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  1. Has this sold now please?
  2. 3xspringer

    Ammo safe

    Screwfix, Robert dyers,e/bay£20/30 have never had a problem.
  3. Thermal hunting buy and sell have one for sale 18 month old good condition £1600
  4. The full article didn’t say that earlier as I was looking at it!!! also sent them a message re the gun but no reply!
  5. What is the chokes please? And what’s the chances of getting more chokes?
  6. If you come down NEWBURY area I could do you a pot of varget!
  7. Do you travel down south at all? As interested in that little beauty!
  8. 3xspringer

    308 set up

    Sako 75 full set up £1250. Pm me if interested?
  9. 3xspringer

    Head torch

    Just bought a Energizer vision HD+ focus less than £20 early days but seems good🤞
  10. 3xspringer

    Head torch

    Looking for a good head torch any recommendations please?
  11. Do you by any chance have any cheapish 20g going for a 12/13 year old starting out? Please.
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