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  1. I would be interested in a comparison of all these recent guns with the old, rare, Laporte over and under.
  2. I often wondered about Powell's system. I did buy a 3" BLE from Powell's when David and Peter still were very much in charge at the Carr's Lane shop. Yet odd although you'd often see their fine 12/20 (and wow did I want one of those once) I never saw nor handled any gun with their lift up lever. Is it that bad then? It looks as if it would be "handy" so I'm guessing that it's not wet and cold thumb friendly then?
  3. Lucky not too have owned or used one long term IMHO. I have and gladly took up the option to return it within the vendors fourteen day "cooling off" period. The Westley top lever and dollshead is an inferior and clumsy system to the much superior and neater Scott spindle. If it were any good it would have been adopted by the main "best" makers long ago.
  4. There's a different way to reload a self opener. The gun stays always in the right hand and as the barrels drop the left hand reaches for the new cartridges to insert.
  5. Oops! I'd advise you that failing to inform your insurers that you've had an accident (even if both sides agree to take it no further) can lead to them voiding your policy. If you ever do that then get a picture of BOTH cars involved and sign and have signed two "declarations" on a piece of paper with the other driver that you have decided to take the matter no further. You keep one. They keep the other. BOTH should be identical and should state time, date and car registration numbers. Especially as it may also before May this year have led to claims for "whiplash" and etc., etc.. It still can but as many that "tried it on" now find out the law changed on 31 May. Which is your daughter's benefit. My own gut feeling is that the other driver has had so busy body friend or family member tell them that they could have gotten £XXX.
  6. Well! What's to say! That's a Holland's 1922 Patent type self-opening "tube" under the two barrels. I had a pair of 16 Bore single trigger sidelocks with the same system once upon a time. It is IMHO a better and simpler and more easily set up system than Beesley's that Purdey uses. My two French Manufrance boxlocks use a similar "Frenchified" adaptation. A skilled gunsmith or springmaker can put in a different spring strength to set the gun as an easy opener or a self opener. At twenty-eight years old that is a gun to have many happy years of use and to eventually to pass on to a coming generation. My only advice would be to please don't succumb to any stupid suggestions to have the thing sent for steel proof! You've a gun a gun that deserves to be serviced (when the time comes) with bismuth not steel. It is in truth what was once known with some pride by such makers as a "best boxlock"....for that is what it is a true "best boxlock"....all that a man of taste could ever wish for in a sporting gun. It is, to repeat, a really really nice gun. A "best boxlock". Something now that rarely will ever be seen again.
  7. There are many reasons that an investigation gets dropped by the CPS and I am sure the same reasons will have been used by the Met. Police leadership and its advisors. These can be such as insufficient evidence, no realistic likelihood of conviction, not in the public interest and several other reasons.
  8. Nice gun for an ounce of sixes IMHO. Or ditto sevens if expecting woodcock (latterly after the first falls) and partridge (currently).
  9. First off that case alone, today, would not give much change from £200 plus if new. So you've stolen the gun for £800. The wood assuming it is as nice on the "outer side" as on the "inner side" would cost maybe £350 for the blank today. So now your gun is £450. Which means you've got what is now sold by AyA for five figures (it is a Model 4 DE LUXE as you've asked) for a twentieth of the price. http://www.aya-fineguns.com/product/aya-no-4-de-luxe-2/ My advice? Buy a lottery scratchcard on the way out to the pub or off -licence or wherever. A lucky day like you've just had doesn't come along often! The only advice I'd give is to see what patterns it shoots as it may be quite tight? See how many "star" maks on the underside of the barrels just in front of the breech flats to get an idea.
  10. Indeed. All new cars have seat belts. All passenger liners have lifeboats. Make a thing mandatory and all must do it by law that cost comes out of the profits elsewise your price is no longer at a desirable price point. The Swiss did it with new build requiring nuclear bunkers.
  11. I am 100% anti wind power, solar power and all the rest of these renewables. Save for the fact that it will end the political leverage it gives to Putin and to the loathsome Saudi Arabian ruling dynasty.
  12. A good, traditional, locksmith such as Morgan's in Leicester would do this service. The true cost is their time and travel. So anything you can do to reduce that input will reduce your cost. Thus the best way is to actually deliver the cabinets to the locksmith then at least there are no travel costs incurred by the locksmith.
  13. Hounds at the end of what the hunt thinks is their useful life have always been "put down". It may nowadays be done by the gun but back before that they were hanged. Cartridges were too expensive to use for putting a dog down. That's where the term "a hang dog look" comes from. The method was to put the noose around the ends of the shafts on a two wheel cart and then turn the cart to raise shafts (and dog) into the air.
  14. My grandmother's was Mareham-le-Fen 242 and my late father and mother's went from Kirby Muxloe 131 to Kirby Muxloe 3131 to Leicester (0533) 393131 to Leicester (0116) 2 393131 over the course of near sixty years. Thank Heaven for push button dialling! Imagine dialling 0116 2 393131 on a rotary dial? Making the call in 2021 would now take longer than the call itself!
  15. Most cases used in the UK by the major cartridge makers aren't brass headed either. They are steel headed with a brass wash. The best quality cases are, as others also know, American cases for the reasons noted. Those and the fact that the brass head really is brass and not steel with a brass wash.
  16. Yes. Or that there had been a "miscount" at the end of the exhibition. It also was high end watches in motorway service station car parks. In the Midlands it was usually....the story....after an exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Or sets of quality kitchen knives. To prove it was genuine the seller would have a respected glossy magazine with an advert for the same watch or knives at £XXX price. Yes it was the same watch but the truth was the people making the watches or knives and supplying these sellers had also placed the advertisement. And the watch or knife set was worth very little. But in that advert the price was indeed shown as £XXX. You were truly getting the very same thing that was shown but what was shown in the magazine was never ever worth £XXX to begin with.
  17. There may be a criminal offence. I'd speak to the police. It may be...if the offence still exists under the Theft Act of obtaining money by deception.
  18. I had thought this or a similar seeming method was long made "illegal"? By George Osborne when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer? Buying a company for £XXX to avoid paying Stamp Duty as that company owned a house worth £YYY and in buying the company you also got the house as it was owned by that company you'd just purchased? And that the cahnge was made some time ago? This: Or as the press put it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2644997/New-door-mansion-tax-celebrities-Mick-Jagger-Bob-Geldof-puts-extra-210million-Britains-coffers.html
  19. It's a good gun the Yeoman. As I said I think it looks "neater" than the No 3 as I am a 100% believer that form should follow function.
  20. Yeoman here... https://www.cfsporting.co.uk/userfiles/product_image/60926d3d04dc9-aya-yeoman-0.jpg No 3 here... https://www.drivensporting.co.uk/images/shotguns/large/100213_1.jpg The thing to notice is the way the lockwork is kept in place with what you might call screws or pins etc.. On the Yeoman it's like a traditional low cost British boxlock. A look I prefer as it is neat and simple. On the No 3 the first thing to notice is "there's a lot of slotted screw heads to be see there!" So on the Yeoman you'd need a punch to remove the lockwork on a No 3 you'll need a turnscrew.
  21. This. If you are having a long lunch then either start earlier OR drive beats that don't involve walking a quarter of a mile or more to drive the birds.
  22. A side view of the action would help decide if it's a No3 or a Yeoman.
  23. Ah technically you're correct. The .303 is known as a Martini-Enfield. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martini–Enfield
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