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  1. Formerly employed by W J Jeffery & Co, B Halliday left to establish his own business in 1921 at 60 Queen Victoria Street. He moved in 1925 to 63 Cannon Street. At this time he offered gun fitting and coaching at the West London Shooting School. In 1942 B Halliday & Co acquired the business of W H Pollard & Son. In 1965 the firm was acquired by Watson Greenfield of Greenfields of Salisbury, Wiltshire. The IGC is able to give some information on serial numbers and dates, email archives@internetgunclub.com with details of your gun.
  2. Pin, You are, heap big medicine man !!!!. You fixem pictures good... Seriously, many thanks silvertop
  3. Axe Thanks for that but no thanks Thats the download that seemed to screw up my being able to view pictures. Everything was fine before running it silvertop
  4. Join the club, I've not seen a picture since downloading that @@@@ing patch. Never mind admin might take pity on us and upload some pictures in Braille just for us.
  5. Please do some more digging.... cos its most frustrating not being able to view the pics!!!! seems that i can't view the pics if they are attachments, posts without attachment symbol as in: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...showtopic=25103 No problem, picture is there. silvertop
  6. No picture just a square box with a red cross in it, with the words "attached image" at the side of it.
  7. HELP Still unableto see pictures, just get user posted image and a square with red cross in it, tried downloading and running above and all it says is " fix not detected in your system, exiting press any key to continue " I am running windows XP home and IE7, any advice on how to view pictures ? silvertop
  8. mickymiroku, On Browning/Miroku guns manufactured after 1975, the two letters that make up part of the serial number are the date codes and are interpreted as follows: Z = 1 Y = 2 X = 3 W = 4 V = 5 T = 6 R = 7 P = 8 N =9 So a gun with the serial number: 58612PV was manufactured in 1985 How you date a gun manufactured after 1999, i aint got a clue :*)
  9. Hunter, External micrometers measure external sizes. Internal micrometers measure internal sizes. or at least they did last time I used one. Silvertop
  10. It also doesn't warn you not to chew them, or throw them on a bonfire, but I wouldn't recommend it. bindi I think it comes under the legislation that deals with the shooting of haggis !!! But I may be wrong. Cranfield, It doesn't warn you not to use them as a suppository either. :*) :*)
  11. Agree or disagree, it is still another ban that the government has managed to impose. I wonder what will be next, shooting, fishing, having more than one child ? When your freedom of choice is gone, then what, freedom of speech.
  12. Seventeen year old flexicoy's, and still pulling the birds. Wish I could say the same !!!!!!! :thumbs:
  13. jonno 357 Its a walnut shotgun stock he is working on. !!!!! NOT A BLEEDIN FENCE :< :<
  14. Humbrol, Dark Green, matt finish. ( for shooting over rape ) Humbrol, Dark Earth, matt finish, ( for shooting over stubbles ) Available from any good Hobby or Model shop.
  15. They are taperd gauges that drop into the ends of the barrells of any 12 bore shotgun, used to measure the amount of choke constriction. Slightly more accurate than sticking your finger down the end :(
  16. bindi, My prefference is to let the wood speak for itself, and not to artificially enhance its natural colour and graining. Remeber that the wood if oiled finished will with age naturaly darken. But if you do want the quik fix, then the Birchwood Caseys walnut stain is good. I normaly dilute it 60% stain 40% water, remember you can always add more coats to achive your desired colour, but you can't take it off. Good luck with your project. silvertop
  17. bindi, Are you sure you want it any darker ? Try wiping a little water on the stock, this will give you a good indication as to the depth of colour and grain enhancement you will achieve by just oiling the stock. Nice piece of wood you have there . silvertop
  18. so cranfield you never ever shoot and have to ring any pigeons necks then?:blink: youre a lier or worse mate !!!! by ensuring i kill it cleanly every time i dont think so
  19. The police have the power to revoke immediatly and confiscate any firearms held should a holder incur a drink driving conviction.
  20. I purchased the Musto camouflage coat last year, when it first appeared on the market. and Musto say iam not overly impressed with it. The front fastening zip is far to small and fiddly. The elasticated waist, draw string is pathetic and becomes detached from its internall fixing point within the coat, if tightened. The coat is not warm enough unlees you purchase the Zip in fleece at addittional cost. Oh! and I felt rather Pi**ed off to find a label in the garment saying: Made In China.
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