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  1. Sorry for the delay but I thought I'd better update with the full story and ending, I bought it from an online gun auction for a good price had it have been a good one! It only had a brief description, and I probably should have phoned for a condition report. They agreed the faults should have been listed and offered a refund, I asked for a partial refund and I'd get it fixed myself. So as several people recommended I contacted barrel blacker on here. The guy is brilliant and done a fantastic job! See photos! I now have a lovely gun at a good price.
  2. Hi, I've just purchased a 525 with rusty marks on the barrel, the ones on the end seem quite deep. I'm guessing it was put away wet with salty water or blood on it. Are these marks too deep to recover from? Can anyone recommend a place to send it that won't break the bank? Hopefully I've posted photos below! Regards Michael y
  3. I have a few..... Mega trucks, i have much fun taking the pee out of the LR boys, and they know I'm right! As said rust is the main killer. Sills; inner and outer, worst at the rear. Also the rear corners of the floor, sort of under the front of the rear seats. Also the outer seams of the boot floor. All easy to check for. The independents will have rusty arches under the plastic.
  4. weedraker

    Gun bag

    Suede type material. 46" long. Good condition as seen in the photo's http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/weedraker/IMGP0023.jpg http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/weedraker/IMGP0025.jpg http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/weedraker/IMGP0024.jpg £20 posted.
  5. I just bought some 5.6mm marksmen, from John Knibbs. I don't think all the marksmen pellets are 5.6 though. They seem ok so far, I bought them to use in my 5.6mm bored webley mk3. Not done much testing compared to the AA field pellets I normally shoot in the 5.5mm bored guns though.
  6. I'm after a cabinet that can take at least two scoped rifles. Will pay cash and collect if not too far. Regards Michael
  7. Hi not too sure how to measure a recoiling semi barrel length. I think it is 28" Its 44.5" overall length. It has a LOP of 14.25" For comparison:- Its 1" longer overall than my 28" barrel sxs 12 bore, and its 1" longer overall than my 26" barrel franchi o/u 12 bore. I think its 1975.
  8. I'm still after one, was looking local but now would consider RFD transfer. Regards Michael
  9. Hi, I'm after a .17HMR ideally with scope and silencer. Ideally a CZ but but make not really important. I'm located in Suffolk between Ipswich and Sudbury.
  10. I have a 1975 Lanber, it has a 12mm headed bolt holding the stock on.
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