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  1. So many valid answers, if they were drunk and killed him for fun I would rip their throat out, if he was chasing sheep I would beg forgiveness.
  2. Send a pic to wabbitbosher.
  3. You will also suffer more recoil that may effect accuracy, more wear on the cocking system and more speed on your piston means more frictional loss, doubling the strength of the spring will not double the power of the Rifle. An interesting fact is that to double the speed of a vehicle by increasing power alone requires approx 8 times the power, learned that at school many (too) years ago.
  4. Try and get a tank with a jubilee type valve, it helps stop you suddenly having a blonde moment and forcing 300bar into a 200bar gun. Ramsbottom have the 4ltr 300bar with jubilee valve back in stock for £155, you will struggle to beat that.
  5. Have you stripped the bolt and cleaned inside?
  6. Oh dear Mr Frog, your trust has been betrayed eh? Has not the UK given you millions of pounds to stop shipping human detritus across the channel? Can we have our money back?
  7. Lakenheath F-15's, nice, 48th I'm guessing.
  8. Within 2 weeks I'm pretty sure you can ask for a replacement, think you have 30 days to reject the gun.
  9. More moving of clueless morons into highly paid protected positions where the only hazard is being caught.
  10. This is quite a timely thread actually, coming back from MK a couple of weeks back we came across 2 cars at the side of the road, I pulled over and asked if everything was alright? Both families were black (not that this is a racist thread) and looked as if they were Church bound judging by their dress. Anyhow the problem seemed to be that one car (Jaguar F type) had suffered a puncture but the spanner that came with the tool kit would not fit the wheel nut, it appeared to be too small and they had called the AA for assistance, wish I had taken a picture of their faces when I popped the nut covers off with my trusty penknife and put the wrench on the nut. Even more funny(?) was that they had jacked the car up on the grass verge and the jack was buried in the ground whilst the car was still touching the floor on all 4 corners.
  11. If you are talking about the plastic wheel nut covers, my Skoda has a tool in the tool box above the spare wheel just for removing them, basically just a hook with a ring made out of stiff wire.
  12. Pop his bedding in the microwave for 30 seconds, washing doesn't always get them all or destroy the eggs.
  13. When I had my transplants 16 years ago people were dying due to a shortage of Organs as well as funding. One morning a guy from Kenya appeared on the ward and 2 days later he received a Kidney, he had, according to the nurse in charge, bought a one way ticket to the UK and collapsed at Heathrow then been rushed to Oxford for treatment, I remember him well because he did not speak a word of English and as he was recovering he walked around the hospital totally naked with all the drips and a catheter in place!!
  14. When you get it could you do me a massive favour - zero at 30 yards then move the target 5 yards further then 5 yards closer (ie 35 and 25 yards) and let us know how high/low the poi changes? Rockhamster, "AA are a big sponsor"- out of interest, apart from their own Channel, what review sites do AA sponsor?
  15. bruno22rf

    Bsa clx

    That's impressive shooting, tried the same with my .17hmr last week and left with the realisation that I might have to start stalking barn doors if I am going to hit anything.
  16. I knew a teacher that would work for 3-4 days then go home with stress, she was signed off for 6 months at a time at the end of which she would do exactly the same again, oddly she managed to play Rugby most weekends and sing at Weddings and Parties.
  17. From your first encounter it sounds to me like you already know what you are doing, treat him as you would anybody else bearing in mind anything that could trigger any behavioural problems he may have, his Mother should be able to advise you on this.
  18. bruno22rf

    A real treat.

    Stunning, scenery's not bad either.
  19. With regards to the swelling, would it be possible to encourage them to bite in one particular area? Maybe loose shorts....just wondering.
  20. Spent ages shopping around and never did find a better deal than 4ltr 300bar (jubilee valve) from Ramsbottom for £156 delivered, bought one less than 2 weeks ago but just checked and they are sold out.
  21. But will they get prosecuted? That's if they ever turn up at Court.
  22. Total waste of time and money, looks like the powers that be are doing something but Laws are pointless if you cannot catch the guilty party.
  23. You can reset your password in less than a minute.
  24. Show us your legs and I'll let you know 😄.
  25. Your age shouldn't be a problem, good legs and your own teeth is usually enough around here.
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