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  1. I will take the 243 dies please, pm me your details . steve
  2. I was just about to make some pear wine and banana wine but am completely lost by all the different methods and recepies on the net, can someone link me to a proven formula or share their secret one with me . regards steve.
  3. gizzard

    tikka stock

    thanks for the reply but its the adjustable stock im after . steve.
  4. gizzard

    tikka stock

    looking for a tikka t3 supervarmint or t3x stock for 243 hunter regards steve.
  5. I am changing my little vitara for something a bit bigger but I need a 4x4 with manual selection like the vitara has, have been looking at the rav 4 around the 06 year but don't know if any models of the rav have manual shift or are they constant 4 wheel drive . the other option is a petrol grand vitara around the 07 mark, any other makes of 4x4 which have manual shift that you guys recommend. regards steve.
  6. you were right guys it was hexamita that the poults were diagnosed with , I just found the paperwork. steve.
  7. last year we lost a lot of poults with a form of toxicosis in our pens, we have cleared all the brambles and undergrowth ready for treating the ground and have been told that lime is the best treatment to kill the lavae. anyone had this problem in their pens before and what did you use to cure it, lime or other chemicals . regards steve.
  8. so 4mill per litre at 2.5 % sounds good, can overdosing cause side effects with panacur. steve.
  9. have just noticed first signs of gapes , what dosage of panacur to a ltr of water is the normal mix. the panacur is 2.5 % thanks steve.
  10. I used hazel a few times till her husband found out
  11. gizzard


    no bud, I take it there are some for sale on there, I will join. thanks steve.
  12. gizzard


    bsa ultra or scorpion in .22 cal multishot please. somerset area
  13. gizzard

    vitara tyres

    based in taunton, somerset
  14. gizzard

    vitara tyres

    hi, im after a set of 205/,70x15 all terrain tyres or something similar, ive got insa turbo special tracks on at the moment but I have to do a bit of road driving now and they are rather loud,.. but brilliant off road. could do a swap if anyone needs full off road tyres.
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