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  1. Its difficult to get power consistency without some modifications. Is it running at FAC power levels ? If so then the best results can be achieved with a much heavier hammer and spring to match. The original plastic type need too much spring pressure to open the valve consistently. They also tend to hang up/grab a little on the barrel. I had "Leupey" ? make me a 21" barrel, that was much thicker than standard, new bushes and hammer together with some valve work and it ran at 28 ft/lbs for about 50 shots. This, together with a 10" AWT over barrel silencer made an effective and interesting rabbit gun. If you Google Stealth for sale I think my gun still appears there !
  2. At last !! Someone very local who has just started shooting wanted to try a SxS and gave me a call. I'm dropping it off for him in the morning. It will probably do as a decent yardstick to determine what he may like to move on to afterwards because some will say that after a Baikal anything will seem better ! Just not me.
  3. Give John a ring on 0121 745 4287. He worked his magic on my S10 some years ago now and its run perfectly ever since. He's a delight to meet, a complete gent.
  4. Lots of possibilities there, I'll have a look around. Certainly not paying the £40+ that they are advertised at online. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. As long as you didn't pay a fortune then the short one which looks to be choked cylinder may still be useful. Whilst the cylinder Baikal I had wouldn't pattern with the cartridges I used the Brno I recently got with skeet/cylinder chokes worked well on clays which were reasonably close or incoming, just as it did on pigeons last week which were decoying in. I was using 30g No. 7 in the cylinder Brno for pigeons and it did pretty well.
  6. Too late, by reading my advise he has in fact agreed to accept the free SxS I'm offering at the moment. Always read the small print !!
  7. Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced source for these batteries for my magnet please. I bought one off here a few years ago and its just starting to slow down a little after 3 or 4 hours. I was quite surprised at the prices quoted online.
  8. If its a single trigger type then it will have selectable barrels, when its cocked push the trigger blade forwards to select top barrel first. It only gives the slightest of clicks to indicate switching, otherwise its the usual bottom barrel first. They should both have selectable ejectors which are switched on and off with the small screws at the front of the action above the hinge pin. I think that with the screw slot in line with action is extract, 90 degrees turn in either direction is eject. This comment comes with a free SxS Baikal.
  9. A couple of points regarding those Russian beauties. They should both be half and full choke but it would be worth checking that the short barrelled one hasn't been cut down to open the chokes. Any sort of choke measurer will do to get a simple comparison between the two guns. Some of them have some subtle cross hatching on the ends of the ribs which may be missing if they have indeed been cut down. I only mention this because one I had was opened up like this and wouldn't pattern to save its life ! The other thing is that the ejector spring can be very fierce making the gun quite hard to open as well as being anti-social. A few coils cut of the springs cures this. Enjoy !!
  10. Its still here I'm afraid but I'm probably going to gift it to my local straw bale clay shoot as either a spare for a fun round or to give to someone deserving.
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments chaps, there IS a new Baikal owner out there somewhere, they just don't know it yet !
  12. I urgently need to clear some space for yet more guns so this one needs to go. Its a non ejector, 28" barrel, full and half choke, LOP 14 1/2" and has been completely stripped and cleaned. I've put two pins in the stock as a preventative measure because it showed signs of cracking where they all do. There are two patinated lumps out of the stock which give it a certain charm. As a spare gun for any occasion or for the completely skint its cheap enough.
  13. Although this is about the SxS Brno it gives some idea of the strength of the design. There is a link to someone doing the same with an O/U but i cannot put my finger on it at the moment. http://forums.nitroexpress.com/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=185191&page=0&fpart=all&vc=1
  14. They look pretty mean don't they.
  15. Not to everyone's taste but a curiosity for all that. I forgot to mention the unusual trigger sequence. The front trigger operates the top barrel, the rear on operates the bottom barrel first then the top barrel like most single trigger guns. The reason for this set up seems to be because of the possibility of one of the several interchangeable barrels being a drilling and the likely use of the rifle top barrel first when confronted by a charging boar !! Brno info 2.pdf
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