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  1. Ian Cunliffe, the AA Skeet shooter shot 100...at Skeet...WOW...mind blowing...bet he never got close before the SP came along... Why do you find my comments strange? I find it stranger that you are endorsing a piece of plastic glued onto the side of the barrel as a eye dominance solution. Have you or Hamster seen an eye D rail? Have you witnessed people with eye dominance use both the SP and rail? If not, are you qualified to compare them?
  2. *** is that all about Hamster?!?! Never met CG to my knowledge and don’t know who he is...your one weird dude!!!
  3. Hamster, did you forget to take your meds? 0 success = 0 improvement. It doesn’t work for them. Huge success = not having to shut an eye on r-l birds. Not getting dominance switching towards the end of a round when his eyes get tiered. Not getting barrel jump when she closes an eye after connecting to the clay with both open (very right eye dominant left shoulder shooter). Scores improving significantly. Not giving peg 4 Skeet high house what he sees as 1ft lead then low house 5ft lead.
  4. I have shot with three people who have tried and had 0 success with SP. I know four people who have trialed/have a n eye D rail fitted, all with massive improvement in their shooting.
  5. I have seen two or three SP on people’s guns, 0 success!!! I seen a German lady at the weekend with an eye D rail, huge success
  6. I’ve had a 325 for 23 years, they are invector+ I would say the 325 is a better gun than the 425 or 525
  7. I've never seen a Lovatt clay that needed more than 1/2 choke!!! To be fair to Steve, the stuff he has at distance is always showing full belly or face at some point in its flight!!!
  8. Bunnykiller...the White clay and tree is stand 6!!!
  9. It was a good shoot, good targets, well presented, I didn't see any eyesight tests (?)...really enjoyed it
  10. Dough, some primer pockets are getting loose, those get marked with a Sharpie pen and get loaded as fox rounds, one or two have been scrapped.
  11. I shoot a .260, got a local RFD to order me 200 Fereral 140gn. Shot it and some of the brass is on its 11th reload. Also bought 200 Lapua brass (when I done some target shooting) both makes are very good brass. Powder of choise for every bullet weight for me is H4350.
  12. *continental 5 shot Same as black golds, they purposely load them in "continental" shot sizes, so extreme game 5 shot is actually English 4 shot.
  13. I sent a .243 to Roedale a few years back to get re barrelled...the project grew, turned into a unique "Tikka Dangerzone .260" one of a kind with AI bottom metal and a S&B 4-16x50. The build took a few months more tha quoted...but part of that was me changing spec mid build. I had expected 4 months from order to delivery, it took 6 1/2, the gun has been flawless, I was/am delighted with the job done. I've shot a **** load of stuff with it...between deer/fox/crows I stopped counting at 1000+ kills...total rounds 4k+ and still groups 1/2 m.o.a. easily. Custom parts take time, if you can't wait, don't order custom!!!
  14. Clever Mirage 30.5g 6...fantastic fast, sweet, smith shell!!! When I'm needing a bit more knock down power late season, Clever Mirage 32g 5's👍
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