed with May's exist and Johnson's defeat of Corbyn. Johnson doesn't need them but he does, desperately, need a US trade deal. Which means all those "Irish American" Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators get to say "No". Guess who's going to be thrown under the bus? They are saying now in Northern Ireland that the initials DUP stand for DUP = Don't Understand Politics.
  4. I understand that it mostly comes from China. So when lead is banned in accordance with the wishes expressed by BASC and by the Countryside Alliance and etc. then the next thing that those that wish to ban shooting will attack will be the environmental cost of steel shot and the plastic cartridge case. Yet paying Danegeld never worked even though BASC and the CA believe that it will. But "Oh" they say we can use "eco wads". https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/safety-concerns-over-eco-wads
  5. I do have and in a traditional guncase too a THREE INCH CHAMBER with pistol grip side by side boxlock ejector. It has indeed a beavertail forend. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It and its case would be £200 cash on collection. From memory it's a double trigger but aside from that it has thirty inch barrels and looks good in its case. I am five minutes from J21 of the M1 at Leicester Forest East. Use postcode LE9 2AL as a rough location indication.
  6. Look on Guntrader for the BSA SKB 200 series of side by sides. Some sold as BSA but it was SKB that actually made them. They are a good well made gun. https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/reviews/shotgun/bsa-skb-model-200-12-bore
  7. Pre-emptive strike! I used to love it as the eating of them was sublime. Breasts, diced fat back bacon, done slow in a pie. Oh...the memories.
  8. Well as we may know from the rallying cry "Balle D et le revance pour Alsace Lorraine" (Balle D and revenge for Alsace Lorraine) the French in 1898 were using an all bronze bullet in their Lebel rifles. Known as Balle D the world's first spitzer miltary rifle bullet and at the time as revolutionary to war on the land as would later be the dreadnought battleship on the sea. Given that they issued the rounds into the millions I wonder if we've lost the knowledge of how to make monometal bullets in volume at cheap cost? As I am supposing that it wasn't merely a matter of low wages in ammunition factories being a factor?
  9. Yea! Like the .410 Zabala side by side that I bought that weighed over 6lbs! My late father's G E Lewis "Light Magnum" s/b/s 262 barrel boxlock ejector 20 bore with 2 3/4" chambers weighed less at 5lbs 12 ozs!
  10. What LEVER357 says pretty much word for word. John L Longstaff sold them in the late 1970s. Longstaff was what Tim Hannam's and Henry Krank then would subsequently emerge from and, indeed, operate still from the same address that John did.
  11. Exactly. But from my knowledge of what happened in relation to pistol shooting after the 1996 handgun ban it will become a closed self-selected coterie of individuals. There will effectively be no new entrants that this clique does not itself see fit to appoint. No longer how well can you shoot but now how well do you know X, Y or Z.
  12. I think what may be an issue is that so many of these were made with the at the time "in vogue" or "de rigeur" twenty-six inch barrels when English Skeet and DTL and Trap were the dominant clay sports. Sporting was unheard of save what were called "sporting" targets at weekend hay bale shoots over the farmer's field. As with any gun have the wall thicknesses checked and also looseness when closed as, as others say, spares may be an issue especilly springs and ejectors if those wear. It all depends on the price asked really. Oh...and if you are tall the length of pull, the stock, will be short! I had one of the S/B/S the BSA branded one and as the OP says they were unfaultable save for maybe a tad too much drop on the stock.
  13. If the OP is near Leicester I can let him "borrow" five or so Fiocchi 3" and five or so Eley 3" Subsonic and possibly Bornaghi to take away and try at his leisure if I am shown his valid SGC.
  14. So this unqualified ban that HSE has proposed shouldn't go ahead unlike the at the time unqualified ban that BASC proposed? Because be clear when in February 2020 BASC led this call for a voluntary ban it was published with no derogations, exceptions or exemptions proposed. Yet now is BASC saying that there should be derogations, exceptions and exemptions? That BASC saw fit not to mention two and a half years ago?
  15. I hope that the terms of sale back in WWII for the British Ministry of Supply were "Payment on Delivery" and not "FOB at Origin"!
  16. Yes. But unlike Letraset you never ran out of "e"s and ended up using "c"s with a bit from an "l" rubbed in!
  17. As long as his family don't let Mr Daley do them a deal on the hearse, car and bearers! George Cole and Dennis Waterman in "Minder". Good entertainment without the awful full on swearing and gratuitous violence that seems to be seen as a necessary all too often in today's TV.
  18. There are to my knowledge still commercial bullet casting businesses in the UK such as the excellent G M Bullets. For pistol calibre cartridges loaded with lead bullets are used in Winchester. Rossi, Marlin lever action carbines. I don't know of any non-lead (that is ALL non-lead) flat point factory loaded rounds in .38 or .44 or .45 and of no bullets sold separately that are all non-lead that have that flat point needed in carbines with tubular magazines.
  19. What further needs to be taken on by those that claim to be a "voice for shooting" is the possible knock on effect on reloading and the possession or value of such tools. 1) At a best case things may remain unchanged and stay the same for pistol, rifle, shotgun reloading. Save that some powder makers will not bother to produce data for non-lead bulleted cartridges or non-lead shot shotshells. For sure the old loading manuals will become redundant. I doubt also that such data will be made available for discontinued powders such as H414 and Etc.. The Lyman "Cast Bullets Handbook", RCBS #10 Manual and Etc, will be fit only for levelling the short leg on a "wonky" table. 2) Certainly moulds, sizing dies, lubrisizer machines, lead melting furnaces, bullet lubricant "sticks", bullet swaging equipment for home production of lead bullets and lead shot trickler machines to make lead shot by a short drop may become redundant and unsaleable. If you can no longer legally use such what is the value of equipment that has absolutely no use but to make bullets of lead of containing lead? 3) Reloading may be banned maybe on the belief that "some shooters are circumventing the ban by "making their own bullets or shot" and then "loading their own ammunition with lead bullets or lead shot" and I fear that there WILL be calls for this from the usual suspects that are opposed to shooting. So I hope that input needs NOW to be made about compensation for such things and that compensation must be from the public purse as with the handgun ban in 1996. I am not a member of BASC but of the CPSA. Those who are members of BASC and Etc, will, I hope ask the question of those organisations as I will be doing of CPSA as to what input they will make regarding home reloading.
  20. If you read the HSE proposals you'll see this... So there you go. It is indeed, it could be argued, all BASC's fault as clearly the HSE have clearly jumped on the BASC lead ban announcement to then use that to justify a ban on the sale of lead shot as practical because "a number of UK shooting and rural organisations have voluntarily committed to using alternatives to lead shot....". It should be clear to ALL that whatever money is spent from members' subscriptions on any "political officers" at Marford Mill is money down the lavatory. It'd be kind to call the process that as has led to this as naive. Probably less kind to call it incompetence. For what BASC with their voluntary ban document of February 2020 gifted to the HSE has now been used as justification for these extreme and harsh proposals. A clear demonstration of diplomatic skills and foresight last seen from the likes of Neville Chamberlain at Munich is maybe an apt comparison? Actions have consequences and actions not thought through have damning consequences. Simply put some at Marford Mill appear to me so gullibly inept as to be not fit for the leadership of this self titled "voice of shooting" that its members pay for.
  21. Thank you very much for that link. Thank you.
  22. My FAC and SGC are due for renewal on 4 June 2022. The FAC dates from 4 June 1976 when I was age nineteen. The SGC from maybe 1978 or later. For sure this will be my last renewal of the FAC as I am sixty-five this year and hill stalking for me is about done and dusted.
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