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  1. Reduced to £150 without scope. Priced to sell
  2. Looking for Air Rifle setup of just rifle in cumbria. excellent condition wanted, nothing old or battered. many thanks
  3. Hi there can anyone recommend someone to read-blue some browning 525 barrels? Preferably cumbria but any recommendations appreciated. Or advice On self kits. Many thanks
  4. Hi Ours is just a DIY shoot, it’s more for transparency and ease of use for me. Was thinking if someone had an excel template it would be perfect
  5. Hi all boring topic I know... i have agreed to act as treasurer for our shoot but am seeing if anyone has an excel shoot management document I could maybe use as a starting point? anything would be helpful. many thanks rob
  6. Hi all, I hope someone can help me here. I am looking to take over our small shoot accounts management. We have 20 members and its a DIY shoot. Would anyone be able to share with me a spreadsheet they use to help them in their role as treasurer? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks Rob
  7. Hi all considering a .308 tactical set up. Target and hunting. advice appreciated on makes/ models and scopes many thanks
  8. Hi all, i am tentatively looking for Syndicate members for a DIY walk 1/ stand 1 shoot in the West lakes. 1200 birds down and shooting regular Saturdays. New members will be vetted and must be willing to help with summer work days and occasional feed days. Fantastic ground and good fun. Guns with dogs a preference. Please drop me a line for further details. Many thanks
  9. Hi im thinking I better just take it to a gunsmith and see what he recommends? im guess I won’t get a recoil pad to fit off the shelf? Not even sure how to measure it
  10. Hi there I have a little 20g 425 but it needsarpund a 1” spacer, It’s 14” lop but I need 15”. Can anyone advise my options please? I’m based in Cumbria. Many thanks
  11. Brilliant , thank you so much for the advice
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