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  1. Just as a precaution,,is it UK proofed and stamped as such? I only ask because I has some issues with a Remington 1100 I bought which had come into the UK via an American serviceman and wasn't proofed. It had been sold though a couple of dealers before I got it and there was a degree of red faced foot shuffling as we sorted it out!
  2. https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2019/5/grafton-trial-sealed-with-a-kiss?utm_campaign=966558_Newsletter%20-%20240519&utm_medium=dotmailer&utm_source=Countryside%20Alliance&dm_i=44G9,KPSU,1MIQQA,2EWX2,1
  3. https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/evidence-from-the-ngo-on-general-licences-for-bird-control https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/secretary-of-state-told-to-sort-it-out-now-by-the-ngo
  4. https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/livestock-farming-is-part-of-the-solution-series.285510/ Putting out the counter arguments to the current attacks on country life.
  5. Whilst is seems sensible it does place at least part of the responsibility for conforming to the rules onto the landowner who may not be too keen to shoulder that extra burden. Far better that it is the responsibility of the shooter to do what need to be done . The "50.000" individual licenses are a separate issue to the General License which we all rely on for everyday pigeon control.
  6. Well,,,I shall doubly deter them with TWO pigeons with outstretched wing mounted on a device which rotates in a frightening fashion !
  7. This just arrived. https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2019/5/averting-a-general-licence-crisis?utm_campaign=938682_Newsletter%20-%20030519&utm_medium=dotmailer&utm_source=Countryside%20Alliance&dm_i=44G9,K4AI,1MIQQA,2C9BJ,1
  8. NGO Update. https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/further-important-update-on-ne-licences
  9. https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/further-information-on-the-revocation-of-general-licences-in-england Just got this from NGA.
  10. There you go, https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/welcome-yorkshire-boss-sir-gary-verity-resigns-amid-expenses-investigation-411499 Corrupt !!
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/mar/29/scandal-hit-yorkshire-tourism-group-paid-public-funds-gary-verity Another example of the unacceptable side of cycling. They really do believe that they are untouchable up there on the high moral ground.
  12. Rust behind the headlight area and in the back where the jack lives,,,and where the seatbelts mount to the chassis. Kingpins and wheel bearings worn can give rise to the "Death Wobble". If its a VVT engine with push buttons for 4wd and low box check that both work correctly. You can engage 4wd and low box when still rolling,,wheels straight, clutch depressed. If 4wd doesn't function its easy to change to manual hubs for not much money. Low box problems are usually the solenoid switch which engages it and is not hard to replace. Have a look on here to find out more. https://www.bigjimny.com/index.php
  13. See what you mean !!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-Jimny-Sz5-Top-Spec-PETROL-MANUAL-2019-19/312560299297?hash=item48c60bad21:g:89oAAOSwzlRcpjqC
  14. As has been said,,if field prepped two will fit in easily, in one of those giant builders bags that sand etc is delivered in,, though I have removed the rear seats completely which gives quite a bit of extra room. It might be worth considering the soft-top version Jimny if you want a really bulky load carried. At the price of a KAP you are virtually into brand new Jimny prices, which would seem to be a better deal .
  15. The worst part of the course for me was the bit at the start where you are asked to reveal the circumstances surrounding the event. With some reluctance I told the room about my trip out on midsummers night eve,,going up to the stone circle above Keswick to dance around with a lady Pagan of my acquaintance. She was a well built girl and as we went past Whoop Hall,,just before Devils Bridge on the road to the Lakes,,she decided to change her top for something more suitable,,there and then in my VW van. Well,,,,I was momentarily distracted,,as you would be, just as I went through the 40 limit at 45 . I thought it was well worth £100 and a good talking to.
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