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  1. Hi Phil. I believe it is the 425 grade 5. Where I got to with browning
  2. I believe this to be the case. Belly will run it until up and going but has been bought by Westlands. Not sure long term situation
  3. No I believe renewed case hardened but in v good condition. Had some refurbishment done prior to me acquiring. I need to give up some shooting for reasons so hope to find it a new home.
  4. Thanks Mark. With “all” functions? Will look
  5. What a peculiar comment?! I know it’s worth, there’s no doubt about that 😂. I just want some information about the maker. It sits in a cabinet and never gets used so what’s the point in keeping it.
  6. I’m not 100% sure what looking for but 2 1/2 I believe.
  7. Multi function training collar required, please let me know if anything. many thanks
  8. hi There can anyone advise a gunsmith in cumbria? all the best
  9. No it’s not a replacement stock as the guns never been fired. Still stiff like new. Maybe just didn’t have tear drops
  10. Hi thanks i am struggling as I thought the same but obviously the teardrops are puzzling me?! Aaargh!
  11. Hi there i have acquired a 525 and can’t identify the model? Wondering if anyone can help? 20g.
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