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  1. If you are allowed to keep the barrels I'd love to buy them to practice browning methods on.
  2. Just a thought,,would you like it back for what I paid for it ? I'm looking for another project now and am running out of space! I put in a new top lever spring and one firing pin.
  3. The finish is just the stock oil that I mix. 2/3 boiled linseed, 1/3 turpentine and a dash of alkanet oil to give it a reddish tinge. Rub it on the barrel as you would an oiled stock and leave to set. It takes a few days to dry and definitely hardens with age. Nice to hear from you. The gun is still doing what it does best.
  4. Yes I believe so, sometimes called twist as well. Its a far simpler process than Damascus.
  5. The effect of the steaming is I believe the partial conversion of the ferrous oxide to ferric oxide, which is black and more easily seen.
  6. Clearly each barrel is made of a slightly different twist material and it was hard to try to reveal the LH pattern. The first rusting didn't show much but I persevered Eventually I managed to get this pattern out, not perfect by any means but I did discover that by gently steaming the barrel after the final rust and before the final carding increased the contrast somewhat.
  7. I got an old hammer gun from a member on here a few years ago and used is occasionally with home loaded black powder cartridges. Recently its been sitting in the cabinet gathering dust so when giving it a look over I noticed an old rust patch under the blued barrels which needed tidying up. A rub with wire wool revealed some lines which suggested that there may be something other than the fluid steel that I assumed they were made of. Its not a good picture but you can just see the lines. The barrel was rubbed down to 800 grit and then a series of etches tried to get the pattern out, star
  8. https://huntsfish.com/page16.html I'm constantly researching esoteric Baikal information and came across this gem today.
  9. Absolutely right about the drop and if you look carefully on the middle gun you'll see the ebony comb raiser I made to counteract this to a degree. Someone had removed virtually all the comb on that one and the addition has made it useable.
  10. Ah yes, I forgot to mention the cocking indicators sat neatly each side of the top lever. I have just parted with my Greener GP to make space, a cracking gun !
  11. Thought I'd join in the fun with my set of SxS shotguns. These are from left to right an IJ56 non ejector, a later IJ 56 with more decoration and finally an IJ26 non ejector. The first one has been very heavily used and has little finish left on it , just the patina of regular use but still rock tight and with perfect bores. The middle one had been, I think stored in a wet sack for ten years and was well rusted on the outside but perfect within so I just cleaned it and browned the barrels. The last one, on the right, is a bit special. An IJ26 with the Anson and Deeley type action is of far hig
  12. Yes, its still available. I got some online last year after my supplier at the local museum retired ! Unfortunately he collected it this morning I only had time for Mrs V. to take quick shot of the pattern. The plan was to share the gun on driven partridge on Wednesday when we planned for a better photo shoot, though it seems that it will have to wait now.
  13. This is the result of re-browning a rusty old Damascus SxS 12 bore belonging to a friend. First I rubbed down the remaining old browning, then drawer filed and polished to 800 grit all the rest. A two hour etch in mild Boric acid solution, a wipe down then a shorter etch in copper sulphate solution brought out the pattern nicely. I used the slow browning solution from Peter Dyson next at the rate of one coat then a card down then re-coat every 24 hrs for 6 days. A final wipe light card then a sluice down in bicarbonate of soda solution to neutralise the acid . A good wipe with linseed oil thi
  14. My W&J Davies hammer SxS has exactly that feature, 1/2 choke in the RH barrel and a slack 1/4 in the left.
  15. I've found these people usually have most things Baikal. https://southertonguns.com/
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