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  1. What piece of emotive claptrap ! Where are the "thousands " of dying birds? Surely the WORLD WILDFOWL TRUST can do better that that when they attempt to substantiate the unprovable.
  2. Not to worry,, I hope you find something.
  3. A Baikal IJ27 O/U like new with NO splits in the stock. Full and half choke. 28" Barrels. £75.00. Collection only.
  4. It just says for the Medium Tank-M3. Rotory 5.pdf
  5. Rotory engine 1.pdf Rotory 2.pdf Rotory 3..pdf
  6. Just as an aside, has anyone seen or knows how the crankshaft/big end is arranged on these rotary engines. it had me baffled until I got an old WW2 handbook for a Continental Red Seal Tank Engine, R-975EC-3 and all was revealed.
  7. Does the National Game Dealers Association have any connection whatsoever with the BASC ?
  8. Not sure if this is relevant but I've been shooting crows today with Gamebore super steel, 32g No. 5 in a 70mm or "2 3/4" case. My Baikal SxS is choked 1/2 and full. Only a problem for the crows !
  9. Is the fluting to reduce chattering on soft metal, brass or aluminium ?
  10. Quite right ! If its the O/U gun you are meaning, Remove the barrel from the action and firmly press the ejectors against a handy tree or bench. With a suitable screwdriver gently prise up the other end of the ejector until it will slide out when you carefully release the pressure of the tree etc. Repeat with the opposite side and there you have it. I find that cutting two or three coils off the springs makes the gun far easier to open and the ejection less savage. After polishing and lubricating simply push the ejector and spring firmly back into place.
  11. Best thing you can do with any .22 silencer is carefully wrap it with 2mm self adhesive neoprene and then a layer of self adhesive shrink tube . It deadens any ringing noise or resonance.
  12. Thanks for that insight. As you say, its different to the IJ56 type action which is the one normally seen which has Baikal's own design action. If you see an IJ26 Baikal SxS advertised its a very similar Anson and Deeley action. The way to tell is that the section where the stock abuts the action is straight as opposed to the curved junction of the IJ56 or the newer IJ43 ? These guns are about and are always a bargain price. On Gunstar at the moment there is a Baikal SxS for sale which is sparsely described as a model 54. There are no pictures but I'll bet its a sleeper and is an IZH54 for li
  13. Thanks for that, I mentioned that particular site earlier in the year and its a gem. The language is a delight but ambiguous and feeds the story that there may be some type of "intercepting sear" in there somewhere. Its but a small backwater in the scheme of things but fascinating nevertheless.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. Its a subject that crops up from time to time when discussing the IZH54 but with little certainty one way or the other. The image above is in fact from the 1954 to 1958 version without the disc set strikers and rebounding hammers . Mine is the later, early 60's type and as soon as it arrives I'll open it up and photograph the innards for all to enjoy.
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