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  1. Basically they are suggesting that if we paid more, some half witted FEO would not be so keen to return certificates to morons who hold guns. Would doubling the FEO's wage that returned the certificate of Jake Davison have prevented him doing so?, talk about passing the buck.
  2. Thanks for the advice, the Woodland where I see them regularly doesn't let us shoot from March till October so I don't get in there during the nesting season. What I have noticed, without having to look particularly hard, is the huge increase in numbers and species of birds over the last 4 years of shooting Squirrels. Nuthatches and Tree Creepers are almost common this year, in comparison to 4 years ago when none had been spotted.
  3. Nope, never shoot them even though they land on my feeder's often and steal the Peanuts. There are plenty in the Woods where I shoot as there are Songbirds and, going by the increase in numbers of the latter, it's Squirrels that do far more damage to the bird population.
  4. Funny you should say that, few years back they rang me and asked what had become of the Charles Lancaster SxS that was no longer on my SGC, I have never seen let alone owned such a gun. Upon informing the lady of this she simply said "OK, we'll just deleted that one then"
  5. So the phone rings today and it's from the local Firearms licencing dept. Them, " Hello, is that Mr ****,I'm ringing you concerning your FAC Air variation back in December" Me, "OK, is there a problem?" Them, "Yes, it would appear that you have not informed us of the details of the Rifle purchased" Me, " Which Rifle are we talking about?" Them, " Air Arms Serial Number ******" Me, "If I haven't informed you, how do you know the serial number?" 30 Seconds of silence. Them, "We cant find any email from you in our inbox" Me, "I have my FAC here with all the details issued by yourselves in December, if I had not informed you, as already mentioned, how do you have the correct number?" Them, "Mmmm, well if you could send them again it would help us out, in the meantime I am going to have to report this to your local FEO" Me, "You are going to report me for not giving you the information that you have just given me? Information that can only have come from me, and I have a confirmation email to prove?" Them, "I'm afraid so". Phone call half an hour later, my FEO explaining that all is all and that the email has been found, the Numpty that rang me, I am told, "Does not have access to email communications" Made my day.....
  6. RIP Sir, cannot begin to count the hours of pleasure your music gave me, you are a legend.
  7. The carbine is deffo the way to go with these, there is no difference in accuracy whatsoever over the standard version as far as I ever noticed.
  8. I have the same gun but in FAC, Q Tec seems to tame the crack at 30ftlbs but, as Mice said, they are long.
  9. Abuse pure and simple, but if we cannot stop idiots doing it to their kids then we have no hope of solving it regarding dogs. Local chap has 2 chocolate brown labs that are as wide as they are long, see them occasionally plodding around the same path in the village (that is surrounded by fields) with nothing but pure boredom in their eyes.
  10. ???????? Set my stop watch to see how many seconds that Annie would take to sell, absolutely unbelievable that it's still here.
  11. No you don't, but make a point of mentioning that, although you can see/record anybody approaching his property, if any damage or theft from his property occurs you will ensure that any evidence is wiped immediately as they are so anti.
  12. I've seen one but wish I hadn't, whenever you mention it people just roll their eyes. After a little investigation another report was made within 2 miles about 5 years before.
  13. Oddly enough I had a txt from the gentleman who asked me if I could get him some Pheasants yesterday, it simply said "Had a very pleasant Pheasant yesterday!"
  14. Same here, always Springers, always the same old story, disruptive, chews things when we go out, whines at the door all day and never seems to settle, not even at the weekend when we walk him round the park for nearly an hour if it's not cold or raining. Lad below was 34kg when we got him and couldn't jump into the car, his pads were red raw after a weeks walking but this is him 2 years on...
  15. bruno22rf


    The smaller calibre, arguably, offers better accuracy due to a flatter trajectory but can fall down on over penetration. After much time in the fields I tend to go for the engine room up to 20 yards then head past that with .177 as I have witnessed on several occasions Squirrels still very much alive half an hour after being shot clean through the head with the smaller pellet. Set your feeders up at a similar distance to each other from your hide and ensure you are zeroed at that range, feed with corn/wheat during the week but put a handful of Peanuts on the feeder on the day of your shoot. Good luck.
  16. If via Ebay you should have a money back guarantee? These Gilets always come up small, I buy the largest available (xxxxl) and it doesn't go around my chest (48") but as long as you can get it on it does the same job.
  17. Always thought it virtually impossible to fire a modern Shotgun without actually pulling the trigger.
  18. I've er, forgotten to inform them of several gun purchases/disposals for often a couple of months on my SGC and my FAC over the last couple of years, I also have so many guns that my FEO suggests I get a house alarm fitted (not done as it is not a legal requirement) so I'm not going to poke the devil with a stick right now.
  19. Gonna return it just in case......variation was done online and it doesn't say anything about returning your old ticket but they may as well shred it as me. Thanks for the replies.
  20. Just had a variation through but no details about what to do with my existing FAC, I now have 2. Think I have to return the 1st one but cannot find any details confirming this.
  21. Not everyone is like that, after asking for shot birds a few weeks back I made a 2 hour round trip to collect 6 birds.
  22. I mentioned this matter a couple of weeks ago after guns were asking for roost shooting opportunities.
  23. Feel sorry for you harrycatcat1, only ever had a couple of headaches in 60 years but I remember them being unpleasant.
  24. Check your blood pressure first, if that's OK then I would go to A&E, head pain over a period of 3-4 days or more needs checking if nothing more than to stop you worrying and making matters worse.
  25. If I can get them I buy RWS subs or HVHP, otherwise Eley.
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