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  1. I'd be more worried about the barrels on your old sbs tbh The maxus will digest anything you can fit in it (assuming you haven't got the 3" version)
  2. I use the back of a knife blade, just go easy and with plenty of solvent. Comes up spotless every time
  3. Wow, this thread's still getting replies Since this was put up, the lyalvales have been put to good use, mostly for rabbits but also the odd duck and pigeon, and one unlucky pheasant that was walked up In short, they work great, plenty of killing power, and without being too hard on the wallet. I've bought more, and I will again
  4. same actions, but the maxus has more features I have a maxus
  5. If you can hold off a while, there's a 3.5" version coming soon. And you can guarantee that winchester won't let the quality issues plague the production run like the first time. Agreed, they're not made in 'merica like the 500 or 870 or Novas, but my browning has made in portugal stamped on it
  6. shot shot

    Durham shootin?

    channel 4 news, dear god they're biased. "Why would someone need 6 guns when living in a residential area"
  7. It'll be much cheaper to fly, I'm a student in stafford, so I fly to and fro every few months. From Birmingham it usually costs about 40 quid each way on BMI baby to Belfast City airport. And at the airport, you're only a couple of miles from the city center. The boats a scam, only useful if absolutely must bring the car
  8. I toyed with the idea of an m2, but eventually settled on the maxus, don't regret it for one minute. Difference is, I was upgrading from an old lanber that was on it's last legs. If you want the option of 3.5" shells, then go for it. How much wildfowling do you do?
  9. I attempted last nights pizza this morning, one bite and the wave of nausea near put me on my ***
  10. I love mine, tough as a brick. It's been dropped from head height onto the workshop floor more than once, with no visible damage. I can attest that it is waterproof, frequently dropping it into water, mainly just to watch peoples faces It can have some software issues, until the 2.2 update was released, mine refused to play ring tones, but it's ok now. When my contract runs out in 6 months, I'll probably get the defy+, basically the same phone, but with a faster processor and better battery. The contract you've been offered is pants though, I'm paying £13.50 for 300 minutes, 300 texts, and unlimited internet on t-mobile, through phones 4 u.
  11. It's not a governmental thing, it's due to the restrictions imposed upon steel shot by the CIP. The yanks use the SAAMI system, which sets limits on the maximum average chamber pressure for firearms. For shotguns that is 115'000 PSI for chamber lengths up to 3" and 140'000 PSI for 3.5" chambers. With SAAMI there is no limit on velocity or shot size. With CIP regulations, shot size, maximum velocity and maximum chamber pressure are set limits. Shot size limit= 3.25mm standard, no limit high performance Velocity limit= 1310 fps standard, 1410 fps high performance Max pellet energy= 12N standard, 15N HP 70mm chamber, 17.5N HP 73mm+ chamber And that's why we can't have nice things Read List: CIP specification SAAMI specification shot shot, Maxus owner, engineering student
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