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  1. These people have a really good selection,,and not too far from you either. www.mgrguns.co.uk
  2. A pair of either black or green for me too please. PM me payment details.
  3. How about, " Sanctimony". You'll never be wrong and the stench lingers for ages.
  4. Velocette

    PPI job losses

    I bet all the snowflakes will be claiming that they were mis-sold Brexit and claiming for their hurt and distress !
  5. Don't hold your breath,,literally, old'un. He wouldn't even break wind for fear it would contribute to climate change or offend someone somewhere in the world !
  6. Whats that then,,,,embroidery rage or simply carelessly used language ?
  7. That's the way to do it ! https://nypost.com/2019/09/04/thousands-to-attend-bbq-outside-home-of-vegan-who-sued-neighbors-over-smelly-meats/?utm_source=facebook_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site+buttons&utm_campaign=site+buttons&fbclid=IwAR1n1ksI73ItLwXKPIqqt6cms142wbYKBi1_fowBFzSAd80rbQ2ojQk9QaU
  8. That makes perfect sense,,,thanks for the clarity of your explanation.
  9. Who said every day is a school day? If these are thrust bearings does that mean that they are primarily designed to take end loading rather than the peripheral load of a wheel rotation.? I'm quite confused now.
  10. Sorry I wasn't clear,,these are the ball bearings that I took out,,,the taper rollers I replaced them with were the same construction but with tapers and corresponding tracks instead of balls.
  11. That's right,,and so do the Jimny owners club but these taper rollers are listed and do fit. I was curious as to why they chose balls when rollers are available. The ball bearing assembly looks like this. Two inners,two races and one outer. The inners nip up to the back of the stub axle and the outer is located by a flange and a circlip.
  12. Its on a 2006 Jimny. The bearing fits into the wheel hub/disc carrier assembly. Its pressed into a lipped housing. First one set of rollers then its outer bearing track ,then the second outer bearing track and the second set of rollers dropped in. The outer housings have an inner lip which protrudes through each set of rollers.The whole lot is retained by a large circlip. The retaining nut pulls the centres together against axle. There is no adjustment possible with this or a ball bearing for that matter. The torque figure for the retaining nut is mentioned as being important.
  13. I recently replaced a front wheel bearing with a replacement that was a double row taper roller type which comes in two halves and all nips up with the lock nut. Subsequently I've been told that the correct type is a double row ball bearing and that the taper type isn't suitable. This seems odd since I would have thought that a taper roller with its built in ability to take some lateral load would be at least as good,if not better than a ball bearing. Any opinions ?
  14. Its true that the mpg is not outstanding and the tax is high but,,the point is that you are using it as a recreational vehicle rather than a long distance every day commuter. If can afford it as a shooting and knocking about toy then its perfect. I can get a rifle bag,two roe and a dog in the back of mine with ease with the rear seats dropped. Alternatively,two of us with all our pigeon shooting gear is equally easy. Its quirky that's for sure but as others have said its easy to correct its typical failings. The 4wd vacuum system can try your patience but ultimately you can just fit manual hubs and all your troubles are gone. It may be heresy to say so but its the Japanese equivalent of a Land Rover which when well looked after and understood will do you very nicely as a shoot vehicle.
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