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    Smart Meter

    Not if you tell them that there is a very poor phone signal in the vicinity of the meter which would inhibit the transmission of meter data. This is in fact true but they were happy to accept my declaration that it is the case. No meter for me !
  2. I could never get on with the swivel base on the shorter 6"/9" type because whenever you place the rifle on the ground,on the bipod, the weight of the rifle +scope +add on night vision would tend to cause it to topple over. I find that its far more stable to adjust the legs to get things level.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I was out today with the 3" gun on some barley stubble on a slow flight line and managed to drop the first eight without a miss ! though things did go downhill a little later on. I took some pattern boards out with me and a tried half a dozen shots at 40yds with each barrel at 3/8 and 7/8 Baikal chokes and it looked fine. I'll do a more thorough patterning later.
  4. I've recently bought a third Baikal O/U multi-choke with a 3" chamber rather that the 2 3/4" of my earlier ones. I tend to use Eley HV Pigeon/Fibre which are rated at 70mm length. Will there be any noticeable difference in performance due to the wad not seating in the bore quite so soon ?
  5. A few drops of your favourite oil from one of these makes the job very easy. 10ml needle tip squeezy bottle. 303561230774
  6. I've got one of these Davis guns of a similar age,,but nowhere near as well finished. Yours is a different design to mine with the top bolt and scalloped action and looks very elegant. If you look at the name carefully you should see that it is W and J Davis, a detail someone on the American "Doublegunshop" forum pointed out to me, very politely, but implying that one should know more about ones own countries history!
  7. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/06/17/thousands-sign-petition-shut-down-guardian-links-slavery-anti-lincoln-propaganda/
  8. I use that too, its an alarming name though when it comes up on e-mails or paypal notifications ! Roughly 20% of this, 20% proper turpentine and 60% boiled linseed gives a very effective and reasonably priced oil for initially treating and later for maintaining a stock. Rub it well for a satin finish or leave it to dry shinier if you prefer.
  9. I'm looking for a couple of Baikal O/U chokes, 1/4 and 3/4 . Does anyone have any knocking about please ?
  10. Thanks for the DVLA link. I expect its in some collection now,,gathering dust , and value. I'll see if I can re-photograph some old prints in digital format to put up on the site.
  11. Perhaps this would help;
  12. Yes, mine was a 1966 Venom Clubman with the semi-close ratio gearbox and the correct reversed gearlever. I rode it all over the place,,raced it at Cadwell and Scarborough for several seasons, ran at Esholt and Elvington sprints. Where are you now LWX 13D ?
  13. Sharp eyes there !!. Its certainly an odd looking beast and now I need to find someone who wants it.
  14. Just looking through a box of bits and found this. Any idea's on who fitted such a device and to what gun ? Its marked as MOD.
  15. To quote Charles Dickens " The main problem with the internet is that it gives every fool a platform" !
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