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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/06/17/thousands-sign-petition-shut-down-guardian-links-slavery-anti-lincoln-propaganda/
  2. I use that too, its an alarming name though when it comes up on e-mails or paypal notifications ! Roughly 20% of this, 20% proper turpentine and 60% boiled linseed gives a very effective and reasonably priced oil for initially treating and later for maintaining a stock. Rub it well for a satin finish or leave it to dry shinier if you prefer.
  3. I'm looking for a couple of Baikal O/U chokes, 1/4 and 3/4 . Does anyone have any knocking about please ?
  4. Thanks for the DVLA link. I expect its in some collection now,,gathering dust , and value. I'll see if I can re-photograph some old prints in digital format to put up on the site.
  5. Perhaps this would help;
  6. Yes, mine was a 1966 Venom Clubman with the semi-close ratio gearbox and the correct reversed gearlever. I rode it all over the place,,raced it at Cadwell and Scarborough for several seasons, ran at Esholt and Elvington sprints. Where are you now LWX 13D ?
  7. Sharp eyes there !!. Its certainly an odd looking beast and now I need to find someone who wants it.
  8. Just looking through a box of bits and found this. Any idea's on who fitted such a device and to what gun ? Its marked as MOD.
  9. To quote Charles Dickens " The main problem with the internet is that it gives every fool a platform" !
  10. I have both and they seem to be 67mm printed on the case and claim to be suitable for 2 1/2" chambers.
  11. So true,,,,an endless stream of pure garbage.
  12. Australian asparagus !
  13. Quick update. Just been watching one of the adults feeding the brood at the nest box entrance. Noisy little things !!
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