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  1. Just to add a variation to the list of possible ways to transfer a shotgun, I saw a gun I wanted at a dealers in the South West. After short exchange of information, pictures and a scan of the front page of my certificate I paid for the gun by bank transfer. The shop then sent it to my RFD who I paid for his trouble and it was entered as GIVEN by him when filling out my certificate. ? All seemed well and West Yorks were happy to accept this when I notified them of the acquisition. I seemed sensible at the time.
  2. Stonepark, after you mentioned the possibility of reversed choke I checked the bores of the barrel set I used, to a distance of about 6" from the muzzle and found that the last 2" were about 1.5 thou larger that the bore. This was measured with a comparator gauge and was the same in both barrels. I then checked the other barrel set, which I haven't pattern tested yet and found that they were exact cylinder right to the muzzle. Clearly there is more patterning to be done with this barrel set. Wymberley. I will try the Fiocchi cartridges again because in other guns I've found them to be quite reasonable and perhaps this reversed choke situation is giving a misleading result and the barrels are indeed guilty !
  3. My word, its a lot of walking to and fro with sheets of unruly paper to do this pattern testing ! However, I am starting to see some light now. I tested at 30yds simply because its a reasonable decoying distance and it will give me some guidance as to the likely state of the pattern density a little further out which I will fine tune at a later date. The original cartridge which gave me no confidence was the Fiocchi Pigeon 32g No.6 but as I have none at the moment wasn't tested. I shot 10 cartridges of each of the following types at 30 yds, listed according to their relative success or failure. Hull Imperial Game. 28g No.6. ranged between 45 and 50% Hull Imperial Game 30g no.6 ranged between 45 and 48% Henry Krank (Eley) 30g No.7 gave an average of 38% Eley Pigeon Select 30g No.6 gave an average of 43% Gamebore White Gold 28g 7.5 gave an average of 41% Eley HV Pigeon 32g No.6 gave an average of 33% Given that all this is at 30yds and roughly the distance I would use this particular barrel set at then I can only conclude that my limited and untested attempts with the Fiocchi cartridge gave a very misleading view and a lesson to all to pattern test before chasing other solutions to poor performance ! I'm rather glad that the Hull cartridges seemed to work well as they are a favourite in my posh Baikal, choked at 5 and 15 thou and seem to knock everything out of the sky that I point it at. I'm not sue that I would like to pattern test that one for fear of finding something which knocks my confidence in it. I'll take this gun with me on Saturday as a second gun and use it when the opportunity presents itself .
  4. Now I feel left out of all these memories, surely there are some gathering dust in someone's "never again" cupboard.
  5. Although I'm a great fan of their guns, I feel that my education is incomplete as I've never had the chance to fire any of these legendary cartridges through them. Does anyone have a few knocking about that they may wish to sell ? I promise to only fire them through a SxS, at dusk, preferably next to an unsuspecting guest ! Sorry, this should be in Cartridges or Wanted. Feel free to move Mods please.
  6. Snap caps,,,,Pah ! Get a Baikal IZH54 which allows you to lower the hammers gently by opening the gun then pull and hold both triggers when closing it. Simple.
  7. Lots of good advice there which makes me think that mechanically adjusting the barrels is a non starter and I should do some testing with a variety of cartridges to get some tightening of the pattern in one set of the cylinder barrels. Its only a fancy but I do use two other guns choked at 5 and 15 thou which give lovely patterns out to 40yds with my favourite Eley Pigeon Select 30g No.6. I've got a couple of boxes of Gamebore White Gold, two boxes of Henry Kranks 30g No7 (Eley?) and some Imperial Game 28g No6 to try this week some time so its out with the survayors tape and the lining paper !
  8. The bore of the ported/ventilated section of the barrel is quite a lot larger that the barrel I.D. so shouldn't interfere with any choke adjustments. However, could you recommend a high antimony clay cartridge to try in 28g 7.5 ? I have limited experience of target shooting and only use the Fiocchi TT1 type for the occasional straw bale shoot locally, purely for the fun of it. I agree that tuning the ammunition would be a far more sensible option. As an afterthought, I may try some steel cartridges where I am allowed to because it seems to be claimed that plaswad+steel do pattern more closely than fibre. This too would have to be pattern tested to check its veracity. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Sorry for the delay answering. just watched a very exciting Tour de France mountain stage. Plenty to think about there before making any mechanical alterations. My bore gauge gave no sign of a choke restriction in any of the barrels but I'll check that. Cartridge selection is something I've started to try, using 30g 7 (Kranks) and 32g 6 Eley Pigeon HV but not on a pattern plate yet so absolutely no proper evidence at all yet, just a feeling that the pattern was a bit slack. I use Eley Pigeon Select in 30 g 6 as a base cartridge with the occasional Fiocchi TT1 28g 7.5 which does seem nearly right. I'll give a proper pattern test with these and some other similar cartridges and report back. Thanks for the help.
  10. I now have a second set of these fierce looking Brno 301 barrels also choked cylinder and cylinder. Whist I do use the original cylinder/cylinder pair, to some effect on the right occasion I would like to have a tad more choke, 0.005" in at least one barrel of the new set and wondered if this can be achieved by jug choking. The barrel walls at the muzzle have plenty of meat on them so they should be safe to open out a little. Has anyone had this done, by whom, and were they happy with the result ?
  11. A chap like this was it !!
  12. I don't think you need one for cylinder. Just refit the screwed end and off you go. I ran mine like that for years.
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