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  1. I recall that disaster Ditchy, from memory damage came to nearly forty pounds.
  2. Best of luck with your treatment, anything else is really negligible at the moment unless dealing with it helps distract your worries, my thoughts are with you and I wish you a full and fast recovery.
  3. I've offered to share my shower with the ladies of the local Hockey Team, not heard back as yet, been 3 weeks.
  4. The solution to this would have been a damn good hiding 10 years ago. If I was working there many of them would not be walking out so healthy.
  5. I've had the Miroku for about 15 years now, sublime in every way, cheap as chips as they look a bit odd.Whoops, scrub the last bit - I've just seen how much they are fetching on Guntrader, paid £200 for mine with all the chokes.
  6. Dogs going to need an Equity card and an agent pretty soon, good of him to let you tag along.
  7. Why ,on earth, restrict yourself to a limited choice of ammo for a calibre that is of no avantage whatsoever over the short ranges that an Air Rifles is capable of? If the "usual" common calibres dont do the job then something is awry, and around the £100 mark? A used .22 Remingtn Express should do the job with ease.
  8. bruno22rf


    To be frank young sir, having just bought an electric scooter of ancient oriental origin, who's name does not seem to exist, Amazon have been an absolute life saver, from chargers to brake shoes they have had them here next day compared to 5-6 days on the bay of Plenty and Amazon have been cheaper to boot.
  9. bruno22rf


    For a real tale of incompetance you need to look to the RM. When I bought my .22lr about 15+ years ago it was shipped to my local RFD as the law stipulated at the time, as the driver arrived at my RFD so early in the morning that the shop was not open, he left the rifle leant up against the front door (it was in a box so not obvious exactly what was inside but a tall box outside a gunshop??)
  10. You think I give a Monkey's about your opinion?
  11. Tow them back to France, if the French kick off then park the Queen Elizabeth in the Channel.
  12. We spend around 7 billion/year on the Royal Navy, if we cannot stop these parasites then how in gods name can we sort out our domestic nightmares?
  13. You dont know how to find a farm?
  14. bruno22rf


    I have nothing but praise for DPD, even during the pandemic when Royal Mail all sat at home DPD were still delivering next day, had a parcel from mid wales to Bucks within a day. I am currently having a set of brake shoes re-lined, they are irreplacable - I have asked that the company doing the work use DPD to deliver them back and I'm happy to pay the extra. Our local DPD guy could not be nicer.
  15. No they are not, as a call is received the handler types details into their computer, normally just key words, if the report is considered serious (less than 10%) then a report is written and passed on to the senior officer in charge, they then decide what, if any, action is to be taken. You may be confusing 999 calls.
  16. No, it really is not. Where reports of using a gun on land where you have permission is involved all that is recoded is that a member of the public called and at what time, the call handler may, at their discretion, pass details on to Oscar 2 (the handlers immediate superior) if they deem nessesary but the days of being given a reference number to quote should you be approached by a police officer are long gone. I have family in the police call centre and last year I made an official complaint about this very situation, local FEO was demanding that we report and get a reference number when we intended to shoot in a public place (a park) but the call centres were not even logging the calls. I have an email somewhere from the complaints commision admitting that the FEO had given out of date advice and that no reports are longer logged or required.
  17. These seminars, before walked up was illegally threatened??? As for the RSPB I would'nt trust them to tell the time in a room of clocks, had dealings many years ago with them.
  18. Maybe because they know it would be like peeing into the wind, a useless waste of the groups financial resources and time?
  19. Oh, a seminar....that should help no end. There is so much that BASC could do to fight increasing pressure on shooting, they just choose to sit on their hands (and huge fighting fund), ask them how much they have in the bank, couple of years ago it was several million in the fighting fund alone, also ask how many days free sghooting they provide for select MP's under the guise of introducing those in poweer to the sport, the vast majority of these MP's have been shooting all their lives.
  20. Pretty sure that's a TULA. TOZ stands for Tulsky Oruzeiny Zavod which translates to TULA Arms Factory, better quality than your average Baikal.
  21. All very interesting but totally irrelevant in my area, if you inform the police that you are shooting their new policy, as of approx 18 months ago, is not to even log your call thus keeping no record or reference. The old system, where you would be given a URN (unique reference number) that you could quote for instant clarification, has been scrapped. The BASC fighting this? pull the other one.
  22. Well if BASC are on the case we can all sleep a whole lot easier, in fact I would go so far as to suggest that within a century or so events like this will rarely happen - but dont quote me on the time frame.
  23. If the above offer goes bad let me know, I have one you are welcome to.
  24. Income tax was introduced to pay for War with France, somehow makes me happier paying it.
  25. IMHO Legal cover is a total waste of money. It will not pay if you want to take someone to court and only offers very limited assistance if the situation is reversed. Had a woman reverse in to me a few years back who said that she saw me on the phone (I was, parked in a bay on the phone to my wife), her insurance offered to go 50/50 even though I came to the conclusion that if she saw me, why did she reverse into me? my legal cover kicked in and a solicitor contacted me a while later to suggest that 50/50 was to be agreed as it's the cheaper option. I totally refused and said that I would take her to court myself then also sue the solicitor for not fighting my corner, they backed down and her insurance paid the total claim.
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