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  1. https://youtu.be/SpKKqek8v3U Nothing else to say.
  2. After such a public display of goodwill I'd prefer you to donate my £10.50 to one of the old folk as you see fit. Perhaps one of them will get lucky. That is the end of this matter !
  3. So.....have you posted my knives along with those who have received them ?
  4. No sign of mine ,,,,yet !!
  5. He offered me a refund too together with the offer to re-send the knives. I agreed to wait for a second attempt at delivery but nothing materialised and no more communication. As has been said, its only a tenner but it leaves a nasty taste nevertheless. Thanks for the link but I would prefer the carbon type that Mora offer and will probably end up buying some from another source.
  6. Over a month now and still no pair of knives from "dodeer" despite accepting his excuses and allowing more time for delivery. Are many others in the same situation ? I do plan to take further action soon if nothing is forthcoming as this is completely unacceptable on a decent forum of honest people.
  7. Perhaps he can do the same for me too !!
  8. These people seem to have most of what I've needed for Baikals. https://southertonguns.com/
  9. No,,not the Black grass we can't,unfortunately,,,,,but the patches can be useful later in the year when corn is ripe and pigeon may use the gaps and patches to get access to the grain. I used them frequently this last harvest.
  10. As previously said,,the first pictures are of black grass patches sprayed off with glyphosphate or equivalent. All my farms on the lower edge of North Yorks suffer from this.
  11. It only happened in the last few days and he's still feeding "normally". I'll pop down in the morning and shoot him. I just wondered if anyone had come across anything like it and how they dealt with it.
  12. Photographed yesterday this deer is nearby and I do have permission to reduce the numbers when needed. The point is,,do I shoot it straight away,,wait until its gets trapped and try to cut the wire away,,or watch and wait for the antlers to drop. Tricky !
  13. These people have a really good selection,,and not too far from you either. www.mgrguns.co.uk
  14. A pair of either black or green for me too please. PM me payment details.
  15. How about, " Sanctimony". You'll never be wrong and the stench lingers for ages.
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