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  1. Absolutely one of the most gorgeous women to walk on this planet.As a young teenager i was as jealous as hell of Lee Majors. She was an icon in her day and she looked as if it would be impossible for her ever to get old and die.So much fuss about Jacko at the moment...i hope Farrah wont be forgotten. RH
  2. Mmmm..i wonder if they will make the black police officers association illegal and fine them,or will the local Catholic club have to allow protestants ,jews and muslims to join,or will the various gentlemans clubs in London allow female members.Wonder where this will all end.Does democracy mean that any club,association etc HAS to allow anyone to join? Are the freemasons going to allow anyone to join? Just a thought RH
  3. I think the Stig has been several people.Damon Hills had a stint,McCarthey had a stint and theres been a couple of stuntmen whove filled in too.Schumacher,McCarthey and Hill wouldnt have taken a snowmobile down that ski jump slope in the winter olympic special...There fearless but NOT that fearless. RH Good show thou!!
  4. robinhood69


    Cant for the life of me understand why so many millions look at formula one when theres the bttc to watch.Those guys are ragging hell out of the cars,barging each other of the track and overtaking all the time.Theres spins ,theres crashes and theres RACING. No big names like Ecclestone and ,Moseley are racking in tonnes of money,and the cars are quite a bit more like the ones we drive to work every day...bit quicker ill grant you but theve not got 50 thousand pound steering wheels! RH
  5. Looks good to me,better than some of our lot do! RH AHI Carpentry Services
  6. Starting to see theres a hidden side to all this....or rather i side the media havnt quite got there head round yet.Reminds me a bit of the TAZER incident on a previous thread,the media jump onto a storey and whip up a load of outrage and sympathy,but underneath theres often another story lurking.The local knowledge seems to point to the fact that there is here. RH
  7. 12 Million!! And i thought we had problems. Graham
  8. Mixed feelings about this one,one the one hand it can NEVER be right to threaten and intimidate anyone,BUT i can understand the frustration of people who are seeing a completely unchecked flow of immigrant workers flooding into this country.There are at least 1 million immigants who legally shouldnt be here,not to mention the ones who have a legal standing.People will begin to fear the unknown however irrational and will resent the jobs which they feel will be taken away from them.This may be only a perceived threat but with many perception IS reality. This kind of situation while unforgivabl
  9. I love it,the pubs generallY nice and quiet.I normally sneak of a little early on Friday ( bout 2 oclock)and drink all day till about 7 Oclock at night.The wife comes home,realises that im probably enjoying myself too much and comes and puts a stop to it by picking me up.( b there till 9 otherwise) Dont like the night time drinking in our town,the main drinking streets like Beirut on a weekend evening...with out the nice weather! RH
  10. Bought my first shotty about 6 months ago and i know exactly what you mean.I visited a dozen decent well established gunshops and was told by at least half the proprietors that if it felt right it was right.A few people told me that drop at heel was all important and a few metioned the stock length and the distance between crook of elbow and trigger finger.In brief i got SO many different bits of advice.I then read an alarmingly detailed piece about gun fit that frankly went straight over my head.I ended up shouldering over 100 guns and travelled miles to see just about every available gun in
  11. Thanks Nick for putting a name to that face....and what a face. RH
  12. Dont know who she is or what shes been on before but what do you think of the nympho character on Krod Muldoon and the flaming sword.Cant wait for next weeks episode. RH
  13. Used to like Ebay .but these days its full of traders selling stuff and obviously a feeding ground for scammers. Pity,it was a great idea to begin with. RH
  14. I would be interested to know a little about the guy who was tazered.Was he an upstanding chappy who just had a few to many drinks,or was he a nasty violent guy who deserved all he got.Now i know there no excuse for violent behaviour from the old bill or indeed anyone else,but that guy must have done something tretty extreme for 4 rozzers to have dealt with him like that. The officers must have known they were being watched by dozens of witnesses,it wasnt like they sneaked him down a back alley and kicked the **** out of him. Im sure we will here more about the WHOLE incident not just the bit
  15. Good point Vole,the quality wasnt really that good,after the second day even the dog got fed up with the leftovers. I think after my experience small is best.12 oz fillet is enough for me.Mind you now were in recession its a pork chop for me....mmm .wonder how big they get... RH
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